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Ethnic Groups of the Saginaw Bay Area of Michigan
History and genealogy resources for families.

"Our ethnic roots extend beyond geographical boundaries -- they are an extention of the souls of whose lineage we have inherited and now carry forward."

The first people to establish a heritage in the Saginaw Bay area were the Indians that migrated to North American thousands of years ago and many centuries before the Europeans discovery of the existence of this continent which began the great migration of that followed, and continues to this day.

This section of Bay-Journal is intended to be a resource for individuals whose family settled in the Saginaw Bay Area of Michigan.
Its success in doing so is dependent on you and others that are willing to contribute in order to further knowledge about your ethnic heritage.

Each ethnic group has its own History & Genealogy Section and a Forum Board for exchanging messages with others.

Ethnic Sections
Polish History & Genealogy
Forum Boards
French Heritage
German Heritage
Polish Heritage
New Ethnic Groups
In order to create a "new"
History & Genealogy Section,

you will need to provide the initial content to get it started -- otherwise, only a new Forum Board will be created.

Make your request
for a new ethnic by email.

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