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1866-67 Bay City & Bay County Officers

  • Source: Indian & Pioneer History & Directory 1866-67

    Bay County Officers:

    Sheriff - Patrick J. Perrott
    County Clerk - Nathaniel Whitthauer
    Register of Deeds - Algernon S. Munger
    Judge of Probate - Sidney S. Campbell
    Prosecuting Attorney - Luther Beckwith
    Circuit Court Commissioner - Archibald McDonnell
    County Surveyor - James M. Johnstone
    Coronor - Oliver H.P. Goodwin

    Bay City Officers:

    Mayor - James Watson
    Recorder -
    City Treasurer - Ernst Frank
    Marchal - Horace Becker
    Directors of Poor: O.H.P. Goodwin, Thomas Carney
    Aldermen - First Ward: Jerome Sweet, Jacok Knoblaugh. Second Ward: Jacob H. Little, Henry S. Morris. Third Ward: Angus Miller, Phillip Simon.
    Justice of the Peace: Constantine Kinderman, Charles H. Dennison, John McNamara

    Bay City Fire Department:

    Chief Engineer - H.M. Bradley
    Ass't. Engineer - Charles Merrill

    Chief Engineer - Andrew C. Maxwell
    1st Ass't Engineer - J.H. Little
    2nd Ass't Engineer - Bernard Witthauer
    Foreman: Chris Heinzman; 2nd Ass't - Edward O'Connor.
    On the 14th of April Mr. Little resigned and John Harding was appointed to fill vacancy.

    M.E. Church Bay City:

    The first Minister that was stationed as Pastor at what was then called Lower Saginaw, was Rev. G. Bradley; it was in the year 1851-2. At this time the Church was built. In the years 1853 and 1854, Rev. J. Cogshall was appointed Pastor, and he reported a membership of ten in number. And in the same year a Sabbath school was organized.

    In the years 1855 and 1856, Rev. T.J. Joslin was appointed Pastor, and succeeded in building a Parsonage.

    In the year 1857 and 1858, Rev. Wm. Benson was appointed Pastor.

    In the year 1859 the Rev. E. Klumpp, was appointed Pastor; and then Rev. J.C. Wathey was appointed two years. In the year 1864 Rev. H.O. Parker was Pastor, and in the years 1865 and 1866, Rev. Wm. Fox, was appointed Pastor.

    We have now a membership of over 100, and the Sabbath school numbers about 100.

  • Alphabetical Listing

    Becker, Horace
    Beckwith, Luther
    Benson, Wm. (Rev.)
    Bradley, G. (Rev.)
    Bradley, H.M.
    Campbell, Sidney S.
    Carney, Thomas
    Cogshall, J. (Rev.)
    Fox, Wm. (Rev.)
    Frank, Ernst
    Goodwin, Oliver H.P.
    Harding, John
    Heinzman, Chris
    Johnstone, James M.
    Joslin, T.J. (Rev.)
    Kennedy, William T. Jr.
    Klumpp, E. (Rev.)
    Knoblaugh, Jacok
    Little, Jacob H.
    Maxwell, Andrew C.
    McDonnell, Archibald
    Merrill, Charles
    Miller, Angus
    Morris, Henry S.
    Munger, Algernon S.
    O'Connor, Edward
    Parker, H.O. (Rev.)
    Perrott, Patrick J.
    Simon, Phillip
    Sweet, Jerome
    Walthey, J.C. (Rev.)
    Watson, James
    Whitthauer, Bernard
    Whitthauer, Nathaniel

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