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Bay City Societies, 1893-94.
The Polk Directory estimated total population of Bay City and Essexville at 43,847.

  • Added April, 2010.


    Arbeiter Unterstuetzung Verein—German.
    -- (Workingmen's Benevolent Society) Organized 1866. Incorporated February 27, 1871. Meets second and fourth Sundays of each month at Arbeiter Hall, cor Seventh and N. Johnson. Frederick Krause, president; S. Wilhelm, vice-president; F. Krause, secretary; Herman Gudschinsky, treasurer.

    Bay City Business Men's Association,
    -- Crapo block. Organized 1889. Incorporated 1891. 0. R. Hawley, president; James Seed, vice-president; G. R. A. Snelling, secretary; W. Clift, treasurer.

    Bay City Club,
    -- Opera House block. Organized 188G. Capital $5,000. Membership limited to 200. Joseph Turner, president; John C. Weadock, first vice-president; M. Garland, second vice-president; J. B. Shearer, secretary; John Mulholland, treasurer.

    Bay City Equal Suffrage Association.
    -- Organized May, 1887. Meet second Thursday in each month. Mrs. M. S. Knaggs, president; Mrs. D. P. Holmes, first vice-president; Miss Josephine H. Woolson, second vice-president; Mrs. Mary H. Camp, recording secretary; Dr. Sara B. Armstrong, corresponding secretary.

    Bay City Rifle Club.
    -- Organized 1889. W. Jennison, presi, dent; Levi P. Oldfield, vice-president; E. F. Flues, secretary and treasurer.

    Bay City Trades Council.
    -- Meets second and fourth Tuesday of each month in their hall, Bank block. W. Catlin. president; A. E. Hatch, vice-president; R. Ridley, treasurer; C. E. Boyd, recording secretary; J. Black, financial secretary. Composed of delegates from all local organized labor.

    Bay City Typographical Union, No. 81.
    -- Organized 1883. Meet at the Bank block, the first Sunday of each month. G. C. Laing, president; James Martin, vice-president; M. Campion, recording secretary; Wm. Munley, financial and corresponding secretary; C. Boyd, treasurer.

    Bay City Wheelmen Club
    -- rooms, 907 Center ave. Meet every Tuesday evening in their rooms. C. N. Ghent, president; C. F. White, secretary; J. M. Lewis, treasurer; C. L. Westover, captain.

    Bay County Agricultural Society.
    -- Meets at president's office. G. H. Azure, president; E. T. Bennett, secretary; C. L. Fox, treasurer.

    Bay County Bar Association.
    -- This association embraces every lawyer in Bay county. Meets in the Court House on call of the president. H. H. Hatch, president; A. McDonell, vice-president; Frank S. Pratt, secretary.

    Bay County Bible Society.
    -- Meets monthly at Y. M. C. A. rooms. Dr. H. W. Dickinson, president; H. L. Cathcart, secretary; Thaddeus Smith, treasurer.

    Bay County Retail Grocers' Association.
    -- Organized August, 1893. Meets fortnightly at 816 Jefferson. Thomas Walsh, president; Samuel W. Waters, secretary; Charles M. Baumgarten, treasurer.

    Catholic Mutual Benefit Association.
    -- Organized 1880. Meets at A. O. H. hall, Bank block, every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. Officers: F. Mclnerney, president; D. A. Trudell, recording secretary; John Donovan,^financial secretary.

    Cigar Makers' International Union No. 184.
    -- Meets the last Friday of each month in Bank block. Executive meetings every Saturday at 5 o'clock p. m. James Mellon, president; Albert Demings, vice-president; A. Dubinski, treasurer; Wrn. F. Lange, financial secretary; Frank Primeau, recording secretary.

    Firemen's Mutual Benefit Association.
    -- Meets fourth Wednesday in every month at Fire Department Headquarters, 917 Washington ave. Wm. Allen, president; H. J. Winterhalter, recording secretary; H. J. Kinney, financial secretary; T. K. Harding, treasurer.

    French National Society.
    -- Meets third Sunday of each month. I. Obey, president; G. L. Hebert, first vice-president; Alfred Maucotel, secretary; E. Le Roux, treasurer.

    Hebrew Ladies' Auxiliary Society.
    -- Meets first Sunday in January, April, July and October, in vestry rooms. Rev. Wolf Landau, president; Mrs. H. Oppenheim, vice-president; Mrs. L. Anthony, secretary; Mrs. A. Hyman, treasurer.

    Hebrew Laies' Benevolent Society.
    -- Meets first Wednesday in each month in the Concordia hall, Averill block. Mrs. Bertha Anthony, president; Mrs. H. Oppenheim,vice-president; Mrs. J. B. Goldman, recording secretary; Mrs. Ettie Newman, financial secretary; Mrs. Rachel Lewinstein, treasurer.

    Ladies' Auxiliary to Y. M. C. A.
    -- Meet at the rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association. Mrs. G. Cobb, president; Mrs. J. Steinhoff, vice-president; Mrs. M. M. Andrews, secretary; Mrs. D. C. Smalley, treasurer.

