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Directory 1890/91: Businesses in Bay City.

Note: The 1890-91 directory captures the major businesses during the peak years of the lumbering business. Bay City was flourishing and had nearly double in size in a decade to over 30,000 citizens.

Bay City Directory - 1890-91.


Au Sable Lumber Co., 508 Phoenix block. Incorporated January 23d, 1883. Capital, $40,000. E.T. CARRINGTON, secretary and treasurer.

Bancroft, Thompson Co., 303 Center avenue. President, Fred A. BANCROFT; vice-president, Wm. H. BUTLER; secretary and treasurer, John W. THOMPSON.

Bay City Brewing Co., corner Water and Twenty-second streets. Incorporated January 1st, 1884. Capital $50,000. C.E. YOUNG, president; W.D. YOUNG, vice-president; J.B. MORITZ, secretary and treasurer; L. MORITZ, superintendent.

Bay City Brick, Tile and Terra Cotta Manufacturing Co., 205 Center avenue. Incorporated in 1886. Capital $25,000. George H. SHEARER, trustee.

Bay City Building Co., 508 Phoenix block. Incorporated May 22, 1886. Capital $75,000. Wm. WESTOVER, president; E.T. CARRINGTON, secretary and treasurer.

Bay City Club, southeast corner Sixth street and Washington avenue. Organized 1886. Capital $5,000. F.P. BROWNE, president; C.H. BRADLEY, first vice-president; J.W. CUPIT, second vice-president; J.B. CORWIN, secretary; John MULHOLLAND, treasurer.

Bay City Canning Co., Essexville. Incorporated March 1889. Capital, $20,000, Alfred MOSHER, jr., president; Benjamin BURBRIDGE, vice-president; J.F. WHITTEMORE, secretary, treasurer and general manager.

Bay City Gas Light Company, 808 Washington avenue. Incorporated 1868. James CLEMENTS, president; C.R. WELLS, secretary and treasurer.

Bay City Iron Co., corner First street and Madison avenue. Incorporated 1869. Capital, $21,150. B.F. RAY, president; John LINDSAY, vice-president; J. POUND, secretary and treasurer.

Bay City Street Railway Co., 808 Washington avenue. Incorporated 1865. Jas. CLEMENTS, president; Wm. CLEMENTS, treasurer; E.A. COOLEY, secretary.

Bay County Electric Light Co., corner Ninth and Saginaw street. Incorporated July 24, 1889. Capital, $50,000. Wm. SMALLEY, president; W.H. TOUSEY, vice-president; B.E. WARREN, treasurer; Frank ARMSTRONG, secretary and manager.

Bay County Ice Company, foot Center avenue. Incorporated January, 1887. Capital $20,000. Alexander ZAGELMYER, president; Paul ZAGELMYER, vice-president; Frank ZAGELMYER, secretary and treasurer.

Bay County Milk Association, 1008 Washington avenue. Incorporated August, 1885. Capital, $4,320. E.R. PHILLIPS, secretary and manager.

Bay City Omnibus Co., 904 Saginaw street. President, F.E. TYLER; vice-president, W.J. DAUNT; secretary and treasurer, E.M. SHARP.

Bay Manufacturing Co. (Ltd.), West side Michigan avenue between Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth. Treasurer, S.M. GREEN; secretary, Dana B. RICHARDSON.

Bay View Boom Co., 6 Bank block. Incorporated February, 1881. Capital, $10,000. Stewart B. WARREN, president; W.O. LEWIS, secretary; B.E. WARREN, treasurer.

Bousfield & Co., foot S. Center street. Incorporated 1881. Capital $125,000. President, A.E. BOUSFIELD; vice-president, R.E. BOUSFIELD; secretary and treasurer, C.J. BOUSFIELD.

Boy Line and Fire Boat Co., foot Fifth avenue. Incorporated February 23, 1889. Capital, $60,000. Richard ARMSTRONG, president and treasurer; Wm. N. ARMSTRONG, secretary.

Briscoe R.J. Mill and Lumber Co., Corner Twenty-third and F.& P.M.R.R. Incorporated December, 1888. Rufus J. BRISCOE, president; S.L. BRISCOE, secretary and treasurer.

Crump’s Manufacturing Co., corner Henry and Tenth streets, West Bay City. Incorporated February 13, 1884. Capital, $10,000. Shelly G. CRUMP, president; Rousseau O. CRUMP, secretary; Shelly C. CRUMP, treasurer.

Fraser House Co., 401 Center avenue. Incorporated 1882. Capital, $82, 500. President, J.F. EDDY; treasurer, H.P. MERRILL; secretary, E.B. DENNISON.

Gustin R.P. Co., 909 Adams street. Incorporated April 3, 1889. Capital, $30,000. Charles E. COOK, treasurer; Harry K. GUSTIN, president; Frank J. BUCKLEY, secretary.

Hargrave, Haven & Co., 708 N. Water street. Incorporated 1888. E.C. HARGRAVE, president; Emery J. VANCE, secretary and treasurer.

Industrial works, corner of Eleventh and Water streets. Incorporated 1873. Capital, $150,000. James CLEMENTS, president; C.R. WELLS, secretary and treasurer.

Irvine John Greenhouse Co., east side Farragut between Ninth and Tenth streets. Incorporated December, 1887. Capital and surplus, $18,000. D.C. SMALLEY, president; Frank S. PRATT, secretary and treasurer.

Kittredge Shoe and Leather Co., 207 Center avenue. Incorporated March 2, 1889. Capital, $5,000. President, Honore de LADURANTAYE; secretary and treasurer, .

Les Cheneaux Island Resort Association, 302 Phoenix block. Incorporated December 29, 1888. A.E. BOUSFIELD, president; C.H. BRADLEY, vice-president; Will P. WALTER, secretary and treasurer.

