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Anne Frisby Fitzhugh Chapter
of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Anne Frisby Fitzhugh Chapter
Bay City, Mich.

Organized July 28, 1900

Membership in 1911.

    Regent, Mrs. Thomas L. Handy, N. Euclid Ave., Bay City.
    Vice-Regt., Mrs. Minerva E. Miller
    Treasurer, Mrs. Helen S. Smith
    Rec. Sec., Miss Emma G. Hunker
    Registrar, Miss Carrie F. Webster
    Cor. Sec., Miss Agnes A. Day
    Historian, Mrs. Irene P. Shields

Members Resident in State.

    Bay City:

    Ambrose, Mary Isabelle (Miss) -- 1421 6th st.
    Baker, Florence Elizabeth (Miss) -- 513 N. Lincoln av.
    Baker, Mary L. (Miss) 513 N. Lincoln av.
    Browne, Marianna Foster (Mrs. Frederick P.) -- 1212 6th st.
    Buck, Ruth Ann Hennessy (Mrs. David J.) -- N. Trumbull st.
    Buckley, Alla Rosenbury (Mrs. Frank J.) -- 1408 5th av.
    Campau, Clift (Miss) 404 N. Lincoln av.
    Courtright, Emeline Holmes (Mrs. Morris Levi) 1810 Center av.
    Cranage, Clara Chapman (Mrs. Samuel) 1314 Center av.
    Cranage, Julia Pitts (Mrs. Thomas) 615 Center av.
    Eastwood, Julia Louise Dodge (Mrs. Joseph) Greene av.
    Eddy, Ida Emily (Miss) 823 N. Farragut st.
    Eddy, Marianna Field (Mrs. Newell Avery) 617 Grant pl.
    Fitzhugh, Maria Ringgold (Mrs. Daniel Carroll) 908 N. Jackson st.
    Frank, Roberta J. Erwin (Mrs. Ernest Edward) 620 N. Monroe st.
    Hand, Jennie Merithew (Mrs. Clarence James) 605 N. Van Buren st.
    Hand, Vivian Merithew (Miss) 605 N. Van Buren st.
    Hand, Harriet Emery (Mrs. Thomas Lincoln) N. Euclid av.
    Hargrave, Victoria R. (Mrs. Edward C.) -- 1103 Center av.
    Hennessey, Annie Culver (Mrs. Thomas James) 309 N. Linn st.
    Holmes, Lydia Day (Miss) 909 N. Monroe st.
    Hunker, Emma Genevieve (Miss) 620 N. Monroe st.
    King, Celia Isabelle (Mrs. Charles A.) -- 620 N. Sherman st.
    Knaggs, May Stocking (Mrs. John Wesley) 813 N. Sheridan st.
    Kolb, Dian Emery (Mrs. Adam) 301 N. Mountain st.
    MacDonald, Caroline Tompkins (Mrs. John Alexander) 1101 5th av.
    Marston, Emily (Mrs. Isaac) 813 N. Jackson st.
    Miller, Minerva E. (Mrs. Angus MacDonald) 1312 5th av.
    Plum, Abbie M. Taylor (Mrs. Arthur W.) -- 2004 5th av.
    Pratt, Ida Louise Towsley (Mrs. Leverett) 504 Grant pl.
    Savage, Adelaide Hughes (Miss) 908 N. Jackson st.
    Shearer, M. Louise Deshler (Mrs. Chauncey Hurlbut) 1015 Center ave.
    Shields, Irene Pomeroy (Mrs. George A.) -- Lincoln av.
    Smith, Helen Stark (Mrs. Howard) 1112 Center av.
    Smith, Mary Alice (Mrs Theron E.) -- 1120 Taylor st.
    Stoddard, Ada Ann (Mrs. John L.) -- 1811 Center av.
    Stover, Agnes Emma (Miss) 303 18th st.
    Thompson, Aimec Carleton (Mrs. Jay) 208 N. Mountain st.
    Trumpour, Hulda M. (Mrs. David A.) -- 1510 5th av.
    Trumpour, Mary E. (Miss) 1510 5th av.
    Tupper, Mary H. Cranage (Mrs Virgil) 1001 Center av.
    Van Kleek, Edith A. (Miss) 1912 6th st.
    Walsh, Allena Allen (Mrs. Harry J.) -- N. Raymond av.
    Webster, Carrie Foss (Mrs. Clark F.) -- 202 N. Chilson av.
    Wells, Isabella S. Fitzhugh (Mrs. Charles Russell) 2029 Center av.
    Wells, Margaret Cleveland Hubbard (Mrs.) 2029 Center av.
    Wells, Margaret Helen (Miss) 2029 Center av.
    Wynkoop, Francis Fay (Mrs Frederick Y.) --
    Young, Elizabeth Ambrose (Mrs. Walter D.) -- Center & Greene avs.

  • Source: Directory of the National Society of the American Revolution, 1911.
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    1922 Veterans War Memorial
    Wenonah Park

    The Anne Frisby Fitzhugh chapter focused primarily patriot items, educating students about the flag, funding and erecting memorials, as well as partricipating in and organizing parades. One of their memorials honoring veterans was installed at the foot of the flag in Wenonah Park in 1922. Unfortunately, it was removed when the park was modernized and never relocated to another place.
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    Anne Frisby, the daugher of Peregrine Frisby, of Cicil County, MD, was born in 1727. She married twice, first to John Rousby who died in his early 50s, then to Col. William Fitzhugh, with who she had two sons, Peregrine and William. Both married women from Maryland, Peregrine to Mary Elizabeth Chew and William to Anne Hughs. Anne Frisby died in 1793.
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