    Lafayette Benevolent Society
    -- (reorganized). Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month in Engineers' hall, 912 N. Water. Louis Cormier, president; O. Androuin, secretary; Narcisse Laporte, treasurer.

    National Longshoremen's Benevolent Union
    — Meets on the 11th and last Wednesday of each month in their hall over Robinson & Hibbard's, Water street. James McGivern, president; John H. Sperry, vice-president; Matt. Zimmer, secretary; James Lynch, marshal.

    Polish National Society, St. Kazimiera, No. 12
    -- (branch of Polish National Alli'ance) Meets last Sunday in each month, at Welter's hall, cor. Eighteenth and S. Farragut. Wm. Prybeski, president; Lawrence Dropik, secretary; Ignatz Maciejeski, treasurer.

    Retail Clerks' Union of Bay Cities, No. 75,
    -- of the R. C. N. P. A. of the United States. Organized October 1, 1892. Meets first and third Wednesday of each month, in K. of P. hall, Center ave. n. e. cor. Adams. James Todd, president; Frank Dardas, recording secretary; George Schmidt, corresponding secretary; Theo. Simon, financial secretary; Charles G. Laetz, treasurer.

    St. Andrew's Society
    — Organized January, 1890. Meets in Odd Fellows' hall, Cranage block, second and fourth Monday of each month. John Tennant, president; C. C. Stewart, vice-president; H. M. Gale, secretary; Alex. Culvert, secretary.

    St. George's Society of Bay City
    — Organized August 22, 1876. Meets second and fourth Mondays of each month at their hall in Bank block. A. Bate, president; R. H. Palmer, vice-president; Charles Williams, secretary; Fred. A. Nichols, treasurer.

    St. Johannes Unterstuetzungs Verein
    -- (German Benevolent Society) Incorporated. Meets in St. Boniface school house the first Sunday of each month. Wm. Montermann, president ; Norbert Haas, vice-president; Julius Koss, treasurer, Chas. Webeler, secretary.

    St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Benevolent Society.
    — Meets first Sunday of each month at C. M. B. A. hall. Charles E. Auger, president; J. P. Le Roux, vice-president; E. Roy, secretary; J. B. Barribault, corresponding secretary; J. L. Hebert, treasurer.

    St. Louis de Gonzague
    — Meets at cor. of Center and Washington aves. fourth Sunday of each month. Thomas Pilon, president; Arigtides A. Labelle, vice-president; Albert Lafleur, treasurer; Elzear Le Roux, secretary.

    United American Mechanics
    -- (Junior Order Meets every Monday evening in G. A. R. hall. J. E. S. Williams, C; A. E. Cobb, V. C.; E. E. Stone, P. C; E. T. Jones, F. S.; Thomas Chrone, jr., R. S.; C. Mongold, treasurer.

    Woman's Charitable Union
    — Organized March 19, 1883. Meets first Monday of each month at Old Ladies' Home. Mrs. Daglish, president; Mrs. John Savage, vice-president; Mrs. J. C. Verner, secretary; Mrs. G. H. Young, treasurer.

    Woman's Christian Temperance Union,
    -- South Bay City — Meets every alternate Friday at residence of Mrs. E. Marble, 1501 Broadway. Mrs. Frazier, president; Mrs. M. Christian, vice-president; Mrs. Lindsay, corresponding secretary; Mrs. George Beebe, recording secretary; Mrs. Jacob Bradley, treasurer.

    Woman's Christian Temperance Union
    — Meets in Y. M. C. A. parlors every Friday at 3 p. m. Mrs. J. Steinhoff, president; Mrs. J. G. Haller, vice-president; Miss Annie L. Moore, recording and corresponding secretary; Mrs. W.C. Webster, treasurer.

    Womans' Political Club of South Bay City.
    -- Organized 1893. Meets second and fourth Saturdays of each month in Marble Hall, cor. Broadway and Fremont ave. Mrs. M. E. Randall, president; Mrs. L. E. Teall, vice-president; Mrs. Minnie Ruelle, secretary; Mrs. M. A. Downing, treasurer.

    Young Men's Christian Association
    — 715-717 Adams. J. A. McDonald, president; J. E. Lemon, first vice-president; W. W. Hodgkins, second vice-president; John A. Steinhoff, treasurer; J. F. Cooper, recording secretary; P. L. Foss, acting secretary and physical director; P.M. McKay, assistant secretary.

    Young Woman's Christian Association
    — Organized May, 1891. Meets in rooms over public library building. Mrs. A. M. Miller, president; Mrs. G. P. Cobb, vice president; Emma E. Harding, recording secretary; Alice F. Pierce, general secretary; Lulu Little, treasurer.


    -- Meets first and third Friday of each month at A. O. H. hall, Bank block, Center ave. Thos. Masterson, president; Joseph P. Haffey, vice-president; Michael Kinney, treasurer; A. J. Daily, recording secretary; J. V. Hurley, financial secretary.


