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Mary E. Barnes (1860-?)
Born in Springield, Mass., teacher in Bay City school system.

Biography. Added Oct., 2010.

Educators of Michigan: Biographical, 1900


May E. Barnes, commenced teaching in 1885, in the public schools of Alpena, Michigan, where she was engaged for three years. In 1890 she was elected to a position in the Bay City High School, where she has since taught history, and her work has been rewarded with encouraging success from the start.

Miss Barnes is a native of Springfield, Massachusetts. Her preliminary education was gained in Pontiac, Michigan, from the high school of which city she was graduated, and in 1881 she matriculated at the University of Michigan, completing her course in 1885, when she received the degree of B. L. Since her graduation Miss Barnes has followed the teacher's profession, for which she is admirably fitted.

  • Note: Referenced Bay City High School is Eastern High School that was located on west side of Madison Ave., between Columbus Ave. and 11th street. It closed when a new high school building on south side of Columbus Ave., just west of Johnson street, was built in 1926 establishing Central High School.

    Additional Notes.

      1890 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

    • May E. Barnes, teacher public schools, English and drawing.

      1891 Directory: Bay City, Mich.

    • Barnes, May E. - teacher, bds 1101 9th.

      1900 Census: Bay City, Mich.
      Address: 517 Washington ave.

    • Bradley, Nathan B. - head, b. May 1831, Mass.
    • Caroline, wife - b. Oct. 1836, Mich.
    • Barnes, May - boarder, b. Jan 1860, Mass., teacher

      1901 Michigan School Moderator, Vol. 22.

    • Michigan Schoolmasters' Club. - Travel in Greece as a Preparation for Teaching Greek History, Miss May E. Barnes, Bay City High School.

      1913 Michigan Marriages:
      Date: Jun. 9, 1913.

    • Groom: Lemen H. Hudson, of Port Huron b. 1852 Mich., son of J. J. Hudson and Amandy Green. Bride: May E. Barnes, of Rochester b. 1858 Mass., daughter of Wm. H. Barnes and Jennie Punnelly. Official: A. G. Gates, minister. Witnesses: Edith Barnes and Clayton Barnes.
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    Bradley, Nathan B.
    Gates, A.G.
    Green, Amandy
    Hudson, J.J.
    Hudson, Lemen H. (husband)
    Punnelly, Jennie (mother)
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    Bay City, MI
    Bay Co., MI
    Central High School
    Eastern High School
    Mich. School Masters Club
    Pontiac, MI
    Port Huron, MI
    Rochester, MI
    Springfield, MA
    Univ. of Michigan
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