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The first forms of social entertainment in pioneer communities were small gatherings -- the telling of a story, playing of music or other simple forms of pleasure. The experience of going to the theater is uniquely generational. Adults only need to compare today's theater experience to when they were young o realize how dramatic the change has been. The histories in this section are bound to stir up fond memories, or leave you wanting to remember more. -- Over 800 histories are available in: Heritage/Writings

Journal of Theaters: Theater listings by location and name.

- General Subjects -
1930 movie ads. Bay City 1930 Movie Ads - See what was playing back then.
Local theater history. Bay County Theater History - Historical progression of local theater.
American theater history. History of American Theater - Brief outline and internet resources on subject.
Hollywood Poster Art. Hollywood Poster Art - Stars and movies of yesterday.

Bay City Players. Bay City Players - 1214 Columbus Ave., Bay City
Colonial Theatre by Jack R. Miller - Woodside Ave., Essexville
Bijou Theater now State. Woods Opera House (Same) - 620 Washington Ave., Bay City

- Other Locations -
ARMSTRONG, Robert W. Hollywood actor, starred in "King Kong."
BUCKLEY & CLAY Co. Theater management, John Buckley & Samuel G. Clay.
JENKS, Fred C. (1871-1944) - Circus clown, vaudeville, b. Bay City, res. Saginaw,
MACK, William B. (1873-1955) aka: "McGillicuddy." - Prominent stage actor, early 20th century.
MACLENNAN, Francis (1879-1935) - Prominent opera singer in U.S. and Europe.
WERLEIN (THOMAS), Elizabeth I. (1895-1946) - Studied in Europe, where she was an established singer.

{Pictorial: Theaters} Gallary of theatrical pictures.
{Regent Theatre} 924 Washington Ave., Bay City.
{Theatrical News History} Various news item related to Bay City .
{Westover Opera House} - s.w. cor. Washingtion & Center, Bay City.
{Washington Theater, 1923} - Elks Lodge No.88 Memorial Service.

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