      Center Lodge, No. 120.
      -- Organized February, 1882. Meets every Monday evening at hall, cor. Fourteenth and S. Water. S. W. Waters. P. M. W.; John Keddie, M. W.; Carl Lambrecbt, G. F.; Burt C. Campbell, overseer; Henry Waters, recorder; M. B. Jennings, financier; J. W. Mount, receiver; James Craig, guide; Augustus Miller, I. W.; John Harding, O. W.

      Excelsior Lodge, No. 52.
      -- Organized August 10, 1878. Meets every Thursday evening; at Knights of Pythias' hall, Eddy block. H. H. Powell, P. M. W; John C. Bacon, M. W.; Thomas Evans, G. F.; W. G. Merritt, recorder; Wm. Sempliner, receiver; W. Landau, F.

      Select Knights, Legion No. 11
      -- (Uniform Rank). Meets first and third Tuesday of each month in old Masonic hall, Eddy block. Frank Prohaska, P. C; Thomas Greeley, commander; Wm. Bishop, recorder; Frank De Rosia, financier.

    No. 88.
    -- Meets the first and third Wednesday evenings of each month at Woodland hall, Eddy block. J. E. Davidson, E. R.; Edward E. Anneke, E. L. K.; W. J. Daunt, E. 8. K.; J, A. Wells, E. E. K.; E. M. Sharp, secretary; C. H. Devlin, treasurer.

    Fidelity Council No. 2.
    -- Organized 1880. Meets at St. George's ball, Bank block, the third Wednesday of each month. John Keyes, C; Mrs. F. Wiles, V. C; F. A. Nichols, secretary; L. Anthony, treasurer.


      U. S, Grant Post, No. 67.
      -- Meet at their hall, 702-704Washington ave., every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. James Van Kleeck, commander; Stephen Mastin, sen. vice-commander; F. Berdan, jun. vice-commander; O. W. Larens, adjutant; J. C. Nottingham, surgeon; H. C. Green, chaplain; Henry Watts, quartermaster; O. F. Kellogg, officer of the day; Hiram Russell, officer of the guard; W. H. Piatt, sergt.major; Charles Strong, Q, M. sergt.

      Sons of Veterans.
      -- John A, Rawlin's Camp, No. 46. Organized June 11, 1886. Meets every alternate Wednesday at G. A. R. ball. W. F. Meisel, captain; M. Stephens, first lieutenant; P. McCombs, second lieutenant; J. Butlerfield, chaplain; F. M. Simons, first sergeant; H. Simons, quartermaster sergeant; Edward Koth, sergeant of the guard.

      Women's Relief Corps. No 97. Auxiliary
      -- to U. S. Grant Post, No. 67. Meets first and third Tuesday afternoons of each month in G. A. R. hall. Juliet Van Kleeck, president; Augusta Shawl, conductor; Ida Secor, treasurer; Mrs. Russell, secretary.


      Bay City Lodge, No. 178.
      -- Organized 1872. Meets every alternate Sunday, at Averill block, A. Grabowsky, president; M. J. Anthony, vice-president; Wm. Sempliner, secretary; Samuel Littauer, treasurer.


    Odd Fellows' Hall.
    -- Cranage block, cor. Center ave. and Adams. Bay Lodge, No. 104. Meets every Friday evening in the Cranage block. W. A. Orr, N. G.; Frank H. Mason, V. G.; B. J.Orr, secretary; L. Anthony, treasurer. Canton Custer, No. 28 (Patriarchs Militant). Meets first and third Wednesday in each month in the Cranage block. Felix Young, P. Com.; John McFarlane, commander; Felix Young, lieutenant; August Steppler, ensign; George A. Thatcher, clerk; T. F. Heine, accountant.

      Eden Lodge, No. 260
      — Meets every Tuesday evening at hall, cor. Fourteenth and N. Water. Gus Karmsen, N. G.; David G. Ramsay, V. G.; George Thatcher, secretary; John Huntley, treasurer.

      Humboldt Lodge, No. 154 (German)
      — Meets every Monday evening. Adolph Wirth, N. G.; Emil Westover, V. G.; Hermann Krause, secretary; Charles Lange, treasurer.

      Kanonda Encampment, No. 36
      — Meets second and fourth Wednesday in each month in the Cranage block. M. Thompson, C. P.; Wm. H. Nevills, Sr. W.; Felix Young, scribe.

      Valley Lodge, No. 189
      — Meets every Thursday evening, at 7:30 o'clock, at hall in Astor House block. Wm. Boynton, N. G.; Wm. Couthard, V. G.; P. W. Gardiner, secretary; F. A. Hewitt, treasurer.

      Peninsular Lodge, No. 2814 (Colored)
      — Meets first and third Thursdays of month, in St. George's Hall, Bank block. Wm. J. Smith, N. G.; Wheeler L. Washington, V. G.; Charles T. White, secretary, Daniel Fairfax, treasurer.


