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Civil War Veterans of Bay and Arenac Counties.
As of February 2006.

The database below is a work in progress to list all Civil War veterans that lived in Bay County, whether or not they were residents of the county when they joined the war. The list includes veterans from Arenac County as it was part of Bay County during the Civil War period. The list also includes some soldiers from neighboring counties.

(1) - The following information is a "work in progress." The data comes from a variety of contributors and sources such as history books, obits, persons doing research on the subject, and resources available on the internet. The information is presented "as is" without verification of its accuracy. The goal of this listing is to recognize all local veterans who have been cited as participants in the Civil War. recognized.
(2) - * Asteric denotes veterans, where known, that were not from Bay or Arenac counties at the time of the Civil War, but became residents of these counties afterwards.
(3) - The table below has several features to help ease the finding of data. The "All Items" is a drop-down menu to cull out names of individuals by category. To the right of this feature is a search box for finding specific data. In addition, clicking a header of a column will sort the data.

Listing of Regiments and Their Histories.

The links below are to internet websites with information on these Regiments. Each of the websites referenced include substantial additional data. A few of these units have no specific link because they lack detail such as company or no information was found.

Michigan Units:

  • 1st Michigan Artillery - (None)
  • 1st Michigan Cavalry - [Info.]
  • 1st Michigan Engineers & Mechs. - [Info.]
  • 1st Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 1st Michigan Light Arillery - (None)
  • 1st Michigan Sharp Shooters - [Info.]
  • 2nd Michigan Cavalry - [Info.]
  • 2nd Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 3rd Michigan Cavalry - [Info.]
  • 4th Michigan Cavalry - [Info.]
  • 5th Michigan Cavalry - [Info.]
  • 5th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 7th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 10th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 11th Michigan Cavalry - [Info.]
  • 14th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 15th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 16th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 17th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 22nd Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 23rd Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 24th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 29th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • 30th Michigan Infantry - [Info.]
  • Other State Units:

  • 2nd New York Artillery - [Info.]
  • 148th New York Infantry - [Info.]
  • U.S. Units:

  • 1st Mounted Rifles, 3rd Cav. - [Info.]
  • 1st U.S. Engineers - (None)
  • 1st U.S. Infantry - [Info.]
  • 5th U.S. Infantry - [Info.]
  • 6th U.S. Cavalry - [Info.]
  • U.S. 9th Battery - (None)
  • U.S. Navy - (None)
  • U.S. Veterans Volunteers - [Listing]
  • U.S. Veterans Corps - (None)
  • U.S. Veterans Artillery - (None)
  • WRITINGS: History As It Was Written Then.