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ARMSTRONG, Rolf (1888-1960) Famous pin-up artist.
ARMSTRONG, Robert W. (1890-1973) Famous Hollywood movie actor.
ARNOLD, Frederick (1834-1924) Owner, first bakery in 1856.
AVIS, Warren E. (1915-2007) First to introduce rental cars at airports.

BARGEON, Herbert A. (1893-1977) Born in West Bay City, manager of Kresge store, Rotary Club.
BIRNEY, James G. II & Family (1792-1857) Abolitionist, twice president candidate & gov. of Michigan.

BIRNEY Descendants family genealogy.
BIRNEY Family Pictorial memorabilia, incl. 1948 Saginaw News story.
BIRNEY: Old KY Newspaper Articles eight articles written in 1893.
BIRNEY, Agatha (McDowell) (1798-1839) first wife.
BIRNEY, Elizabeth (Fitzhugh) (1803-1869) second wife.
BIRNEY, David Bell (1825-1864) son, Civil War General.
BIRNEY, Fitzhugh (1842-1864) son, Civil War soldier.
BIRNEY, James III (1817-1888) eldest son, lawyer and politician.
BIRNEY, James G. IV (1844-1870) grandson, Civil War soldier.
BIRNEY, William (1819-1907) son, Civil War soldier.

BRADLEY, Nathan B. (1831-1909) first Mayor of Bay City.

CLARKSON, John G. (1861-1906) Hall of Fame baseball player.
COOLEY, Edgar A. & Family (1852-??) Industrial Works founder.

DANIELEWSKI (Daniels), Ludwig (1845-1903) First Polish settler.
{DAVIDSON, James} (1841-1929) Shipbuilder (Businesses)
{DEFOE, Harry J.} (1875-1957) Shipbuilder (Businesses)

EDDY, James G. Sr. (1881-1964) Pioneer in forestry genetics.

* {HEMMINGER, Mary J.(Craft)} (1863) Bangor twp., Civil War diary excerpts. (Writings)

* JONES, John & family of Hampton Township, by Phil Draper.

KNAGGS, May Stocking (1847-1917) & Husband John. W. Prominent advocate in Michigan's women's suffrage movement. John W. served in Civil War.

LAVIGNE, George H. (1869-1928) Boxer, World Lighweight champion.

MARSAC, Joseph F. (1792-1880) Pioneer of Lower Saginaw.
McDERMOTT, Terry (1940-living) 1964 Olympic Gold Metal winner.
MAUS, Lucas and Marie Anne (Andre) - Family genealogy
McGRAW, John (1815-1877) Lumber baron - owned McGraw Mill in Portsmouth.

PARTRIDGE, Benjamin (1822-1892) Pioneer, Engineer & Politician.

SAGE, Henry W. (1814-1880s) Entrepreneur, lumberman and pioneer of West Bay City.
SAYLES, Scott (1803-1865) First Supv., Bangor Twp., Bay County.
SHEARER, James (1823-1896) Architect, builder, business man & civic leader.
SIEVERS, Ferdinand (Rev.) (1815-1901) Founder, St. Paul Lutheran Church.
STARK Family History (1861-1880s) of Bay County.

TAYLOR, Annie (Edson) (1838-1924) Local teacher, 1st to go over of Niagara Falls in barrel.
THOMAS, Henry H. (1843-1908) - Born in Stafford, N.Y. Owned explosive plant at Kawkawlin, MI.
TREMBLE, Theophilus (1859-1943) Wood shop owner.
Pioneers: Trombley family genealogy TROMBLEY Family Tree - Traces genealogy of the Trombley pioneer family.

WINKLER, Michael (1832-1889) - Born in Bavaria, Germany; Civil War Vet.

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