      Excelsior Lodge, No. 30
      -— Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, at Astor House block. Maggie Maitland, N. G.; C. D. Richardson, secretary; Mrs. Wm. Boynton, treasurer.

      Grace Lodge
      — Meets second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month, in Odd Fellows' hall, Cranage block. Mrs. George Whaler, N. G.; Mrs. Winter, V. G.; James Affleck, recording secretary; J. W. Daniels, financial secretary; Mrs. Bertha Anthony, treasurer.

      Lavina Lodge, No. 62
      — Organized 1882. Meets second and fourth Fridays of every month at hall, cor. Fourteenth and S. Water. Mrs. John Holly, N. G; Mrs. George A. Thatcher, V. G.; Fannie Waters, secretary.


      Court Bay City, No. 306
      — Organized 1888. Meets second and last Thursday evenings of each month, in K. of P. hall, cor. Center ave. and Adams. Ferdinand H. Smith, C. R.; Louis Lavaseur, V. C. R.; Samuel Todd, financial secretary; Frank Briggs, recording secretary; Charles Carlson, treasurer.

      Court Center, No. 636
      — Organized September 1, 1890. Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month. J. Fladung, C. R.; O. Toeppner, V. C. R.; J. D. Pearsal, F. S.; F. McKeown, R. S.; Wm. Donohue, Court Dep.

      Court Portsmouth, No. 622
      -— Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, in Moran's hall. James Potter, C. R.; Wm. Bartlett, F. S.; Wm. Warren, R. S.


      Eden Tout, No. 225
      — Regular review every Wednesday evenin g at 7:30, at Oddfellows' hall, cor. 14th and N. Water. Wrn. McKee, Commander; M. W. McLeod, R. K.

      Goethe Tent, No. 207
      -— Meets in G. A. R. hall, Washington ave., the first and third Fridays in each month. Max Wolf, Comdr.; H. J. Mogge, Lt. Comdr.; Wm.. Mager, R. K.; G H. Schindehette, F. K.

      Lafayette Tent, No. 200
      — Meets every alternate Wednesday of each month, in McEwan block. Amedee Villeneuve, Comdr.; Joseph A. Clement, L. C; Cleophas Proulx, R. K.; Emery Roy, F. K.

      Liberty Tent, No. 30
      — Regular review on second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at K of P. hall, Eddy block. V. W. O'Brien, Comdr.; E. E. Corliss, R. K.

      Royal Tent, No. 429
      — Meets every Monday, at Marine Engineers' hall, Watson block. N. O. Smith, Comdr.; J. P. Allen, P. C; Charles F. Verney, L. C; John A. Adams, R. K.; Wm. F. Plumsteel, F. K.

      South Bay City Tent, No. 177
      — Meets every alternate Monday, in Moran's hall, Harrison st. Lewis A. Coffin, Comdr.; S. J. Doyle, Lt. C; John Miller, R. K.; F. X. Campaux, F. K.

      Swinton Tent, No. 359
      — Meets at McCauley Bros., 404 Belinda, every Monday evening:. Charles Monahan, Comdr.; David Duford, R. K.; George Wanless, F. K.

      Valley Tent, No. 94
      — Regular meetings first and third Fridays of each month, in G. A. R. hall, Washington ave., opp. postoflice. C. J. Fox, Comdr.; Robert M. Wright, L. C.; Irwin S. Niles, R. K.; A. E. R. Bush, F. K.

      Vigilant Tent, No. 325
      — Organized July, 1890. Meets each Wednesday evening, in Galarno's hall, cor. Woodside ave. and Belinda. Wm. Galarno, P. C; I. McAuIiff, C; Wm. B. Jones, Lt. C.; A. H. Hempstead, R. K.; Charles Zeulsdorf, F. K.

    Ladies of the Maccabees.

      Bay Royal Hive, No. 303
      — Meets every Tuesday, at Marine Engineers' hall, Watson block. Lottie Hart, L. C.; Mary Koths, L. R. K.; Belle Walton, L. F. K.

      Eden Hive, No. 18
      — Meets every alternate Wednesday, in hall cor. 14th and S. Water. Malvina Julian, L. C.; Delia Bentley, L. Lt. C; Margaret Pigott, R. K. and F. K.

      Leota Hive, No. 28
      — Meets first and third. Monday in each month, in Moran's hall. Amanda Nasb, L. C; Emma Niemann, L. C.; Henrietta Hawkins, R. K.; Stella Delmas, F. K.

      Valley Hive, No. 45
      — Meets first and third Friday of each month, in Fay block, Center ave., s. e. cor. Saginaw. Mrs. Louise McCauley, P. L. C; Mrs. Martha McCabe, L. C; Mrs. Delia Lawrence, L. R. K.; Mrs. Martha Potter, L. F. K.

      Vigilant Hive, No. 46
      — Meets every alternate Saturday, in Galarno hall, Woodside ave., s. w. cor. Belinda. Emma Stevens, P. L. C; Mary Darling, L. C; Hannah Walk, L. Lt. C; Kitty Carr, L* R. K.; Mollie Kelley, L. F. K.


