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Bay County: Names of Places.
Historic places and brief history.
Added Sep. 2008.

Listing includes some places from Arenac County when they were part of Bay County.

See West Bay City.

See West Bay City.

Bay City:
Joseph and Mader Tromble' (or Trombley), brothers, built a trading post here in 1835 and the first house in 1837; lumberman James Fraser, of Detroit, in 1836, through his Saginaw Bay Company, bought 240 acres of the John Riley Reserve here and platted the village of Lower Saginaw, name from its nearness to the lower shore of Saginaw Bay; given a post office as Hampton, named after its township, with Thomas Rogers becoming its first postmaster on June 4, 1846; the office was renamed Lower Saginaw, but the citizens objected to the word Lower and in 1857 the legislature renamed it Bay City, the post office taking that name on March 22, 1858; incorporated as a village in 1859 and as a city in 1865.

Bay Side:
A coal mining village on Saginaw Bay, in Bangor Township; it has no station but switches from the Detroit & Mackinaw and the Grand Trunk Railroads; Frederick A. Lewis became its first postmaster on Dec. 12, 1899, the off operating until Jan. 15, 1910.

Storekeeper Locius Fogelsanger became the first postmaster of this rural post office in Mount Forest Township on June 21, 1899, the office operating until Oct. 31, 1904.

A station on the Cincinnati, Saginaw & Mackinaw Railroad, some two miles west of Bay City, in 1894.

First settled by Ransom P. Essex and his brother-in-law, Joseph Hudson in 1850; Mr. Essex first platted the village in 1867.

A crossroads center just inside Midland County, on the Bay City Midland Railroad line, when given a post office on April 22, 1891, with storekeeper Myron T. Johnson as its first postmaster; in 1902, the office was moved a half mile east on the rail line into Bay County, where it remained until closed on Jan. 2, 1907.

Arenac County when this station on the Mackinaw division of the Michigan Central was open in 1872 it was in Bay county.

Founded in 1848 by a Lutheran community from Germany under Rev. Ferdinand Sievers; it was in Kochville Township, Saginaw County, when that township was organized in 1856; the township was renamed Frankenlust and annexed to Bay County in 1880; John Schmidt became its first postmaster on Sept. 23, 1852; the office was closed on July 19, 1882, but was restored from April 1, 1890, with Walhem Schmidt as postmaster, to Nov. 28, 1892; its name combines Franconia, a district in Bavaria, with lust, the German for pleasure.

Named after its township, which was organized in 1887, and named for the late President James A. Garfield, with Elof Johnson as its first supervisor; Clara E. Johnson became its first postmaster on May 13, 1897, the office operating until April 30, 1904.

This hamlet was in Saginaw County when Thomas Rogers became its first postmaster on June 4, 1845; the office was changed to Bay City on March 22, 1858.

Alpha W. Crowl became the first postmaster of this rural post office on May 29, 1878, the office operating until Oct. 20, 1879.

Iceburg USA:
The name given a transient fishing community of some 350 on an average which each year from December to March is located on Saginaw Bay from 3 to 30 miles north of Bay City.

Ittner's Corners:
A hamlet near Bay City in 1918.

By 1855, settlers had clustered around the water powered mill of James Fraser (later operated by O. A. Ballou) and the steam powered mill of Frederick A. Kaiser; the village was organized by O. A. Ballou, John Sutherland, Dennis Stanton, and others, in 1868; Mr. Stanton became its first postmaster on March 6, 1868; name from its location by the Kawkawlin River, which the Indians called Oganconning, or place of the pike fish.

Lake City:
See West Bay City.

A station on the Michigan Central Railroad, in Fraser Township; the settlement formed around the lumber mill of the P. L. Sherman & Company; Henry C. Mansfield became its first postmaster on March 25, 1892, the office operating until March 31, 1911.

Lower Saginaw:
See Bay City.

A station opened in 1870s on the Mackinaw division of the Michigan Central Railroad, in Fraser Township; William Michie became its first postmaster on June 24, 1875; lawyer Andrew C. Maxell was an organizer of Bay County in 1857 and a state representative from Bay City in 1865.

This village in Fraser Township was name for William Michie, who became a pioneer settler in the area in 1870; he also became the first township supervisor in 1875 and the first postmaster on Dec. 20, 1880; located at the junction of the state road and the Detroit & Mackinaw Railroad; its post office operated until Oct. 15, 1904.

