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Journal of Businesses
Manufacturings, merchants, goods, etcs.

Businesses - General
  • Arnold's Bakery - Saginaw & 5th streets, Bay City {Arnold, Frederick}
    In 1856, Frederick and Gottfried Arnold opened the first bakery in Bay City on the corner of Saginaw and 5th streets. They promoted their bread under the lable of "Ma-Ma" bread which they claimed they would express ship to anywhere in the state. (See: People/Arnold, Frederick)
  • Breweries of Bay City
    In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Bay City had many brewers, and many different brew masters. There was the Bay City Brewing Co., Phoenix Brewery, Kolb Brewery and others. Visit the [Michigan Breweriana & Beer History] website for some history and memorabilia related to them.
  • Beutel Canning Co. - foot of Jane St. in Bay City:
    Operated 1930-50 as a canning factory. Area east of it, now Veterans Memorial Park, was a shanty town called "Beutel's Row" due to it's closeness to factory.
  • Davidson Shipbuilding Co.: See {Featured Pages}
  • Defoe Shipbuilding Co.: See {Featured Page}
  • Eddy's Shipbuilding Corp. - 700 Harrison, Bay City
    Designed and manufactured boats and prefabricated homes. Officers: G.C. Eddy, Pres.; E.J. Turner, Fac. Mgr.; T.G. Meyers, Sec.; R.P. Dendle, Treas.; C.H. Hacker, Pur. Agt. Emp., M., 250; F., 125; Est. 1942 (Source: Directory of Michigan Manufacturers, 1946)
  • Industrial Works: See {See Featured Page}
  • Kuhlman Electric Company - 26th & Garfield, Bay City
    Manufacturer of electrical transformers. Company was originally formed in Elkhart, IN in 1893 by Kuhlman family. In 1915, the company set up operations in Bay City.
  • Moulthrop-Clift Insurance Agency: See {Featured Page}
  • Portsmouth Company
    Organized by Judge Albert Miller in 1837 to control property from Columbus to 32nd street and Jefferson and to the river which became township of Portsmouth. Investors included Steven T. Mason, Michigan governor; Henry Howard, state treasurer; and Kensing Pritchet, state secretary.
  • Pratt & Koeppe
    Local design and engineering company formed in 1880 by Leverett Pratt and Walter Koeppe. Some of their work included Sage Library, City Hall and several local church buildings. When Koeppe died in 1912, Pratt reorganized the firm which continued on as Pratt, Bickel & Campbell.
  • Saginaw Bay Company
    Land company organized by James Fraser about 1837. Purchased 240 acres to plat community (first Lower Saginaw, then Bay City) on the east side of river south of Albert Millers Portsmouth Company. Steven T. Mason, governor of Michigan was one of a dozen investors.
  • Union Motor Works Company:
    In Les Arndt's book, "Bay County Story", there are several accounts of early attempts to manufacturing automobiles in Bay City. The Union Motor Works is one with considerable information. This company headed by Howard P. Woodworth was announced in the July 20, 1916 issue of the Bay City Times. Early manufacturing of trucks took place at the old Marine Iron Works at the southeast corner of 2nd and Water streets and cabs were built at the Bay City Body Co. (address unknown). In 1919, a 42 acre site was purchased at the Riverside Park to build a new 100 x 500 foot main-building and a new 60 x 120 foot steel foundry building. These buildings would later become a part of the American Aerospace Company at 900 Patterson (now Truman Parkway). The Union Motor Works fell on hard times and manufacturing stopped in May 1922. A group headed by Woodworth purchases the business late that year and reorganized, but with dismal success leading to it's liquidation in 1927. The last locally operated Union truck reportedly was own by the Jennison Hardware Company and was in use up to 1951.
  • United Carbon Products: See {Featured Page}

Businesses - Media
  • Newspapers: Foreign Language:
    In the 1880s, Bay City's ethnic population were served by a number of foreign language papers: French, "Le Courier du Dimanche" (1878), "LaPatrote" (1880), "French Sovenir" (1883), "L'Entard National" (1884); German, "Freie Press" (1878), "German Journal" (1884); Polish, "Pravda Polish" (1885), later known as "Sztander Polski" (1913).
    (Read Les Arndt's book, "Bay County Story - Footpaths to Freeways" for an extensive accounting of the various early publications.)

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