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John Herbert Avery (1855-1927)
Born in Bradley, MI, in lumbering business in Bay City.
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  • The Averell-Averill-Avery Family:
    A Record of the Descendents of William and Abigail Averel
    of Ipswich, Mass., Vol. 2


    Son of Newell Avery and Fannie Elida Tarbell.

    John H. Avery was born July 29, 1855, at Bradley, Me., where the family had returned for a visit, was educated at the Detroit public schools and at the University of Michigan, from which he graduated in the Pharmacy Dept. in 1877. He continued his studies in chemistry at the Mass. Institute of Technology until forced from ill health to retire. He then followed in the foot-steps of his ancestors, obtaining his training in the lumber business in the firm of Eddy, Avery and Eddy at Bay City, Mich. While in business there he was married by Rev. Moses Freeland on January 8, 1880, at Detroit, to Ella Smith, daughter of William L. Smith, esq, a prominent business man of Detroit and Flint, and Anna Olcott, his wife. The marriage took place at the residence of Mr. Smith. Mrs. Avery was educated at Flint and at Wellesley College, Mass. She is a woman of keen intellect and great energy , and is considered very handsome and attractive. She is very devoted to her family and friends, and is a Colonial Dame and Daughter of the American Revolution. At present she is deeply interested in agriculture, have a fine farm at Oxford, Oakland Co., Mich.

    Mr. Avery has been one of the managers of his father's estate, director and officer of the Belle Isle and Windsor Ferry Co., of the Forest Lawn Association, and man other business firms, and an officer of many ogranizations. He is a Republican in politics, a Son of the American Revolution, a member of the Sons of Colonial Wars, and of the Yondatega, Detroit and Grosse Point Country Clubs.

    Additional Notes:

    History of Bay County, Michigan 1883
    John H. Avery is a son of the late Newell Avery, a prominent lumberman who died in 1877. Since his death the heirs have been represented by John H. Avery, who now resides at Bay City and gives his personal attention to the business. He is also partner in he hardware firm of Gedney & Avery.

    1870 - Census: Michigan. Assume Detroit, Wayne Co.
    Avery, Newell - b. 1817-18, Maine
    Nancy, wife - b. 1822-23, Maine
    Clara, dau - b. 1849-50, Maine
    Nanny, dau - b. 1851-52, Maine
    George, son - b. 1853-54, Mich.
    John, son - b. 1854-55, Maine
    Horace, son - b. 1857-58, Mich.
    Nellie, dau - b. 1859-60, Mich.
    Harry, son - b. 1868-68, Mich

    1880 - Cesus: Bay City, Bay, Mich.
    Avery, John H.- b. 1855, Maine.
    Ella S., wife - b. 1859, Conn.

    1895 - Michigan Births: Detroit, Wayne, Mich.
    Clara E. Avery was born on Aug. 16, 1895, daugher of John H. and Ella Avery.

    1920 - Census: Detroit, Mich.
    Avery, John H. - Age 66, b. Mich.
    Nette, wife b. Mich.
    Sitington, Lottie, niece age 17, b. Mich.
    Parker, Mae S., cousin- age 48, b. Mich.
    Schmitt, Chas age 44, b.Indiana
    Note: Six lodgers at this residence.

    1927 Billion Grave Index: Wayne, Wayne Co., Mich.
    John Avery born 1855 was buried in Tyler Cemetery in 1927.

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    Smith, Ella (wife)
    Smith Wm. L. (f-inlaw)
    Olcott, Anna (m-inlaw)
    Parker, Mae S. (cousin)
    Schmitt, Chas.
    Sitington, Lottie (niece)
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    Bay City, MI
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    Eddy Avery & Eddy
    Flint, MI
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    Gross Point, MI
    Mass. Inst. of Tech.
    Oakland Co., MI
    Oxford, MI
    Univ. of MI
    Wayne Co., MI
    Wellsley College
    Windsor Ferry Co.
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