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Frederick G. Arnold (1834-1924)
By James S. Arnold (January 2003)

Founded Arnold's Bakery in 1856, the first bakery in Bay City.

  • Birth: December 8, 1834 in Ortenburg, Bavaria
  • Immigration: To Bay City in 1854
  • Business: Started the Arnold Bakery in 1856
  • Death: June 6, 1924 in Bay City

    Fred Arnold: Photo taken in Ortenburg

    Georg Friedrich Arnold, known in America as Frederick G. Arnold, was born December 8, 1834 in Ortenburg, Bavaria to Andreas and Johanna Arnold.

    These Arnolds were a family of bakers with recorded history beginning in 1615 in Ortenburg. Frederick and two of his brothers took their trade to Michigan, opening bakeries in Bay City, Port Huron and Ludington.

    Frederick immigrated to America with younger brother Gottfried, and a group of other Ortenburg residents in the summer of 1854. Included in the group was Frederick's future wife Louisa Müller (known in America as Louise Mueller) and her family. They sailed on the ship "Nienburg" or "Nurnburg" from Hamburg, Germany, arriving in New York on July 3, 1854. They continued on to Detroit, reportedly intending to stay there, but a cholera epidemic forced them to sail on to Bay City.

    Fred and Louise were married September 13, 1857 in Bay City and had ten children: Gottfried Andres born in 1857, Friedrich Benjamin born in 1859, John G. (who took over the Bay City Bakery when Fred retired) born in 1862, Sophie J born in 1863, Louise born about 1865, Tillie born in 1867, Clara K born in 1871, Barnhardt born in 1873, Martha born in 1876, and Matilda born in 1877.

    In 1915, Frederick and Louise were honored as the oldest living couple in Bay City. The Bay City newspaper recorded some of the events in their interesting lives: From the Bay City Times, October 6, 1915 in an article titled "SILVER LOVING CUP AWARDED TO 2 PIONEERS":

    " ... Mr. Arnold was born in Ortenburg, Bavaria, December 7, 1834 and his wife in the same city October 24, 1831. The latter was then Miss Louise Mueller and as children they attended the same school and naturally were on friendly terms as school children usually are.

    "Both of them came to America on the same vessel and landed in Bay City on July 7, 1854. Mr. Arnold was accompanied by his brother, Gottlieb (sic) Arnold, who is now a resident of Ludington. Mrs. Arnold, then Miss Mueller, was coming to the home of her uncle who lived in Frankenlust township. At that time, there was no thought that their lives would be linked together. Mrs. Arnold did not like conditions in Frankenlust and she accepted employment with the family of P. J. Perrott and accompanied them to Canada, where she resided among the Indians for more than a year, learning to talk their language, a fact which proved of great benefit to her in after life. In the meantime Mr. Arnold secured employment in the McEwan Bros. saw mill and in two years earned enough money at $18 per month to start the bakery business. Then the idea of matrimony entered his mind and he concluded that his maiden companion across the ocean was the one who could make him happy. They were married September 13, 1857, in their own humble little home, Rev Volz, of Saginaw, officiating.

    " ... 'Things then were not as they are today by a long ways.' said Mr Arnold to a Times reporter today. 'The city was small and few opportunities to make a living. Wages were also very low and sometimes we had to get along on pretty spare rations. Water street was the business center. There was no pavement and long planks constituted the sidewalks. East of Washington avenue there were no houses. On arriving in Detroit we found an epidemic of cholera and on our arrival here there was a similar smallpox condition and everyone was greatly alarmed over the situation. My sister, Mrs. Gottlieb Kempter, had then been living here for two years. On two different occasions my bakery was destroyed by fire and everything was lost, but friends came to my rescue, and with financial backing I finally erected the bakery building where the business is still carried on by John Arnold, my son. In the early days of my business career the daily receipts would average about $2.50, and my trade came mainly from the Indians, who were numerous in those days. One of the big helps to me was the fact that my wife could speak the Indian language and this pleased them immensely. They would come to our store in droves whether they wanted anything in our line or not, and this increased the trade considerably from time to time.'

    Mr. and Mrs. Arnold are an interesting old couple and their reminiscences of the early days in Lower Saginaw would fill a small sized book."

    The following is from "History of Bay County", Published by H. R. Page & Co., 1883:

    "Frederick G. Arnold was born in Bavaria, Germany, December 7, 1834. He came to Bay City July 5, 1854 and worked two years in a saw mill for William and John McEwan. In 1856 he established a bakery, which he still continues. He owns a large brick block on the corner of Fifth and Saginaw Streets, where he does business, and is considered one of the substantial citizens. Mr. Arnold has one son in the ministry and others associated with him in business."

