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Herbert Alexander Bargeon (1893-1977)
Born in West Bay City, manager Kresge store, Rotary Club.
  • By Marvin Kusmierz (April 2014) - Assisted by J. Bargeon.
  • “Herb” Bargeon, was manager of the Kresge store in Bay City, Michigan, and an active member of the Bay City Rotary Club. He was born February 4, 1893, in West Bay City, Michigan, which at that time rivaled in size the population and industrial base that of Bay City on the east side of the Saginaw River.

    Herb's parents were Joseph and Victoria T (Vernier) Bargeon. The father was a native of Canada, being born there in 1862 and raised there until 1879, when he emigrated to Michigan, settling in the newly organized West Bay City, that was formed by the merger of the villages of Wenona, Banks, and Salzburg. Herb's mother, Victoria T. vernier, was born in 1872, and was a native of Michigan. Joseph and Victoria raised four sons; besides Herb, there was Franks E., Raymond D. and Charles H.

    The family's early homestead was located at 201 Elm Street, which included a store front from which the father ran a grocery business. Around 1920 the family residence changed to 408 Bradley avenue. By the 1930 census, all of the Bergeon boys had left their parents homestead except for Raymond. Also at that time two grandchildren were living in this home; Frank born in 1917 and Doloros born in 1918, both Frank's children.

    The 1920 census shows Herb is now married, his spouse being Daphine Hamiliton, whom he married about 1918. Daphine was born in 1895, in Illinois. Also living with them was Daphine's widowed mother, Kate (Webb), who is 48 years old and was born in Ohio, and Gayle, Daphines's 29 year old brother, also born in Illinois. Herb's marriage didn't last long, as Daphine is found in the 1930 census at Pontiac, Oakland Co., with her marital status as shown as divorced. Also, at this homestead lives her mother Kate, and a nine year son named Bob, who was born in 1921.

    Herb's brother Charles, now 40 years old, is picked up in the 1930 census as being married to Ethel, with three step-sons from her previous marriage to a Mr. Schwiensberg. In the 1931 city directory he is listed as living at 408 Bradley Ave, the homestead of his parents. The directory also shows an Ethyl Bargeon as Charles' widow. She is employed as a sales woman at the Sears Roebuck & Co., on Washington Ave.. and her address is 1004 S. Henry. The same directory shows Herb living at his parents homestead at 408 Bradley Ave.

    Herb's second marriage was to Violet Geilfuss whom he married sometime before 1934, which is the year their son Herbert Jr., was born in Lumberton, North Carolina. By the 1945 census, Herb and his family were living in Orlando, Orange Co., FL, their address being 1513 So. Mills.

    Herb died in December, 1977 at the age of 84 years. His death certificate was issued in South Carolina, with his last place of residence being Orange Co., FL. His son Herbert Jr., who became an attorney and married a Gail Freer. He died in 1922 at Raleigh Wake, N.C.

    Additional Notes:

      1893 – Michigan Births: West Bay City.
      Bargeon, Herbert Alexander, b. Feb. 4, 1893, son of Joseph and Victoria Bargeon. (Joseph died in 1946, he worked as a ship carpenter in Bay City.)

      1893 – Michigan Marriages: Tuscola Co.
      Victoria Bargeon (of Coldwood) was witness to marriage of Adolphus Pyne (age 33, b. Canada) and Albertine Bargeon (age 23, born in Bay City) on July 28, 1893. Albertine's parents were Thomas and Caroline (Lafave) Bargeon.

      1905 – Directory: Bay City, Mich.
      Bargeon, Henry – helper, bds 308 Madison, W.S.
      Bargeon, Joseph – Grocer, 201 Elm, W.S. Bus. same.

      1910 – Census: Springfield, Sangamon, Ill.
      Hamilton, Kate – age 38, b. Ohio – widow
      Gayle, son – age 20, b. Ill.
      Daphna, daughter – age 16, b. Ill.
      Web, Robert, father – age 88, b. Ohio.

      1917/18 - U.S. World War I Draft Registration Cards.
      Draft registration of Herbert A. Bargeon, born 14 Feb 1892, Bay City, Michigan.

      1918/19 (about) - Ancestry.com
      Herbert Bargeon married Daphine Hamilton, in Bay County, MI.

      1920 – Census: Bay City, Mich.
      Bargeon, Joseph – b. 1862 Canada
      Victoria, wife – b. 1872 Mich.
      Dolphis R., son – b. 1895, Bay, Mich.
      Charles H., son – b. 1895, Bay, Mich.
      Frank, grandson – b. 1917, Bay, Mich.
      Deloros, granddaughter – b. 1918, Bay, Mich.

      1910 - Census: Bay City, Mich.
      Bargeon, Herbert – b. 1893 Mich.
      Daphine, wife – b. 1895 Bay, Mich.
      Hamilton, Kate, mother-in-law – b. 1872 Ohio, widow
      Hamilton, Gail, brother-in-law – b. 1891 Illinois

      1930 – Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.
      Bargeon, Joseph – b. 1930 Canada, emigrated to Mich. 1878.
      Victoria T., wife – b. 1872 Mich.
      Raymond, son – b. 1895 Mich. (Die 1943)
      Frank, grandson – b. 1916 Mich.
      Doloras, granddaughter – b. 1918 Mich.

      Bargeon, Charles H. - age 40, father b. Canada, mother b. France. Wife Ethel, formerly married to a Schwiensberg, three step-sons living with them.

      1930 – Census: Pontiac, Oakland Co., Mich.
      Bargeon, Daphue – age 34, b. 1896 Ill. - divorced (nee Hamilton)
      Hamilton, Kate, mother – age 58, b. 1872 Ohio – widow.
      Bargeu, Bob, son – age 9, b. 1921 Mich. (s/b Bargeon)

      1931 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.
      Bargeon, Chas. H., installer, res. 408 Bradley ave.
      Bargeon, Dolphus R., res. 408 Bradley ave.
      Bargeon, Ethyl (wid. Chas. H.), slswn Sears Roebuck & Co., h 1004 S. Henry.
      Bargeon, Joe (Victoria), carpenter, h 408 Bradley ave.

      1945 – Census: Orlando, Orange, Florida.
      Address: 1513 So. Mills
      Bargeon, Herbert – b. 1893 Mich.
      Violet, wife – b. 1905 S.C.
      Herbert, Jr., son – b. 1934 S.C.

      1972 – U.S. Social Security Death Index.
      Frank Bargeon, b. 9 Mar. 1891, d. Feb. 1972, age 81.

      1977 – U.S. Social Security Death Index – Florida.
      Herbert Bargeon – b. 14 Feb. 1893, died Dec. 1977, age 84. Death certificate issued in So. Carolina, last residence in Orange Co., Fl.

      1992 – North Carolina Deaths.
      Herbert Alexander Bargeon, Jr. - b. 23 May 1934, Lumberton, N.C.; died 20 Jul 1992, Raleigh, Wake, N.C., age 58, burial Whittier, N.C.; occupaton attorney; spouses name Gail Freer; father's name Herbert Alexander Bargeon, Sr.; mother's name Violet Geilfuss.

      Find A Grave Records.
      Burials at St. Patrick's Cemetery, Bay City, Mich.:
      Bargeon, Joseph, b. 1859, d. June 25, 1946.
      Bargeon, Raymond, b. 1895, d. 1946.
      Bargeon, Victoria, b. 1872, d. Nov. 9, 1954.

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    Rotary Club
    Saginaw River
    Salzburg, MI
    Sears Roebuck & Co.
    St. Patricks Cemetery
    South Carolina
    Wenona, MI
    West Bay City, MI
    Whittier, NC

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