      Bay City Lodge, No. 23
      — Organized 1867. Meets in K. of P. hall, Concordia block. Augustus Hubbard, C. C; Wm. McCloy, P. C; John Brown, K. R. and 8.

      Millwood Lodge, No. 150
      — Organized 1892. Meets in Fraser hall every Wednesday evening. A. T. Stevenson, C. C; Frank L. Stover, P. C.; Charles Coryell, V. C; Gustave A. Erurich, prelate.

      Woodland Lodge No. 145
      — Organized 1891. Meets in K. of P. hall, Eddy block. Wm. H. Cummings, C. C; Edward E. Corlis, P. C; Charles Bertch, V. C; Bert McClachie, K. of R. and S

    MASONIC. (All lodges meet in Masonic hall, Center ave.)

      Bay City Lodge, No. 129, F. & A. M.
      — Date of charter, January 11, 1861. Regulir communication first Wednesday of each month. F. O. Gilbert, W. M.; James Lewis, S. W.; E. L. Davis, J. W.; A. L. Stewart, treasurer; Alex. Sutherland, secretary; J. A. Hopkins, S. D.; J. Acker, J. D.; Austin Smith, tyler.

      Portsmouth Lodge, No. 190, F. &A. M.
      — Regular communication first Monday of each month. D. W. Morton, W. M.; H. R. Albee, secretary.

      Joppa Lodge, No. 315, F. & A. M.
      — Date of charter, January 29, 1884. Regular communication first Tuesday of each month. Wm. O. Clift, W. M.; E. E. Corliss, S. W.; E. S. Williams, J. W.; C. E. Rosenbury, treasurer; C. Goeschel, secretary; Chas. Tilton, S. D.; A. Craig, J. D.; Austin Smith, tyler.

      Blanchard Chapter, No. 59, R. A. M.
      — Date of charter, Januarys, 1868. Regular convocation first Thursday of each month. Geo. Annand, H. P.; Frank Stover, K.; George Babcock, S.; L. Goeschel, treasurer; A. Sutherland, secretary; G. E. S. Williams, C. of H.; George Craigr, R S.; H. E. Buck, R. A. C; D. M. Morton, M. 3d V.; E. L. Davis, M. 2d V.; W. W. Chapman, M. 1st V.; Austin Smith, sentinel. Val. G. M. of C; Alex. Sutherland, Val. G. almoner; Joseph McLean, "Val. G. M. of E.; Austin Smith, Val. G. tyler.

      Saginaw Valley Chapter of Rose Croix
      — Date of charter, September 16, 1884. E. M. Sharp, M. W. and P. M.; A. A. Knopfel, M. E. and P. K. S. W.; S. R, Birehard, M. E. and P. K. J. W.; J. R. Hitchcock, M. E. and P. K. G. O.; L. Goeschel, R. and P. K. treasurer; A. Broughton, R. and P. K. secretary; Alex. Sutherland, R. and P. K. hospitaler; Jas. A. Wells, R. and P. K. M. of C; Joseph McLean, R. and P. K. C. of G.; Austin Smith, R. and P. K. tyler.

      Bay County Masonic Mutual Benefit Association
      — E. M. Sharp, president; F. O. Gilbert, vice-president; W. O. Clift, treasurer; A. L. Stewart, secretary. Directors:

        Bay City Lodge, No. 129, I. A. Gilbert, Griff Lewis; Joppa Lodge, No. 315, F. A. Nichols, E. E. Burroughs;

        Portsmouth Lodge, No. 190, E. B. Braddock, Charles Fox;

        Wenona Lodge, No. 256, George L. Mosher, S. R. Birehard. Annual meeting second Wednesday of May in each year.

      Masonic Temple Association of Bay City, Michigan
      — C. R. Hawley, president; A, P. Lyon, vice-president; E. M. Sharp, secretary; L. Goeschel, treasurer. Directors—F. O. Gilbert, A. P. Lyon, E. M. Sharp, Louis Goeschel, C. R. Hawley, E. Fifield, C. J. Bonsfield, G. L. Mosher, R. V. Mundy.


      Bay City Camp, No. 1490
      — Meets in Concordia Hall, Center ave, n. e. cor. Adams, first and third Wednesday of each month. Arthur D. Colvin, V. C; Wm.. H. Monroe, W. A.; John Rogers, clerk; Win. Hawk, hanker.

      Central Camp, No, 1514
      — Meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30, in Fraser Hall, Twenty third. F. B. Stewart, V. C.; A. Greenkorn, W. A.; A. C. Casson, clerk; Edward Haprison, banker.


      Branch No. 187
      — Meets first Wednesday evening in each month in the postoffice building. George W. Butterfield, president; C. T. White, secretary.


      Bay City Council, No. 184
      — Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month at Devlin's Hall, 819 Jefferson. Wm. Sempliner, president; L. P. Sperry, vice-president; J. M. Lewis, Ex. P.; C. H. Devlin, speaker; H. S. McCullough, secretary; W. O. Clift, treasurer.


