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Joe H. Barker (1882)
Boarder at the Campbell House in Bay City, MI.
  • Transcribed (October 2005)
  • The Evening Press - Monday, March 20, 1882 - Bay City and West Bay City, MI.


    Some of the Boys did it on Saturday Evening at the Campbell House.

    For ten years, with an intermission of only six months, J. H. Barker, foreman of Pitts & Cranage’s mill, has been a boarder at the Campbell house. Joe is one of those jolly, happy old chaps who makes hosts of friends and keeps them; one on whom years rest lightly and make him in spirits and love of fun just as young as he used to be. He is 17 years older than his appearance and feelings would indicate, yet, young enough to be one of the boys; and being one them and with them, ten took occasion on Saturday evening to show their feelings toward him by presenting him with a handsome pair of gold-rimmed eye glasses having a gold chain attached.

    The ten dropped into his room at the Campbell house, and took him entirely by surprise. City Attorney Simonson, in a very felicitous little speech, in which he neatly touched the old gent on his “impediment,” presented the glasses. The surprise moved Joe clear off his base, and he scarcely got back to it again during the whole evening, and all he could do was to express his thanks and appreciation of their token of friendship.

    The boys were those who had been his table mates for a long time, and as he was about to leave them, going to Carrier’s mill as foreman, and consequently having to change his boarding place, they took this occasion and way to give him a farewell benefit. After the presentation refreshments were served, and a jolly good time had until about 11:30 o’clock.

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