Enjoy a special movie experience! -- The State Theater is a treasure from our past that has been restored to near its original condition. Experience the excitement of theaters that were like temples of entertainment. -- Help support our heritage theater, keep it alive, enjoy its atmosphere and vintage motion pictures with your family and friends -- and, do it often!

State Theater: 611-13 E. Midland St

  • Not to be confused with State Theater on Washington
  • 1922, it was known as the Majestic theater.
  • Later, it became the Westown theater.
  • Today it is Westown but as an entertainment complex.

    Columbus Theater: 1214 Columbus Avenue

  • 1922, it was the Pictureland Theater.
  • 1946, it was the Tivoli
  • 1950s, it was the Pine
  • Today, it's home for the Bay City Players.

    Temple Theater: 521-23 Washington Avenue.

  • In 1922 it was Grotto Theater.

    Regent Theater: 924 Washington Avenue.

  • This had a unique layout, the theater had a narrow entrance leading east to an open area with the seating and stage running north and south. It was quite a gallant setting.

    Orpheum Theater: 913-915 Washington Avenue.

  • 1908, erected and opened Bijou, a "vaudeville" theater.
  • 1920s, movies were added.
  • Later it was the Bay theater.
  • Today it is the historical State theater.

    Lafayette Theater: 515 Lafayette

  • Many theaters at this time didn't locate downtown but in areas where they would be within walking distance to a large neighborhood population. For Lafayette, it was the south end.

    Wenonah Theater: 806-08 N. Water street

    Victory Theater: 600 E. Midland street

  • 1946, it was the City Theater.

    Woodside Theater: 1704 Woodside

  • This small theater building still stands as an adult entertainment business, Cinema Arts.

    Washington Theater: 620 Washington Ave.

  • 1922, it was the Washington Strand theater.
  • The Woods Opera was the first theater at this location.