      Branch No. 247
      — Meets at St. George's hall, Bank block, second and fourth Tuesday of eacli month. Charles Williams, C. J.; A. C. Heliker, V. J.; George E. Wedthoff, secretary; A. Bate, cashier.

      Branch No. 753
      — Meets at St. George's hall, Bank block, second and fourth Wednesday of each month. James A. Brown, C. J.; John Golden, V. J.; Frank B. Williams, accountant; W. A. Pettapiece, cashier.


      Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 226
      — Meets every Friday evening, in Concordia block. W. M. Bens, W. M.; Samuel Rodgers, secretary.

      Ladies' Loyal Orange, Lodge, No. 52
      — Meets every Tuesday evening, in G. A. R. hall. Mrs. Henrietta Bens, W. M.; Mrs. J. A. Mastin, D. M.; Mrs. Brock, R. S.; Mrs. Wiley,treasurer


      Clan Forbes, No. 104
      — Meets first and third Thursdays of each month, in Oddfelows' hall, Cranage block. W. D. Mcintosh, Chief; D. B. McRae, T.; G. E. Smith, secretary.


      Valley Commandery, No. 7
      — Meets first and third Friday of each month, at their hall, cor. 14th and Water. Wm. Whitford, commander; Ellen Egan, lieut. commander; Susan J. Atkinson, scribe; Mrs. B. V. Mount, prelate; W. J. Atkinson, financier and treasurer.

      Bay Commandery, No. 11
      — Meets at Marble hall. W. J. Atkinson, S. L. Comdr.; Mrs. Amanda Bradley, Past Comdr.; George Walters, Comdr.; Silas R. Hall, Lt. Comdr.; Mrs. Madeline Hall, scribe.


      Gale Lodge, No. 276
      — Meets first Monday of each month, at Messrs. Finn & Fisher's office. Orlando G. Steinhoff, president; Fred H. Fischer, vice-president; Fred J. Asman, secretary; Fred C. Finn, treasurer.


      Bay Council, No. 37
      — Organized November 27, 1877. Meets at Devlin's Business College first and third Mondays of each month. C. H. Devlin, R.; R. V. Mundy, V. R.; G. P. Cobb, secretary; M. M. Andrews, treasurer. Clive Council, No. 827—Meets first and third Friday of each month, at Marble hall, cor. Broadway and Fremont ave. E. E. Reynolds, Regent; Oscar J. Wallin, P. R.; A. W. Fisher, secretary.


      Utopia Council, No. 48
      — Organized 1888. Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month, at 816 N. Jefferson. H. S. McCullough, arch on; C. H. Devlin, vice-archon; L. P. Sperry, scribe; W. Landau, collector; Wm.. O. Clift, treasurer.


      Bay Grove, No. 11
      — Meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, at Devlin's Business College. C. H. Devlin, N. A.; Frank Rasman, V. N. A.; E. M. Sharp, treasurer; W. Landon, collector; K. Kaichen, secretary.

      Columbia Grove, No. 19
      — Meets second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, at Devlin's Business College. Mr. Fox, N. A.; George Ross, V. N. A.; W. O. Clift, treasurer; W. G. Merritt, collector and secretary.


      Bay City Council, No. 93
      — Meets each alternate Thursday, in Engineers' hall, Watson block. Anna E. Coffin, P. C. C; John Allen, C. C; Emily Monosmith, V. C; Carrie F. Moore, rec.; Bertha Allen, financier; T. B. Monosmith, treasurer.

      Bay Commandery, No. 18
      — Organized 1889. Meets first and third Thursday of each month, in St. George's hall. Bank block. A. C. Heliker, Comdr.; Wm. Daniels, V. C; Charles A. Bate, secretary; L. Anthony, treasurer.


      Olive Camp, No. 10
      — Meets second and fourth Tuesday of month, in Good Templars' hall, Gay block. A. E. R. Bush, C C; Charles Fox, A. L.; H. D. Farrington, banker; Wm. A. See, clerk; J. L. Ambrose, physician.

