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Captain John Ballor (1868-1900)
Worked on tug Andrew A. McLean and lived in West Bay City.

Newspaper article. - Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx, Feb., 2007.

Saginaw Evening News – May 7, 1900 (Page 4)


Capt. John Ballor Missing From His Vessel – No Trace of Him.

Very serious fears are entertained for Capt. John Ballor, the man who disappeared from his boat, the tug Andrew A. McLean, last Monday night. He gave it as his intention at the time to his family, who live in West Bay City, but the family have notified Capt. McLean that he had not put in an appearance there. There is no clue to his where abouts and as there is some money coming to him at the office for which he would naturally send if he were alive, it is greatly feared that he met his death in some unknown way.

He was seen on the street in Saginaw at 2 o’clock Tuesday morning and was intoxicated, and the tug men say that he wanted to board the tug late in the evening. It is thought that he has fallen into the river and the men are out looking for evidence of this today, and though none has yet been found, it is thought almost certain that this is the case. He is a man about 35 years of age and has a wife and four children. He had worked for Capt. McLean at various times for several years.

Newspaper article. - Contributed by Jim Petrimoulx, Feb., 2007.

Saginaw Evening News – May 8, 1900 (Page 4)


He leaves a Wife and Three Children – His Home Was in West Bay City.

The men who had been carrying on the search for the body of Captain Ballor of the tug Andrew A. McLean, who disappeared last Monday night, and was supposed to have been lost in the river, found the body of the unfortunate man at last yesterday morning at 11 o’clock. The grappling irons had been used since Saturday noon under and about the Genesee avenue bridge where it was supposed the man had fallen into the water, and the body was found lying at the foot of the spiles just south of the bridge, at a distance of about fifty feet from the draw. The tug men were the ones to find the body and Chief Kain, Detective Owens, and Officer Brown were present when the body was drawn out. Coroner Steward was called at once and he impanelled a jury. The remains were taken to Coleman undertaking rooms, and the friends were notified. There was no evidence upon the body of any violence whatever, and there is no thought of foul play. It is thought that Ballor fell into the water while intoxicated and was unable to save hemself or to make himself heard. The jury met yesterday afternoon and went over all the evidence in the case , and brought in a verdict of accidental drowning.

Ballor was 32 years of age, and he leaves a wife and three small children, the oldest seven years of age, in his home in Bay City. He also leaves five brothers, and three sisters, all of Bay City, Captain James Ballor with George and Stephen Ballor, brothers of the deceased, were in the city today to arrange for the funeral. The remains will be taken to the home in West Bay City tonight where the funeral will be held Tuesday.

Additional Notes.

    1870 - Census: Bay City, Bay, Michigan.

  • Ballor, James - b. 1820 Mich.
  • Elizabeth, b. 1830 Mich.
  • Louisa, b. 1850 Mich.
  • Frank, b. 1852 Mich.
  • Mary, b. 1854 Mich
  • Stephen, 1856 Mich.
  • Ellen, 1860 Mich.
  • Benjamin, b. 1862 Mich.
  • George, b. 1865 Mich.
  • John, son - b. 1867 Mich.
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