    A "son in the ministry", in the above quote refers to Frederick B. Arnold (1859-1922). Rev. Arnold attended the Lutheran Concordia Seminary in St Louis, was ordained, and served most of his life as a minister in Calumet, Michigan.

    Louise died in 1922 and Frederick died June 06, 1924 in Bay City. They are both buried in Elm Lawn Cemetery, Bay City.

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    Other Ortenburg Arnold Immigrants to Bay City:

    Frederick was the son of Andreas and Johanna Arnold, he had fourteen siblings, five of whom also immigrated to Bay City.

    Fredericke Arnold

      Immigrated in 1852.

    Anna Friederike Arnold

      Known in America as Fredricka Arnold, was born May 27, 1825 in Ortenburg. Fredricka gave birth to a baby girl, Louisa, in March of 1850 in Germany and immigrated to Bay City, Michigan in 1852. She preceded her younger brothers Frederick and Gottfried by two years. Fredricka married Gottleib Kempter, probably in Bay City, and they had four more children: Gottleib born 1855, Anna born June 4, 1858, Frederick born 1860, and Ferdinand born 1864. Fredricka died February 25, 1887, in Bay City, Michigan, and was buried there.

    Anna Maria Arnold

      Born February 10, 1837 in Ortenburg. The 1880 US Census for Bay County, Michigan lists Mary A. Arnold, age 43, sister to and boarding with Frederick J. Arnold. Its very likely that Anna Maria immigrated to Bay City and was boarding with Frederick, using the name Mary A. Arnold. Many German immigrants used their second name as the first name in America.

    Gottfried Adam Arnold (see pictorial)

      Born February 13, 1838 in Ortenburg. Gottfried immigrated to Bay City, Michigan in the summer of 1854 with his older brother, Georg Friedrich Arnold (known in America as Frederick G. Arnold). They sailed on the ship "Nienburg" or "Nurnburg" from Hamburg, Germany, arriving in New York on July 3, 1854. They continued on to Detroit, reportedly intending to stay there, but a cholera epidemic forced them to sail on to Bay City.

      Gottfried and Friedrich started the first bakery in Bay City in 1856. After two years, Gottfried left Bay City for Port Huron where he opened his own bakery. There he met Louisa Freidericke Kĉsemeyer (also known as Louise Friedericke Kasemeyer) and they were married on October 8, 1860. Two years later, Gottfried and Louise moved back to Bay City where Gottfried opened another bakery.

      Gottfried and Louise had eleven children: Andrew born March 1864, Bertha born about 1866, Lilia born 1868, Clara born 1870, Ida born 1872, Gottfried born 1874, Henry born 1876, Edward born 1878, Louisa born 1880, Mary born 1882, and Herman born 1885.

      In 1881, Gottfried and Louise and nine children moved across the state to Ludington where they opened a very successful bakery that remained in their family for multiple generations.

    Louise Wilhelmine Arnold

      Born June 16, 1843 in Ortenburg. The only record we have of Louise in America is the Bay County Marriage Record, Volume A, Page 106, Louisa Arnold to Bernard Buenning, married May 15, 1867 witnessed by Frederick Arnold and Gottfried Arnold, both of Bay City. It's very likely that this Louise is Frederick and Gottfried's sister, Louise Wilhelmine Arnold.

    August Ernst Arnold (see pictorial)

      Born on February 1, 1845. His birth is recorded in the Lutheran Church records of Ortenburg. Oral history says that August immigrated in 1865 at age 18, but that isn't consistent with the birth date in the church records. No record of August's immigration has yet been found.

      The US Census of 1870 lists August, age 25, living in Saginaw, Michigan, and working as a laborer. The 1870 US Census for Bay City shows Ida "Lersch" (sic, should be Liersch), age 22, boarding with "Gotfred" (sic, should be Gottfried) Arnold in Bay City and working as a seamstress.

      August and Ida were married July 3, 1870 in Saginaw and had four children: Hermina born in 1873, Charles born in 1877, Ida born in 1879 and died at age six months in 1880, and Henry born in 1885.

      The 1874 Bay City Directory lists August boarding with brother Gottfried and working as a baker.

      In 1880, August and Ida were living in Bay City with children Hermina, Charles and Ida.

      In 1882, August had a bakery and resided on the East Side of Harrison Street between 31st and 32nd Streets in Bay City, Michigan.