  • Names Index

    Allen, Wm.
    Andrews, M.M.
    Andrews, M.M. Mrs.
    Androuin, O.
    Anthony, Bertha Mrs.
    Anthony, L. Mrs.
    Armstrong, Sarah B. Dr.
    Asman, Fred J.
    Atkinson, Susan J.
    Atkinson, W.J.
    Auger, Charles E.
    Azure, G.H.
    Bate, A.
    Barribault, J.B.
    Baumgarten, Charles M.
    Beebe, George Mrs.
    Bennet, E.T.
    Black, J.
    Boyd, C.E.
    Bradley, Amanda
    Bradley, Jacob Mrs.
    Cathcart, H.L.
    Camp, Mary L
    Campion, M.
    Christian, M. Mrs.
    Chrone, Thomas
    Cliff, Mary H. Mrs.
    Cobb, G.P.
    Cobb, G.P. Mrs.
    Cobb, C.A.E.
    Cooper, J.F.
    Cormier, Louis
    Culbert, Alex.
    Daglish, Mrs.
    Dardas, Frank
    Demings, Albert
    Devlin, C.H.
    Dickinsxon, H.W. Dr.
    Donovan, John
    Downings, M.A. Mrs.
    Dropik, Lawrence
    Dubinski, A.
    Eagan, Ellen
    Finn, Fred C.
    Fischer, Fred H.
    Fisher, A.W.
    Flues, E.F.
    Foss, P.L.
    Fox, C.L>
    Frazier, Mrs.
    Gale, H.M.
    Garland, M.
    Ghent, C.N.
    Goldman, J.B. Mrs.
    Gudschinsky, Herman
    Haas, Norbert
    Hall, Madeline Mrs.
    Hall, Silas R.
    Haller, J.G. Mrs.
    Harding, Emmas E.
    Harding, T.K.
    Hatch, A.E.
    Hatch, H.H.
    Hebert, G.L.
    Hebert, J.L.
    Hodgkins, W.W.
    Holmes, D.P. Mrs.
    Hyman, A. Mrs.
    Jones, E.T.
    Kinney, H.J.
    Knaggs, M.S. Mrs.
    Koss, Julius
    Krause, Frederick
    Labelle, Arigtides A.
    Laetz, Charles G.
    Lafleur, Albert
    Laing, G.C.
    Landau, Wolf Rev.
    Lang, Wm. F.
    Laporte, Narcisse
    Lemon, J.E.
    Le Roux, E.
    Le Roux, Elzear
    Le Roux, J.P.
    Lewinstein, Rachel Mrs.
    Lewis, J.M.
    Linsday, Mrs.
    Little, Lulu
    Lynch, James
    Marble, E. Mrs.
    Maciejeski, Ignatz
    Martin, James
    Maucotel, Alfred
    Mellon, James
    McDonell, A.
    McGiven, James
    McInerney, F.
    McKay, P.M.
    Miller, A.M. Mrs.
    Mongold, C.
    Montermann, Wm.
    Moore, Annie L. Miss
    Mount, B.V. Mrs.
    Mulholland, John
    Mundy, R.V.
    Munley, Wm.
    Nevills, Wm. H.
    Newman, Ettie Mrs.
    Nichols, Fred A.
    Oldfield, Levi P.
    Oppenheim, H.
    Oppenheim, H. Mrs.
    Palmer, R.H.
    Pierce, Alice F.
    Pilon, Thomas
    Pratt, Frank S.
    Primeau, Frank
    Randall, M.E. Mrs.
    Reynolds, E.E.
    Ridley, R.
    Roy, E.
    Ruelle, Minnie Mrs.
    Savage, John Mrs.
    Schmidt, George
    Seed, James
    Simon, Theo.
    Smalley, D.C. Mrs.
    Smith, Thaddeus
    Snelling, G.R.A.
    Shearer, J.B.
    Sperry, John H.
    Steinhoff, J. Mrs.
    Steinhoff, Orlando G.
    Steinhoff, John A.
    Stewart, C.C.
    Stone, E.E.
    Teall, L.E. Mrs.
    Tennant, John
    Thompson, M.
    Todd, James
    Trudell, D.A.
    Turner, Joseph
    Verner, J.C. Mrs.
    Walsh, Thomas
    Waters, George
    Watters, Samuel W.
    Weadock, John C.
    Webeler, Chas.
    Webster, W.C. Mrs.
    Westover, C.L.
    White, C.F.
    Whitford, Wm.
    Winterhalter, H.J.
    Woolson, Josephine H. Mrs.
    Wilhelm, S.
    Williams, Charles
    Williams, J.E.S.
    Young, G.H. Mrs.
    Zimmer, Matt
    Adams, John A.
    Affleck, James
    Albee, H.R.
    Allen, J.P.
    Ambrose, J.L.
    Annand, George
    Anneke, Edward E.
    Anthony, Bertha Mrs.
    Anthony, L.
    Babcock, George
    Bacon, John C.
    Bartlett, Wm.
    Bate, A.
    Bate, Charles A.
    Bens, Henrietta Mrs.
    Bens, W.M.
    Bentley, Delia
    Berdan, F.
    Bertch, Charles
    Birehard, S.R.
    Bishop, Wm.
    Bonsfield, C.J.
    Boynton, Wm.
    Boynton, Wm. Mrs.
    Braddock, E.B.
    Briggs, Frank
    Brock, Mrs.
    Broughton, A.
    Brown, James A.
    Brown, John
    Bush, E.R.
    Buck, H.E.
    Butlerfield, J.
