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Bay County Cemetery Listing

Current and past cemeteries with a plot map where available.

Cemeteries are an interest part of history. They are a story within themselves about the people who created them in honoring their loved ones, and to mark a spot where subsequent generations may know they existed. The first public group burial site of the pioneers that settled in Lower Saginaw (now Bay City) was Potter's Field. It was located on high ground which is now the block between between Washington and Saginaw, and Columbus and 11th. In the early 1850s, the Drake brothers set aside an area of their mill property as a burial site (now Oak Ridge on Henry street). Then in 1860, James Birney opened land on the s.e. corner of Trumble and Columbus for a cemetery, he did so because he wanted his brother, George to have a decent burial place, and that is now Pine Ridge cemetery. With its opening, the Potter's Field was closed. In the December 14, 1871, edition of the Bay City Daily Journal a brief statement was made about Potter's Field, "On the site of the old graveyard on 12th street between Washington and Saginaw street may yet be seen scattered graves with headstones mixed in with the house erected last summer."

Other cemeteries in the county may have preceded these, but no documentation has been found to establish that.

There is, of course, Indian burial sites that precede these cemeteries -- but, their complete accounting may never be possible. A rather significant area on Bay City's west side between the river's edge and Marquette street is a known area of Indian burials as is the one in Pinconning on Maloney road. George X. Allen at the time that he was director of the Bay County Historical Museum, created a map that shows sites in Bay County that have been identified as Indian burial grounds. Most are near rivers, streams or the Saginaw Bay. View {Map of Indian Burial Sites}

Below is a table of the burial sites we've identified in Bay County. Some include a plot map for your convience. There is also a Pictorial on Cemeteries that includes some history and photos of those that have been researched so far.

Please contact us if you can help add to this information on cemeteries of Bay County.

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  • Cemeteries are more than burial grounds -- They are memorials of your heritage.