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Bay City Boats Manufacturing Company.
Bay City Boats took over the knock-down boats produced by Defoe Shipbuild.

Motor Boating Feb. 1932

Knock Down Boats

The Bay City Boats took over the knock-down boat business which was originated some 17 years ago by the Defoe Boat & Motor Works, and conducted on a very large and successful scale by them until shortly after the war when it was crouded out by their rapidly increasing business in the larger still shipyard work. Certain of the Defoe personnel are still intersted in the Bay City Boats organization.

The Bay City Boats have not only continued construction of the larger number of designs taken over by them from the Defoe Company, but have brought these designs up-to-date in every way, and have added many new designs for which a demand has been indicated, until there is now available a total of some sixty or more boats ranging from a 9-foot dinghy to a 100-foot cruiser or work boat, including fast and family inboard run-abouts, sail boats from 14 to 75 feet, and crusiers from 22-1/2 to 100 feet, as well was a complete line of commercial, fish , and work boats.

The Bay City Boats make a specialty of the complete knock-down frame, which is a completely set up and manufactured frame.

Located as they are at Bay City, Michigan, they have access to the finest of oak and other materials as well as a host of experienced labor which together with certain other material advantages enjoyed by them, enables them to pass on to their builders, exceptional values.

The Bay City Boats number among their clientele builders from all walks of life; from the working man who by the economy of this knock-down method is enabled to build for himself an up-to-date curiser, or workboat at a very small cost, to the weathy man who loves to build his own boats, or superintend their completion by a handy man or mechanic. These knock-down frames are shipped to all countries in the world and are in use on all oceans. Inasmuch as the frames come to the builder with all the technical and difficult ship-builders' work completed and experience boat builder is not require to complete the boat.

Motor/Boating Jan 1954.

Bay City Boats

Bay City Boats, Inc., 304 State Street, Bay City, Michigan, produces 18 models to comprise the 1954 Bay Craft fleet. Headlining Bay City Boats' 49th year of prefabricated marine construction of the new Bay Craft Mariner. A 28-foot by 9 fott 4 inch by 2 foot 4 inch cruiser. Mariner is available in sedan or express layouts with single or twin engines producing speed from 14 to 23 m.p.h.

Like all Bay Craft, Mariner is available only the Bay City system of prefabrication. The entire framework of the boat is wholly completed -- erected, assembled, fastened and faired -- ready for the planking, before is cut to shape, cabin sides from the forward end of the cabin to the after end of the cockpit coaming are completely clued up and ready to fasten to the boat in one piece. Shipbuilding and cabinet making jobs, such as gluing, rabbeting, millword, etc., are completed in the factory. All parts, both interior and exterior, are available. All items of the fittings and equipment, engines, hardware, etc., are specified for each model and are available through Bay City Boats, Inc.

In the 1954 Bay Craft fleet are 18 models of motor and sail boats beginning with a 17-foot runabout through a 54-foot motor sailer. Included are the model 1620 Express Cruiser for outboard and inboard power, express, heavy-duty, and luxury cruisers from 26 to 47 feet L.O.A. Auxiliaries include Herreshoff's H-28 and a 45-foot Hand-designed schooner. Work boats, express commuters, sport fisherman and utilities are shown. Custom and special purpose boats to 90-feet L.O.A. are also built by the Bay City firm. Complete information is available from Bay City Boats, Inc., Div. 1000, 304 State Street, Bay City, Mich.

Motor Boating Jan 1963

Bay City Boats

Bay City Boats, Inc. enter their 57th year of building pre-fabricated wooden boats. Their frame, of top quality white oak, are completely pre-erected, bevelled and fastened on factory jigs. The frames can be dismantled and crated, taking on a trailer full set, if distance and size of the boat are not deterrents to the customer. They back up their framing service with complete availability of all items required to finish their boats such as pre-cut planking, cablin structures, cabin interiors, marine hare-ware, motors, sails, paint, bolts, screws and compounds.

The standard line includes motor boats from 17' to 34' in length in a variety of modern styling and flexible interiors and accommodations. Several of these boats will take the new inboard-out=board types of porpulsion, as well as the standard inboard setup.

The also offer a 22' sailing sloop with either solid deep keel or center-board (optional). They have done a lot of enginerring work in developing new features in this boat. These include private head location, roomy four-berth interior, and new tabernacle (mast hinge) which permits east raising and lower of the mast.

The welcome inquiries on boats in the 35' to 50' range.

For a brochure describing their system and models, send $.50 cents to Bay City Boats, Inc., Division 1012-E, 1833 First St., Bay City, Mich.

Additional Notes:

    Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1907 - 1908.
    BAY CITY BOAT MNFG CO, L J. Weatherwax, Pres; C. F. Cobb, Vice-pres; C. L. Fox, Secretary; F. E. Shearer, Tres; Lon Arnold, Designer and Supt..Mnfrs of Pleasure Boats, Frames, Patterns, Engines, Marine Hardware, Sails and Awnings - 1113-1115 Washington Av.

    Pioneer Boat and Pattern Co, W. N. McLennan, pres; James McLennan, sec. - ws N. Birney bet 10th and 11th.)

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