    Butterfield, Geo. W.
    Campbell, Burt C.
    Campaux, F.X.
    Carlson, Charles
    Carr, Kitty
    Chapman, W.W.
    Clement, A.
    Cliff, Wm. O.
    Coffin, Anna E.
    Coffin, Lewis A.
    Colvin, Arthur D.
    Corliss, Edward E.
    Coryell, Charles
    Couthard, Wm.
    Craig, A.
    Craig, George
    Craig, James
    Cummings, Wm.H.
    Daily, A.J.
    Daniels, J.W.
    Daniels, Wm.
    Darling, Mary
    Daunt, W.J.
    Davidson, J.E.
    Davis, E.L.
    Delmas, Stella
    De Rosia, Frank
    Devlin, C.H.
    Donahue, Wm.
    Doyle, S.J.
    Duford, David
    Erurich, Gustave A.
    Evans, Thomas
    Fairfax, Daniel
    Farrington, H.D.
    Fifield, E.
    Fladung, J.
    Fox, Charles
    Fox, Charles J.
    Galarno, Wm.
    Gariner, W.
    Casson, A.C.
    Gilbert, F.O.
    Goeschel, C.
    Goeschel, L.
    Golden, John
    Greeley, Thomas
    Green, H.C.
    Greenkorn, A.
    Haprison, Edward
    Harding, John
    Hart, Lottie
    Hawk, Wm.
    Hawkins, Henrietta
    Hawley, C.R.
    Heliker, A.C.
    Hempstead, A.H.
    Hewitt, F.A.
    Hitchcock, J.R.
    Holly, John Mrs.
    Hopkins, J.A.
    Hubbard, Augustus
    Huntley, John
    Hurley, J.V.
    Jennies, M.B.
    Jones, Wm. B.
    Julian, Malvina
    Kaichen, K.
    Karmsen, Gus
    Kellogg, O.F.
    Kelley, Mollie
    Keyes, John
    Kiddie, John
    Knopfel, A.A.
    Koth, Edward
    Koths, Mary
    Krause, Hermann
    Lambrecbt, Carl
    Landau, W.
    Landon, W.
    Lange, Charles
    Larens, O.W.
    Lawrence, Delia
    Levaseur, Louis
    Lewis, James
    Lyon, A.P.
    Mager, Wm.
    Maitland, Maggie
    Mastin, J.A. Mrs.
    Mastin, Stephen
    Materson, Thomas
    McAuliff, I.
    McCabe, Martha
    McCauley, Louise
    MCClachie, Bert
    McCloy, Wm.
    McCombs, P.
    McCullough, H.S.
    Mcintosh, W.D.
    McKee, Wm.
    McKeown, F.
    McLean, Joseph
    McLoud, M.W.
    McRae, D.B.
    Meisel, W.F.
    Merritt, W.G.
    Miller, Augustus
    Miller, John
    Mogge, H.J.
    Monahan, Charles
    Monosmith, T.B.
    Monroe, Wm. H.
    Morton, D.M.
    Morton, D.W.
    Mosher, George L.
    Mount, J.W.
    Munday, R.V.
    Nichols, F.A.
    Niemann, Emma
    Niles, Irwin S.
    Nottingham, J.C.
    O'Brien, V.W.
    Pearsal, J.D.
    Pettapiece, W.A.
    Piatt, W.H.
    Pigott, Margaret
    Plumsteel, Wm. F.
    Potter, Martha
    Powell, H.H.
    Prohaska, Frank
    Proulx, Cleophas
    Ramsay, David G.
    Rasman, Frank
    Richardson, C.D.
    Rodgers, Samuel
    Rogers, John
    Rosenbury, C.E.
    Ross, George
    Roy, Emery
    Russell, Hiram
    Russell, Mrs.
    Schindehette, G.H.
    Secor, Ida
    See, Wm. A.
    Shawl, Augustus
    Sharp, E.M.
    Simons, F.M.
    Simons, H.H.
    Simpliner, Wm.
    Smith, Austin
    Smith, Ferdinand H.
    Smith, G.E.
    Smith, N.O.
    Smith, Wm. J.
    Southerland, Alex
    Sperry, L.P.
    Stephens, M.
    Stevens, Emma
    Stevenson, A.T.
    Steward, A.L.
    Stover, Frank
    Strong, Charles
    Sutherland, Alex
    Thatcher, George
    Thatcher, George Mrs.
    Tilton, Chas.
    Todd, Samuel
    Toeppner, O.
    Van Kleeck, James
    Van Kleeck, Juliet
    Verney, Charles F.
    Villeneuve, Amedee
    Walk, Hannah
    Wallin, Oscar J.
    Walton, Belle
    Waneless, George
    Warren, Wm.
    Washington, Wheeler L.
    Waters, Fannie
    Waters, Henry
    Watts, Henry
    Wedthoff, Geo. E.
    Wells, A.
    Westover, Emil
    Whaler, George
    White, Charles T.
    Wiles, F. Mrs.
    W?iley, Mrs.
    Williams, Charles
    Williams, E.S.
    Williams, Frank B.
    Winter, Mrs.
    Wirth, Adolf
    Wolf, Max
    Wright, Robert M.
    Young, Felix
    Zeulsdorf, Charles
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