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Religious communities, organizations and churches.

It may be said with good reason that religious groups were among the earliest to record a community's history. Some of the earliest structures to go up were houses of worship which often accommodated the needs of several faiths until a specific faith was large enough to build their own church. Consequently, the history of some churches today are tied to that of an older church. (Help us recognize the history of your religious group by sharing its story here, or adding to an existing history.)

Journal of Religion: Listing and brief history.

Church Histories

Bay City:
* First Congregational Church (1875) - VanBuren & 6th Street
* First Presbyterian Church (1856) - Center Ave. & Jackson St.
* Immanuel Lutheran Church (1861) - 10th & Lincoln sts.
* St. Hedwig Church (1911) - Kiesel St.
* St. Joseph Church (1850) - 3rd St. & Grant
* St. Stanislaus Church (1874) - 22nd St. & Farragut
* Trinity Episcopal Church (1854) - Center Ave. & Grant St.

Frankenlust Township:
* St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church (1848) - West Side Saginaw Rd. (M-86)

Williams Township:
Bay City: St. Anthony of Padua. St. Anthony of Padua Church (1897) - Fisherville: Midland Rd & 11 Mile

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