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    Hell's Half Mile - Water Street
    This is the legendary name given to Water street during the lumber boom era. The street was lined with many taverns frequented ethnic groups such as the French, Polish, German, Canadians and others. They were mainly transient lumber mill workers without a family to go home to. After a hard days work, they headed for the saloons on Water street to let off some steam much to the dismay of the good folks who avoided them entirely. When Spring arrived, those working the lumber mills in the north headed for Bay City where they could spend their hard earned money and of course, let off some pent up steam on "hell's half acre".
    1887 - hotels in Bay City and West Bay City totaled 81 accommodating 6000 people.
    1891 - licensed saloons in Bay City and West Bay City totaled 232.

    River Road
    This scenic route between Saginaw and Bay City along the east side of the Saginaw river opened in 1929. An estimated 10,000 automobiles from Saginaw and Bay City made their first trip over the new improved road system that day.

    Shipwrecks of the 1800s Bay City shipwrecks.{View Listing of Shipwrecks}
    Shipwrecks in the 1800s were fairly common along the Saginaw River and on the Saginaw Bay. Shipping was the major method of transporting goods in and out of the valley. Schooners, tugs and all varieties of vessels crowded the river during the peak warm weather months and during times of storms on the Saginaw Bay, Bay City among others were sought for safe harbor.

    Wenona Beach Amusement Park (Bangor Twsp.) - End of Patterson Rd. at Saginaw Bay
    Closed 1960s. Large recreational and entertainment complex with carinal rides, hall for dancing & rollar skating, diner with live entertainment, picnics area and beach. acts.

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