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Charles L. Adams (1858-1915)
Born in Ontario, agent for Osborn mowers.

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    History of Bay County, Michigan, 1883


    Charles L. Adams was born in London, Ontario, April 16, 1847. In 1852 he came to Michigan, and settled in Detroit, where he remained for seven years. He then accompanied his parents to Fenton, Genessee Co., where he clerked in a hardware store. He went to East Tawas later, and worked in a machine shop. In 1876 he came to Bay City, and was with Forsythe & Pierson for several years, as manager of their agricultural department. In 1880 he assumed the position of state agent of the Osborn mowers, reapers, and self-binders. Mr. Adams is one of the first men who set up a mower and reaper in Bay and Saginaw Counties. He was married in 1869 to Clara Smith, of Fenton, Mich.

    Additional Notes:

      1860 - Census: Town of Fenton, Genesee, Mich.

    • Adams, S. W. - b. 1808, New York
    • Alfrida, wife - b. 1807, New Hampshire
    • Daniel, son - b. 1836, New York
    • Harriet, dau. - b. 1842, New York
    • Truman, son - b. 1844, New York
    • Jane, dau. - b. 1846, New York
    • Charles, son - b. 1848, Canada
    • Leonan, son - b. 1858, Mich.

      1870 - Census: Michigan.

    • Adams, S.W. - b. 1807-08, New York
    • Alfred A., wife - b. 1806-07, New Hampshire
    • Charles L., son - b. 1846-47, Canada
    • Clara P., dau-inlaw. - b. 1850-51, Mich.

      1880 Census: Bay City, Mich.

    • Adams, Charles. - b. 1847 Canada
    • Clara P., wife b. 1871 Mich
    • Rena A., daughter b. 1873 Mich
    • Blanch L., daughter b. 1875 Mich

      1884 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

    • Adams, Charles L trav agt, res e s Grant s of 6th.

      1893 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

    • Adams, Charles L. - clk D C Holcomb, res 901 4th ave.
    • Adams, Miss Rena A. - clk P O, bds 901 4th ave.

      1896 Michigan Marriages: Bay City.

    • Date: April 30, 1896.
    • Groom: C. C. Brooks, b. 1872 West Bay City, Mich., sailor, parents: Geo. H. Brooks & Belle Currier.
    • Bride: Blance Adams, b. 1875 Bay City, Mich., parents: Chas. Adams & Clara Smith.
    • Official: T. M. McLean, pastor.
    • Witnesses: Rena Adams & Mrs. Tyning.

      1898 Michigan Marriages: Pinconning, Bay Co.

    • Date: Feb. 15, 1898.
    • Groom: Arthur G. Oliver, b. 1871 Mich., parents: J. P. Oliver & Mary Haskell.
    • Bride: Rosa A. Adams, b. 1873 Mich., parents: Charles Adams & Clara Smith.

      1900 Census: Bay City, Mich.

    • Adams, Chas. - b. Apr. 1847 Canada, salesman
    • Clara P., wife b. Feb. 1851 Mich.
    • Donald M. R., son b. Oct. 1887 Mich.
    • Brooks, C. C., daughter b. Aug. 1874 Mich.
    • Henrie, Bessie, daughter b. Sep. 1880 Mich.
    • Henrie, Paul T., son-in-law b. Apr. 1879 Mich
    • Smith, L. P., mother-in-law b. Mar. 1829 New York

      1915 - Michigan Deaths: Fenton, Genesee, Mich.

    • Date: Aug. 17, 1915.
    • Death of Chas. L. Adams, b. 1847, Ontario, son of Simon W. Adams and Alfreda Britton.

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    Adams, Blanch (dau)
    Adams, Charles L. (subject)
    Adams, Daniel (bro)
    Adams, Harriet (sis)
    Adams, Jane (sis)
    Adams, Leonan (bro)
    Adams, Rena A. (dau)
    Adams, Simon W. (father)
    Adams, Truman (bro)
    Britton, Afreda (mother)
    Brooks, C.C.
    Brooks, Geo. H.
    Currier, Belle
    Haskell, Mary
    Henrie, Paul T. (son-inlaw)
    McLean, T.M.
    Oliver, Arthur G.
    oliver, J.P.
    Smith, Clara P. (wife)
    Smith, L.P. (m-inlaw)
    Tyning, Mrs.
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    Bay City, MI
    D.C. Holcomb Co.
    London, Ontario
    New Hampshire
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