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Vessels & Owners from Bay City on the Great Lakes in 1905.

(1) Blodgett, O. W.:


Zillah Captain, Hugh McKensie; Engineer, James Speir.
C. H. Bradley Captain, James Bennett; Engineer, R. C. Speir.
Myron Captain, Shackett; Engineer, N. P. Slater.


Mary Woolson Captain, John Gordon.
Brightic Captain, L. D. Bennett.
Peshtigo Captain, F. Dettman.
B.W. Jenness.
Deleware Captain, Wm. R. Joung.
Nellie Redington Captain, Wm. Keenan.
Ogarita Captain, E. S. Keenan.

(2) Boutell Steel Barge Co.,
-- W. E. Sutherland, Superintending Engineer.


Bay City Captain, John McCarthy; Engineer, G. A. Miller.
Bay Port Captain, K. A. Jensen; Engineer, Neil Marshall.
Bay State -- Captain, C. D. Brown; Engineer, A. C. Garting.
Bay View Captain, Gus E. Atkinson; Engineer, Emerson Harner.


Bombay Captain, Charles Philips.
Baroness Captain, D. McFadden.
Brittania Captain, W. Wilson.
Baravid Captain, A. Siljander.
Badger Captain, C. Gabrielsen.
Berkshire Captain, Geo. N. McCallun.
Baden Captain, R. Jensen.
Bath Captain, L. Brush.

(3) Carrington, E. T.

Schooner, Allegheny Captain, W. H. Bridges.

(4) Cranage, S. P.


Thomas Cranage Captain, John S. McNeil; Engineer, William Nerreter.
City of Paris Captain, Washington Moore; Engineer, David N. Humphrey.

(5) Davidson, James


Amazonas Captain, E. Smades; Engineer, W. J. Downing.
Bermuda Captain, A. W. Henderson; Engineer, John Doe.
Cartogena Captain, W. L. Montgomery; Engineer, Harry E. L'Hote.
Orinoco Captain, Chas. Ainsworth; Engineer, Jos. D. Gonyou.
Panama Captain, Warren C. Jones; Engineer, John W. Clark.
Rappahannock Captain, Geo. C. Stevenson; Engineer, E. W. Tilley.
Sacramento Captain, Hugh Stevenson; Engineer, A. G. Olmsted.
Shenandoah Captain, R. O'Connor; Engineer, Geo. M. Wise.
Venezuela Captain, E. J. Starkey; Engineer, B. Hansen.
Chieftain Captain, Martin Johnson.


Grampian Captain, John Henderson.
Granada Captain, J. T. Lennon.
Montanzas Captain, D. G. Gordon.
Paisley Captain, Frank Moore.
Pretoria Captain, Charles Smart.
Montezuma Captain, W. H. Hargrove.

(6) Eddy, Chas. A.


Langell Boys Captain, A. M. Goodwin; Engineer, Wm. King.


J. B. Comstock Captain, Chas. Loynes.
Abram Smith Captain, Louis Briggs.

(7) Eddy-Shaw Transit Co.


City of Bangor Captain, A. J. Mahon; Engineer, John Conroy.
Penobscot Captain, Wm. A. William; Engineer, E. A. Hoffman.
Selwyn Eddy Captain, G. D. Tulian; Engineer, W. P. Hoffman.
E. C. Pope Captain, L. H. Powell; Engineer, W. O. Anderson.

(8) Jackson, George D.

Schooner: G. K. Jackson Captain, Curtis Jackson.

(9) Kirker, Fred, managing owner.

Schooner, Wm Brake.

(10) Kohn, Ben. C.

Schooner: Harvey Bissell Captain, H. A. Pierce.

(11) McCormick, H. W.

Schooner: Onconta Captain, Alex McCormick.

(12) Pierce, Wm. E.

Steamer: Ogemato Captain, Wm. E. Pierce; Engineer, Aaron Hagadon.
Schooner: C. J. Filmore Captain, John Hagarty.

(13) Sharp, W. H.

J. P. Donaldson Captain, James Connelly; Engineer, John Fettig.
Maine Captain, R. Burrington; Engineer, Jos. Grandson.


A. W. Wright Captain, Thos. Thorkildson.

Source: The Saint Marys Falls Canal Semi-Centennial, by Charles Moore, John H. Goff (1905)

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The pioneer who came to this area in the late 1930s, knew early a settle along the Saginaw River nearest the Saginaw Bay, would some day become an important shipping port. Their predictions came true in the mid-1860s when the lumber boom arrived in Michigan, and sawmills began to fill the shore line along the Saginaw River. Plenty of lumber and sawmills to cut them led to large ship building yards of Davidson and Wheeler. As you can see from this listing of vessel owners, the port of Bay City was very large.
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Alphabetical Names Listing
Ainsworth, Chas. (5)
Anderson, W.O. (7)
Atkinson, Gus E. (2)
Bennett, James (1)
Bennett, L.D. (1)
Blodgett, O.W. (1)
Brake, Wm. (9)
Bridges, W.H. (3)
Briggs, Louis (6)
Brown, C.D. (2)
Brush, L. (2)
Burrington, R. (13)
Carrington, E.T. (3)
Clark, John W. (5)
Connelly, James (13)
Conroy, John (7)
Cranage, S.P. (4)
Davidson, James (5)
Dettman, F. (1)
Doe, John (5)
Downing, W.J. (5)
Eddy, Chas. A (6)
Fettig, John (13)
Gabrielson, C. (2)
Garting, A.C. (2)
Gonyou, Jos. D. (5)
Goodwin, A.M. (6)
Gordon, D.C. (5)
Gordon, John (1)
Grandson, Jos. (13)
Hagadon, Aaron (12)
Hagarty, John (12)
Hansen, B. (5)
Hargrove, W.H. (5)
Harner, Emerson (2)
Henderson, A.W. (5)
Henderson, John (5)
Hoffman, E.A. (7)
Hoffman, W.P. (7)
Humphrey, David N. (4)
Jackson, Curtis (8)
Jackson, Geo. D. (8)
Jensen, K.A. (2)
Jensen, R. (2)
Johnson, Martin (5)
Jones, Warren C. (5)
Joung, Wm. R. (1)
Keenan, E.S. (1)
Keenan, Wm. (1)
King, Wm. (6)
Kirker, Fred (9)
Kohn, Ben C. (10)
Lennon, J.T. (5)
L'Hote, Harry E. (5)
Loynes, Chas. (6)
Mahon, A.J. (7)
Marshal, Neil (2)
McCallun, Geo. N. (2)
McCarthy, John (2)
McCormick, Alex (11)
McCormick, H.W. (11)
McFadden, D. (2)
McKensie, Hugh (1)
McNeil, John S. (4)
Miller, G.A. (2)
Montgomery, W.L. (5)
Moore, Frank (5)
Moore, Washington (4)
Nerreter, Wm. (4)
O'Connor, R. (5)
Olmsted, A.G. (5)
Philips, Charles (2)
Pierce, H.A. (10)
Pierce, Wm. E. (12)
Powell, L.H. (7)
Shackett, (1)
Sharp, W.H. (13)
Siljander, A. (2)
Slater, N.P. (1)
Smades, E. (5)
Smart, Charles (5)
Southerland, W.E. (2)
Speir, James (1)
Starkey, E.J. (5)
Stevenson, Geo. C. (5)
Stevenson, Hugh (5)
Thorkildson, Thos. (13)
Tilly, E.W. (5)
Tulian, G.D. (7)
Wilson, W. (2)
William, Wm. A (7)
Wise, Geo. M. (5)
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