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Bay City Board of Commerce. (aka. Board of Trade)

History - Added April, 2010.

History of Bay County, Michigan - Gansser, 1905.


Bay City had a Board of Commerce as far back as 1865, but periodically these worthy institutions come and go, lost usually for the lack of support by the business men and community at large. In 1905 the Board of Trade is a real, live affair, with Walter D. Young, president, and L. M. Persons, secretary. A strong executive committee composed of our most public spirited and enterprising young business men augurs well for effective work for the welfare of Greater Bay City. A wealth of opportunities cluster about our river highway of trade and commerce. It only remains for our progressive citizens to attract the outside world's attention to our many advantages. There is a wide field for action for our Board of Trade.

1884 Chamber officials. - Added April, 2010.

Annaul Review Progress, Business Resources, Manufacturers and Commerce, 1884.

Bay City



THOS. CRANAGE , Jr., President.
ARCHIBALD McDONELL, First Vice-President.
JOHN L. DOLSEN, Second Vice-President.
L. S. COMAN, Treasurer.
W. M. KELLEY, Secretary.


L. L. Hotchkiss -- Jno. N. McDonald -- Jno. F. Eddy
Chas. Supe -- D. D. Smalley -- Jas. B. Shearer
John Rose -- Alvin Maltby -- C. L. Collins -- Geo. Lewis

1907: Clean Bay City. - Added April, 2010.

Municipal Journal & Public Works, Vol. 23,

Bay City, Mich. -- The Board of Trade proposes to use every effort to have the city kept clean all the time, special attention to be given to the dusty streets and the smoking chimneys. Every possible means will be tried to secure the desired end, and Council will be asked to use plenty of water. The question of the abatement of the smoke nuisance will be taken up before next summer, as the trouble is greater during the winter than at any other time owing to the fact that durng the summer months the downtown blocks use no heat; the Board will advocate among business men and in the Council effective means of getting rid of the evil.

1909 new ice plant. - Added April, 2010.

Refrigerating World, Vol. 38, 1909


Bay City. -- A new $75,000 ice plant will probably be in operation by April 1, 1910. Business men of the city have been interested in the plan by the Board of Trade. Distilled and aerated water taken from the Saginaw River will be used in the plant. S. D. Hawthorne, representing those backing the plant is now investigating other ice plants in the State.

Remarks about Bay City's progress. - Added Mar., 2010.

Michigan Roads and Construction, Vols. 12-13 (1915)


In a recent address J. C. McCabe, secretary of the Board of Commerce of Bay City, said:

"In the last two years Bay City has done about as well as any city in Michigan. Bay City is not a boom town. We are glad she is not. I have seen boom towns, and they are not always the best thing. The list of Bay City's products is not equalled by any other city in the state when the diversity of her manufacturing industries is considerd. In 1915 the postoffice receipts here amounted to $208,255.7, an increase of $65,908.12 over 1914. In 1912 the postoffice receipts wer $104,347.67, or one-half those of 1915. In the past three years the receipts doubled. The receipts for the first quarter this year were $64,303.29"

Mr. McCabe cited the deposits in the Bay City banks at the close of businenss last year to show that Bay City is experiencing a properous financial growth.

Otto E. Sovereign, president of the Board of Commerce, said that the people of Bay City have been in the habit of thinking that Bay City is standing still, but instead Bay City has been going forward without their knowledge. From Park avenue to the river and from Woodside to Columbus avenue a careful survey made today shows that there are only 193 lots unoccupied. In fact the housing situation in Bay City is becoming serious. Nearly all the houses in the city are filled and those that are vacant are mostly old and lack modern facilities. He believes Bay City is the solidest industrially and financially of any other city in the country.

While Bay City has experience some hard knocks, the speaker maintaining that the city has no gone back but has been steadily going forward, and that during the past two years has made a record for commercial growth that no city in the country can equal.

1917 Article on new slogan. - Added April, 2010.

The American City, Vol. XVI, Jan.-Jun., 1917

Bay City's Slogan Illustrated.

Bay City, Mich. -- The slogan of the Bay City Board of Commerce is “Cooperation.” A design to illustrate the slogan was desired, and several months ago one of the directors of the Board offered a prize of $10 for the best illustration which should be submitted. Fifteen designs were offered, the work, for the most part, of local artists, but the one submitted by Arthur Weindorf, of Long Island City, N. Y., and reproduced herewith, was considered superior to any of the others and Mr. Weindorf was given the prize. The contest closed in December.

In the illustration an angel is seen driving his chariot in an imaginary race. This is taken to represent Bay City in the race among cities, and the artist has shown that there must be cooperation on the part of the labor interests, the agricultural interests and the capitalists if satisfactory progress is desired.

J.C. McCabe,
Bay City Board of Commerce.

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Dolsen, John L.
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Hawthorne, S.D.
Hotchkiss, L.L.
Kelley, W.M.
* Lewis, George
Maltby, Alvin
* McCabe, J.C.
McDonald, Jonathan N.
McDowell, Archibald
Persons, L.M.
Rose, John
* Shearer, Jas. B.
Smalley, D.D.
Sovereign, Otto E.
Supe, Chas.
Weindorf, Arthur
* Young, Walter D.
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