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Bay City Business Directory 1858

Source: 1887 Bay City Tribune article on "Bay City History Years Ago",
based on book published in 1858 by Dr. Plesner of Saginaw City.

    Curtis Munger & Co.
    Dealers in dry goods, Water street, on the dock one door south of Wolverton house.

    D.D. & J.H. Cottrell & Co.
    General store, corner Water and Second streets.

    J. Watson
    Forwarding and commission, foot of Center on the dock.

    E.J. Dickey
    dealer in ship stores, Water street, on the dock.

    E. Cushman
    Hardware dealer, Water street, north of Center.

    J. Longton
    Boots and shoes, Water street opposite C. Munger & Co.

    H. Clark
    Blacksmith, Water street.

    F. Monteur
    Horse shoer, Water street.

    John Phillips & Bro.
    Machinist, Water street.

    C. Must
    Cabinet maker, Water street.

    D.P. Welch
    Sash, doors and blinds, Water street.

    G. Brown
    Jewelry, foot of Center.

    C.H. Freeman, W.L. Sherman, S.P. Wright, A.C. Maxwell, James Birney
    Attorneys at law.

    C.E. Smith, M.D.
    Druggist, opposite C. Munger & Co.

    L. Fuchsius, M.D.
    Druggist, Water street.

    R.C. Newton
    Physician, Water street.

    J.M. Bligh, M.D.
    Druggist and dealer in fancy articles.

    Wolverton house

    by J.S. Barclay, Water street.

    Union house
    by A.E. Persons, opposite Wolverton house.

    Bay City hotel
    by F.A. Kaiser, Center street.

    Franklin house
    by H. Latyskey, corner of Saginaw and Center streets.

    Farmer's hotel
    by S. Dodge, Water street.

    M. Freeman
    Insurance, office over Watson's store.

    John Drake
    Lumber dealer, Water street.

    C. Moulthrop
    Lumber dealer, Water street.

In addition to the above directory there are in town, two shoe shops, two or three tailoring establishments, three blacksmith shops, three meat markets, two bakeries, several steam saw mills, one extensive steam flouring mill with three run of stones.

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