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Emil Anneke (1823-1888)
Born in Dortmund, Prussia; resident and attorney in Bay City, MI..

1889 Bio. (Added Nov., 2008)

Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society, Vol. XIV, Annual Meeting, 1889.


Hon. Emil Anneke of Bay City was born December 13,1823, in the city of Dortmund, Prussia. At the age of ten years he entered the Gymnasium preparatory school at Dortmund, and passed his examination of maturity nine years later.

He was then admitted to the University of Berlin, where he studied higher mathematics, natural science and law. After completing his studies he traveled for general information through Saxony, Bohemia, Austria, and other parts of the continent.

In 1848 he took part in the revolutionary movement that swept over a large part of Europe, and when those struggles had been subdued, and all efforts for establishment of a German republic unsuccessful, Mr. Anneke, with hundreds of other liberal young men, left his native country and came to the United States. He arrived in the city of New York in 1849. From there he went to Pennsylvania, where he engaged in school teaching, but, disliking this employment, he was offered and accepted a position on the editorial staff of the New York Staats Zietung, which he soon afterwards resigned to engage with a large mercantile house in New York, as corresponding clerk. He remained there until 1855, when he removed to Detroit, Michigan, and assumed the editorial management of a German paper. In the following year he was appointed clerk in the auditor general's office at Lansing. He took with him to this office the same energy and precision that had characterized his life; he suggest many improvements in the conduct of the office, and made his services so valuable as chief clerk as to have them recognized by a nomination by the republican party, for the office of auditor general, to which he was elected by a large majority in 1862. He discharged the duties so faithfully, that he was again tendered the nomination, and re-elected by an increased majority. At the expiration of his term he applied for and was admitted to the bar, and began the practice of law at Grand Rapids; during the summer of that year he was appointed receiver of public moneys in the northern district district of Michigan. He resigned this position and removed to East Saginaw, where he resided until 1874, when he came with his family to Bay City, where he resided until his death, which occurred at his residence on the corner of Tenth and Grant streets, Oct. 27, 1888.

During his residence in East Saginaw and Bay City he was engaged in the practice of law and the real estate business.

Mr. Anneke's nature was domestic and retiring, and his happiest moments were passed in the privacy of his home, to which he was greatly attached. His honor and integrity were unimpeachable; and he looked for the same virtues in others that were so strongly manifest in his own nature. He was a genial companion, a gentleman of the old school, generous in scanning the faults of others, and every ready to lend a helping hand to his less fortunate friend.

In business matters he was strict, but never exacting; economical, but generous when the cause was worthy; he attached people to himself by his unostentatious manner and his uniform politeness. His sufferings during his last illness were lightened by the administrations of his surviving children, who anticipated every want and desire, and made, so far as love could suggest, his last hour peaceful and contented.

In politics Mr. Anneke was a staunch republican. His children who survive him are Mrs. Chas. F. Kusterer and Mrs. Emma L. Sullivan, of Grand Rapids, and Edward E. Anneke, a prominent lawyer of Bay City.

Additional Notes:

  • Emil's parents were Edward and Blanch Anneke. [Birth certificate]
  • Emil was married to Louisa Graveling. [Marriage License of son, Edward.]
  • Emil's wife died before him. [Death certificate]
  • Emil's son, Edward E. married Blanch Mixin on 22 Jul. 1891, at Bay City. [Marriage License]
  • Edward E and Blanch had daughter named Helen [1920 Census]
  • Emil's daughter, Emma (b.1853) married Frederick Loettgart on 30 Sep. 1891, in Grand Rapids. [Marriage License]
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