Bay City:
{Arnolds' Bakery} - (1856) First bakery. Heritage/People section.
Jennison Hardware - Centennial Book (1850-1950)


Bay City:
* Davidson Shipbuilding Company - (1871) Founder, James Davison of Buffalo, NY
* Defoe Boat & Motor Works - (1905) History of Defoe Shipbuilding Co.
* Industrial Works (1873) World class manufacturer of cranes.
Centennial Business Sage & McGraw Sawmill - World's largest sawmill in 1865. /In Heritage/People section.
* United Carbon Products (1946) High purity graphite products. aka: Ultra Carbon, Carbone of America.


Bay City:
* Moulthrop-Clift, Inc. - (1867) Centennial insurance business.

Bay County:
*Bay City Times, The (1873-Present) Newspaper business.
*Publishing Businesses - General newspaper history and data base of publishers.