Local Security Building and Loan Association, South Bay City. John BRISKE, president; James POTTER, secretary; H.A. BOITEU, treasurer.

McDonnell Hardware Co., 1001 North Water street. Incorporated March 8, 1890. Paid up capital, $70,000. President, A. MCDONELL; vice-president, H.A. MCDONELL; treasurer, F.D. MCDONELL; secretary, Geo. STADACHER; manager, S.P. MCDONELL.

McEwan Bros. & Co., Saginaw river, foot of McEwan. Capital stock, $90,000. Alexander MCEWAN, president; John MCEWAN, secretary and treasurer.

McKinnon Manufacturing Co., 220 to 228 North Water street. Incorporated 1884. Capital stock, $50,000. J.D. MCKINNON, president; H.D. MCKINNON, secretary.

Michigan Box Co., Fremont avenue and F.&P.M.R.R. A.E.F. WHITE, president; W.H. FREY, secretary; M.J. BEARDSLEY, treasurer.

Michigan Pipe Co., corner of Lord and Henry streets. Incorporated 1880. Paid up capital, $100,000. Henry B. SMITH, secretary and treasurer.

Michigan Salt Association, Cottrell block. Incorporated January 19, 1881. Capital, $200,000. Thomas CRANAGE, secretary.

Miller W.H. & Co., 1010 North Water street. Incorporated February 13, 1888. Capital, $70,000. Wm. H. MILLER, president; R.V. MUNDY, vice-president; Edward WILLIAMSON, secretary and treasurer.

Mitchell Transportation Co., Incorporated March 28, 1888. Capital, $90,000. Wm. MITCHELL, president; J.W. MCINTOSH, secretary.

Reid Towing and Wrecking Association, Cottrell block. Incorporated March 5, 1888. Capital $100,000. James REID, president; Wm. H. REID, secretary; W.D. YOUNG, treasurer.

Rifle Boom Co., 508 Phoenix block. Incorporated 1870. Capital, $80,000. Henry W. SAGE, president; E.T. CARRINGTON, secretary and treasurer.

Robinson Salt and Lumber Co., South Water, foot of Thirty-seventh street. George C. MYERS, president; Thos. J. MCCLENNAN, vice-president; George H. ROBINSON, secretary and treasurer.

Riverside Storage Co., 905 North Water street. Incorporated May 5, 1890. Capital, $10,000. C.E. JENNISON, president; F.L. GILBERT, vice-president; Wm. F. JENNISON, secretary and treasurer.

Romer, Lovell & Co., 307 Center avenue. Incorporated February 15, 1888. Capital, $50,000. President, Clifford F. LOVELL; secretary and treasurer, Orrin BUMP.

Savings, Building and Loan Association of Bay City, 308 Phoenix block. W. I. BROTHERTON, president; J.W. CUPIT, vice-president; M.M. ANDREWS, treasurer; C.L. COLLINS, attorney.

Stover, Larkin & Co., 121 Harrison street. Incorporated February 1, 1888. Capital, $12,000. President, R.V. MUNDY; vice-president, F.H. STOVER; secretary and treasurer, W.E. LARKIN.

Walworth & Neville Manufacturing Co., corner Lord and Henry streets. President, W.F. WALWORTH; vice-president, P.W. PAYNE; secretary and treasurer, J.C. NEVILLE.

Warren-Lewis Lumber Co., 6 Bank block. Incorporated August 24, 1888. Capital $40,000. S.B. WARREN, president; W.O. LEWIS, vice-president; B.E. WARREN, treasurer.

Woods Opera House Co. (limited), corner Sixth street and Washington avenue. Capital, $20,000. President, W.H. TOUSEY; secretary, Geo. H. YOUNG; treasurer, B.E. WARREN; manager, J.J. BUCKLEY.


Bay City Times (evening) daily and Sunday, established January 1, 1889. Times Publishing Co., publishers, 919 N. Water street. Terms, fifty cents per month, by mail and carrier.

Bay City Tribune. Office Tribune building, 905 to 909 Saginaw street; E.T. BENNETT, publisher and proprietor. Established April 5th, 1873. Issued every morning, except Mondays, at $6 per year, or 50 cents per month, by carrier; $6 per year also by mail. Circulation, 3,500. The Weekly Tribune is issued every Thursday, $1 per year by mail.

Le Patriote, Weekly (French) LeRoux & Maucotel, publishers and proprietors. Established 1879. Independent. Issued every Thursday at $1.50 per year. Circulation 2,600. Office McEwan Block, 914 North Water street.

Michigan Freie Presse (German Weekly). Office 911 North Water street, up stairs. Edward BAUMHIER, publisher. Established October, 1878. Issued every Thursday at $2 per year. Circulation 2,800.

The Evening Press, 905 Saginaw street. Published by the Press Publishing Co., Sol. M. GOLDSMITH, business manager. Established June 1879. Published every evening except Sunday. Subscription 50 cents per month. Circulation 2,800.

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Bancroft, Fred A.
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Beardsley, M.J.
Bennett, E.T.
Boiteu, H.A.
Bousfield, A.E. {B}
Bousfield, C.J. {B}
Bousfield, R.E {B}
Bradley, C.H. {B}
Briscoe, Rufus J.
Briscoe, S.L.
Briske, John {B}
Brotherton, W.L.
Browne, F.P. {B}
Buckley, Frank J. {B}
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Bump, Orrin {B}
Burbridge, Benj.
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Gustin, Harry K.
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Richardson, Dana B.
Robinson, Geo. H.
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Smalley, D.C. {B}
Smalley, Wm. (see D.C.)
Smith, Henry B.
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Zagelmyer, Frank
Zagelmuer, Paul
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