This village in Merritt Township was first settled in 1874 and name for Curtiss and Algeron S. Munger, of Bay City, who owned the land around its Detroit & Bay City Railroad station; Horace D. Blodgett became its first postmaster on June 6, 1876.

North Williams:
William W. Skelton bought land and became the first settler here in northern Williams Township in 1854; Armus H. Buzzard became the first postmaster on March 30, 1891, the office operating until May 15, 1903.

Pine River:
Arenac County here at the mouth of the Pine River, on the west shore of the Saginaw Bay, in Standish Township, German-born John Lentz built a sawmill in 1854 and a larger one in 1882; the settlement was give a post office name Horr (after Roswell G. Horr, congressman from this district, 1879-80), with grocer Wallace W. Alexander become its first postmaster on Sept. 22, 1879, the office operation until July 22, 1881; it was give a station on the Detroit & Mackinaw Railroad as Pine River, with James J. Mahony become its first postmaster on June 22, 1899; the office operated until Sept. 30, 1913; it was in Bay County until Arenac was formed in 1883.

Salzburgh (Salzburg):
See West Bay City.

Seidler Corners:
This hamlet was founded in 1902 by Henry Seidler who had a general store, blacksmith shop and saloon here; he added a school in 1905.

South Bay City:
A station on the Pere Marquette Railroad in 1882.

Arenac County John D. Standish, of Detroit, built a mill here in 1871 and had Peter M. Angus plat the village for it to be on the line of the Michigan Central Railroad, then coming through; before his plat was recorded and while he was away, on Dec. 6, 1872, the name was changed to Granton; at the next session of the legislature he got it changed back to Standish, on April 13, 1874; James S. Gailey became the first postmaster on Jan. 17, 1872; the village, then in Bay County, became a part of Arenac when the latter was organized in 1883; incorporated as a village in 1893 and as a city in 1904.

Arenac County the village began with the sawmill of Norn & Kent in 1871 and was given a station on the Michigan Central Railroad in 1872; William S. Perkins became the first postmaster of the Perkins, Bay County, on Jan. 30, 1872, with name changed for lumberman William C. Sterling, to Sterling Arenac County, on Jan. 28, 1872; incorporated as a village in 1917.

Grocer J. P. Hellman became the first postmaster of this rural post office in Williams Township on July 1, 1899, the office operating until Dec. 31, 1904.

See West Bay City.

Wenona Beach:
Wenona was the mother of Hiawatha in Henry Longfellow's poem; the name was popular in this area, having been give to a village just to the south which became West Bay City in 1877, Wenona Beach on Saginaw Bay, in Bangor Township, was developed about 1892 by Spencer O. Fisher in connection with his West Bay City electric street railway.

West Bay City:
Jospeh Trombley bought 2000 acres here in 1843 and platted 25 of them into a village in 1851; mill owner and later state senator Thomas Whitney named it Bangor after his birthplace in Maine; but there was already a Bangor post office in Michigan, so when merchant William F. Benson became the first postmaster here on May 18, 1864, the office was named Banks in honor of General Nathaniel P. Banks; the office was closed on May 1, 1866, but was restored from Nov. 17, 1870 to Feb. 27, 1891; Banks was incorporated as a village in 1871; adjacent to it, in 1862, Daniel Hughes Fitzhugh platted a village which he called Salzburgh after a salt mine and resort in Austria and because of the salt making begun here at the time; George Staudacher became the first postmaster of Salzburgh on March 19, 1869, with the name shorted to Salsburg on Dec. 2, 1893, the office operating until Oct. 20, 1894; just to the north of it, in 1863, Henry W. Sage, of Sage McGraw & Company, built a mill, homes, etc., and platted a village called Lake City, which was renamed Wenona. In 1877 the villages of Banks, Salzburg and Wenona merged to form West Bay City, which in 1905 became of part of greater Bay City.

It was named for Levi Willard in whose home the first Beaver Township elections were held in 1867, John Peter Ittner became the first postmaster of this rural post office on Feb. 26, 1885, the office operating until Oct. 31, 1903.

It was first settled in 1854 by John Gaffney, Charles Bradford, and George W. Smock; John C. Rowden, who came in 1855, became its first postmaster on Aug. 26, 1868, succeeded by Spencer O. Fisher on March 26, 1872, the office operating until April 10, 1874; named after its township.

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Subjects Referenced
John Riley Reservation
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