      Ida Arnold died in 1897 in Bay City and in 1900 August was living with his daughter Hermina and son-in-law Henry Neumann in Ludington. August died November 8, 1910 in Ludington and is buried there in Lakeview Cemetery.

    Hans Arnold

      Son of Christian Andreas Arnold (1869-1944) and Christine Maria (Schwarz) Arnold (1877-1931) was born May 31, 1905 in Ortenburg, Bavaria, Germany. Imigrated in 1922.

      The other immigrant Arnold bakers (Frederick, Gottfried and August) were all sons of Andreas and Johanna. Hans, however, was Andreas and Johanna's great grandson. Walter Arnold, of Austria, informs us that Hans was invited to immigrate by his granduncle Frederick. The Ellis Island online database indicates Hans, age 17, sailed from Hamburg on the "Saint Paul" and arrived in New York on September 12, 1922. An uncle paid his passage and he was going to live with his Uncle John Arnold at 614 6th Street, Bay City. Hans' Uncle John was the son of Frederick and had been running the Bay City Bakery since Frederick retired in 1892.

      Walter also informs us that Hans worked at the Arnold Bakery in Bay City for several years and then started an awning and siding business.

      Hans married Lilian Sauter on August 27, 1945 and they had two children: James born in 1946 and Carol born in 1947.

      Hans died February 16, 1980 in Bay City. His son James continued the awning and siding business, presumably Arnold & Sautter, Inc, 408 N. Euclid Ave., Bay City.

    Second Generation Bakers in America:

    Charles F. Arnold (see pictorial)

      Son of August and Ida Arnold, was born December 11, 1877 in Michigan, probably in Bay City.

      The 1900 US Census for Milwaukee, Wisconsin showed Charles rooming at 608 Center Street and working as an Assistant Baker. The family of his bride-to-be, Anna Reinke, was also renting in that house.

      Charles and Anna were married about 1903 and had three children: Edna (1903-1903), Evelyn (1904-1990), and Henry August (also known as Heine) (1907-1988).

      The 7 Port Huron City Directory showed Charles and Anna living at 813 Michigan and Charles working as a driver in Endlich's Bakery.

      The 1910 and 1920 US Censuses for Port Huron listed Charles' occupation as baker, presumably at Endlich's Bakery.

      Charles died on August 26, 1930 in Port Huron and Anna died on July 7, 1932 in the Pontiac State Hospital.

    Henry Arnold (see pictorial)

      Son of August and Ida Arnold was born July 20, 1885 in Bay City. Bay County and State of Michigan birth records list Henry's name as "Harry Arnold". I remember Henry's middle name to be "George", (the same as Wilbur's) but the wedding announcement for Henry and Grace listed Henry's middle name as "Godfrey". All other records found to date show Henry's name as "Henry G. Arnold".

      The "St Clair County Directory", published by Wolverine Directory Company on August 1, 1907, shows Henry residing at 527 Erie Street, Port Huron (which was the store and residence of William and Marie Simpson, parents of Grace) and working as a baker in Endlich's Bakery.

      Henry Arnold and Grace Simpson were married November 4, 1907 and they had seven children: Leatha born in 1908 and died in 1911, Wilbur born in 1910, Chester born in 1912, Florence born in 1914, Grant born in 1916, Lois born in 1920, and William born in 1923.

      Henry presented a large family bible to Grace in June 1911. The bible still exists and contains records of family births and deaths, a "Family Temperance Pledge", signed by Wilbur and Chester, and many keepsakes. The bible was given to Chet and Bea and remains in Bea's care. Unfortunately, the acidic paper in the bible is decomposing and it cannot be handled without damage.

      The 1910 US Census for Port Huron lists Henry G. and Grace G. Arnold with daughter Leatha residing at 612 Erie Street and the 1920 US Census for Port Huron lists Henry and Grace with children Wilbur, Chester, Florence, and Grant residing at the same address.

      Henry died on June 18, 1937 and Grace died on June 28, 1938. They are buried along side each other in Lakeside Cemetery, Port Huron, Michigan.

    Third Generation Bakers in America:

    Wilbur Arnold: (see pictorial)

      Son of Henry and Grace Arnold, was born May 12, 1910 in Port Huron.

      Wilbur married Ruth Popplewell on July 26, 1930 in Port Huron.

      Wilbur and Ruth started a bakery in Lakeport, delivering bread throughout the Thumb of Michigan.

    Family Group Sheets.

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    [Andreas Arnold Family] - [Frederick Arnold Family] - [August Arnold Family].

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