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Banks Village Directory 1874

Subject Note: The village of Wenona began as a "company town" of the Sage and McGraw Sawmill that was located along the river just south of Midland street. Prior the sawmill opening in 1865 this area still wilderness land owned by the Birney family. North of Wenona was the village of Banks and to the south was the Salzburg settlement.
of the

Village of Banks


Banks, frequently known as Bangor, was incorporated in April, 1871. It is located on the north bank of the river, opposite Bay City, the channel making an eastwardly bend.

A steam ferry plies between the above points, every half-hour, fare five cents. Banks is chiefly noted for its manufacturing interests, principally in lumber, salt, shingles, staves, lath, etc.

Village officers are ---

Robert Leng, President; F. Bradfield, Clerk; Barnard Lourim, Treasurer; Joseph Orton, Marshall; Henry Walrath, E.J. Kelton, John C. Ravelle, Joseph Marchand, W.S. Benson, and Jefferson Beebe, Trustees.

School Commissioners. ---

Peter Smith, J.D. Beebe, and Barnard Lourim.

Union School, Fifth avenue, between Bangor and Frank streets; A.L. Cumming, Principal; Miss. M.A. Agnew, Miss Jennie Thompson, Teachers; number of pupils, 300.

There is one church, at least, that of the Methodist Episcopal, corner of Fourth and Transit streets, a public hall, southwest corner Third and Transit.

Names of streets in Banks are:

Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth avenue, Sixth avenue, Seventh avenue, Bangor, Frank, Green, Keystone, Joseph, Leng, Sophia, Transit, Water.

Absent from home --- house north side Fourth, between Bangor and Franks streets.

House northwest corner Fifth avenue and Bangor street not completed. Five houses found vacant, of which a note was made.

Population of Banks, and so much of Bangor twosnhip as has been taken, number 1,348 inhabitants; the number of names under the alphabet A, 20; B, 68; C, 43; D, 45; E, 3; F, 14; G, 33; H, 27; J, 19; K, 15; L, 45; M, 50; N, 16; O, 3; P, 40; R, 22; S, 45; T, 32; V, 11; W, 18; Y, 1; total number of names, 529; multiply this by 2-1/2, and it gives 1,323, a fair base for settled points.

  • Saginaw Valley Directory 1874, Bay County Historical Society Museum, Bay City, MI.
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    Joseph Trombley
    Founder of Banks

    Bio. Joseph Trombley
    Names Referenced
    Agnew, M.A. Miss
    Beebe, Jefferson
    Benson, W.S.
    Bradfield, F.
    Cumming, A.L.
    Kelton, E.J.
    Leng, Robert
    Lourim, Barnard
    Marchand, Joseph
    Orton, Joseph
    Ravelle, John C.
    Smith, Peter
    Thompson, Jennie Miss
    Walrath, Henry
    Names Referenced
    Bangor twsp.
    Union School

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