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Photos & Additional Veterans Names.
Veterans of Bay County, Michigan, who served in World War I.


Stanley W. Eddy - Linwood
Wounded in action.

Arthur V. Fowler - Bay City
Wounded in action.

Henry J. Grove - Bay City
Killed in action.

Ralph M. Meier - Bay City
Wounded in action.

Albert F. Meyer - Essexville
Wounded in action.

Frank P. Mienewicz - Bay City
Killed in action.

Dewey A. Nelson - Bay City
Wounded in action. <

Harvey N. Nelson - Bay City
Wounded in action.

Arie C. Sagle - Bay City
Died of disease.

Lloyd Wanding - Bay City
Killed in action.

Frank J. Wasieleski - Pinconning
Killed in action.

Leo E. Wasieleski - Pinconning
Wounded in action.


Coryell, Charles A., 2d Battery, 14th Reg.
Curtiss, Chares B., 924 Center Ave., Bay City Chemical Warfare Service.
Eddy, C. P., Bay City, 3d Batter, 14th Reg.
Ghent, Donald F., Bay City, 1st Lt., Co. C, 59th Inf.
Hayes, Daniel W., Maj., 1506 W. Fifth St., Bay City - 313th Field Signal Battalion.
Henning, R. A., 4th Battery, 14th Reg.
Hill, W. H., Bay City, 12th Co., 11th Reg.
Knopp, Henry F., Pvt., R.F.D. No. 5, Bay City Co. B, 339th Machine Gun Battalion.
McGraw, L. S., Bay City, 4th Battery, 14th Reg.
McKinzie, J. H., Bay City, 9th Co., 11th Reg.
McMorris, W. R., Bay Ctiy, 9th Co., 11th Reg.
Nusz, C. V., Bay City, 13th Co., 11th Reg.
Peck, W. H., Bay City, 4th Battery, 14th Reg.
Ponitz, Charles H., Capt., 214 N. Monroe St., Bay City Ordance, U.S. Army
Pringle, Percy F., Pvt., 1316 Broadway, Bay City Co. C, 313th Field Signal Battalion.
Shaver, T. R., Bay City, 21st co., 11th Reg.
Tinlin, James N. Wag., 1101 N. Madison St., Bay City - 351st Ambulance Company.
Wing, Harry Wison, Bay City unknown.
Woodruff, R. C., Bay City, 14th Co., 11th Reg.

Names of Bay County veterans who died in service during WWI
are included in the PUBLIC SERVICE MEMORIAL.

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