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Jennison Hardware Company Centennial Brochure (1850-1950)
Contributed by Cynthia C. Jones. (April, 2010)

Jennison Block, 1919

The history of the Jennison Hardware Company dates back to 1850, when Charles E. Jennison came to Bay City and entered into a business partnership with James Fraser to open a supply store. James Fraser was one of the partners in the Saginaw Bay Company that founded Lower Saginaw, now Bay City.

This partnership lasted only eighteen months, with Charles buying out Fraser's share. Then in 1854, Charles' brother, Henry W. Jennison became a partner in the business, with the company name being changed to C. E. Jennison & Bro., until 1864, when his brother died. The company name changed several times in subsequent years as Charles interest in the business began to wane, and he became less active, but remained a shareholder.

The original building was destroyed by fire In 1870 and new structure was erected known as the Jennison Block. Fire hit the business again in 1924 leveling this building, and local architect, Albert Kahn, was hired to design a new building. In the 1990s the building was purchased by local investors who added two stories to the structure, which they turned into a high-end condominium complex known as the Jennison Place. .

In 1917 the business of the company was so good, they needed addition storage space, and they build a warehouse on the east side of Water street, just south of Third street. Then in 1936, an addition to added to this building. The Jennison warehouse featured a five ton traveling overhead crane for moving steel, a 24-ton squaring shear, a bar cutter and a cold saw that could cut up to 15 I-beams. The building is still standing, but like the Jennison Block, it is also a high-end condo complex along the edge of the Saginaw River.

Jennison Hardware

Charles E. Jennison

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