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Capt. William Hawley Barse (1814-?)
Born in Montgomery Co., N.Y. Settled in Bay City in 1867.

1883 biography. (Added May, 2010)

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


Capt. William H. Barse was born in the town of Mayfield, Montgomery Co., N. Y., May 19, 1814. He came to Detroit, October 13, 1832, and found it the muddiest place in existence, and having about 3,400 inhabitants. Capt Barse engaged in sailing from 1833 to 1852, and in 1836, in the latter part of November, entered the mouth of Saginaw River, and came to anchor. The next morning ice had formed around the vessel, so he remained on board about one week, until the ice was strong enough to walk on with safety, when he left the vessel one morning for Saginaw City, where the cargo was consigned to Harvey Williams. Capt. Barse says: -- “In passing from the vessel up the river, we found, where the Third Street bridge is now located, Indian Farmer Trombley and Indian Blacksmith Cushaway, and at Portsmouth, or what is now called South Bay City, one or two small frame dwelling, and at Crow Island we found another dwelling, where we took our supper of bread and milk, for which I paid forty-four cents for three suppers, that being the last cent I had or I would have given the poor woman more. We arrived at Saginaw City at 9 o'clock, P.M., where I drew what money I thought would pay my expense to Detroit, and the following morning started on foot for that city. We stopped at the Cass the first night, and at Flint the next, with a Mr. Beach, who offered to take us to Pontiac for $5. I found that by going without our supper the next night we could indulge in a ride, and so engaged him. We arrived at Pontiac the third day about dark, and as we had a good rest, I told the man we would walk on to Birmingham that night. We arrived there about 9 o'clock P. M., and went to bed without suppers arose early next morning, and walked on about five miles, which gave us a good appetite for breakfast. About noon we took a cold lunch for diner, again paying out “the last cent.” we arrived in Detroit about 8 o'clock in the afternoon, foot sore and completely used up. I think the last mile I walked on my heels, my feet were blistered so badly.”

Capt. Barse quit sailing in 1853, and was elected city marshal of Detroit that Spring, and at the expiration of his term of office, engaged in insurance and collection business. In 1867 he came to Bay City, and engaged in the same business, adding vessel brokerage to it. In 1869 he took the agency of the Anchor Line, retaining that agency for ten years when the line withdrew its agency from this city. He is now engaged in the grocery business at 163 Washington Street, between Sixth and Seventh Streets.

Additional Notes.

    1868 - Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Barse, W.H. (Barse & Willson), Insuarnce and Vessel agent, Union block, bds Fraser house.
  • Barse, Mills W. (Barse & Morris), bds Fraser House.
  • Barse, Henry S. (Barse & Morris), h Center, cor Van Buren
  • Willson, Geo. H. (Barse &^ Willson) h 616 S. Adams.

    1869 – Michigan Marriages: Bay City.

  • Date: Oct., 20, 1869.
  • Groom: William H. Barse, b. 1814 Mayfield, N.Y.
  • Bride: Amelia Watkins Schultz, b. 1844, Germany.

    1870 Census – Bay City, Mich.

  • Barse, William, age 55, New York, vessel agent
  • Minnnie, age 25, keeping house
  • Charlotte, age 5 , Mich.

    1873 - Bradstreet Reports of the State of Michigan.

  • Bay City: Barse, W.H. Com'n Ves'ls & Trans.

    1878 - Brown's Directory: Bay city, Mich.

  • Barse's Anchor Line office was located in the Union Block, on Water St., and his residence was on the w.s. of Washington, between 6th and 7th streets.

    1879 - Michigan Births – Detroit, Mich.

  • Barse, Atna, b. 20 Feb. 1879, parents: William H and Mary A. Barse.

    1880 Census – Vassar, Tuscola Co., Mich.

  • Barse, William H., born 1814, New York
  • Minnie, wife, born in Germany.
  • Lottie E., daughter,
  • Frederick W, son

    1880 - James H. McGill's Architectural Advertiser.

  • Vassar, Mich. -- W. H. BARSE & SON, Hardware, Paints, Oils, etc., Main St., next P. O.

    1891 - The American Tyler-Keyston: Devoted to Freemasonry.

  • William H. Barse is list among early members of Mason Blanchard Lodge, No. 59, R. A. M., in Bay City.

    1927 - Lineage Book, Daughters of American Revolution.

  • Louise M., born May 23, 1847, married James Addison Button on Dec. 27, 1867, at Chicago, Ill. Louise died Oct. 10, 1927. Parents: Wm. H. Barse (1814-1886) and Maria Louisa Nichols (1815-1896).
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Beach, Mr.
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Trombley, Leon
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