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Bay City Brewing Co. (aka: Van Meter & Co.)
Location: s.e. corner of 22nd and Water streets.

History of Bay County, Michigan – Gansser 1905

Page 634 (bio Moritz)

The Bay City Brewing Company is one of the old business concerns of this place, the present name having been adopted in 1884. It was established originally by Van Meter & Company, who came to Bay City from Albany, New York. The product they manufactured was known as “Present Use” ale. About 1873 Charles E. Young interested himself with them and the business was carried on, first under his name, and later, as Charles E. Young & Company. At this period the brewery began the manufacture of lager beer in a small way, and the business was conducted on these lines until 1884, when it was reorganized and incorporated under the present firm style of Bay City Brewing Company. The officers at organization were: Charles E. Young, president; John B. Moritz, vice-president; Walter Young, secretary and president; and Louis Moritz, superintendent. Both Mr. Young and Louis Moritz died in 1902. The present officers of the company are: W. D. Young, president; W. A. Young, vice-president; and John B. Moritz, secretary, treasurer and general manager.

In 1902 a brick brew house was erected, four stories high, 170 by 55 feet in ground dimensions, but by 1905 the growth of the business had been such as to necessitate the building of a bottle house 108 by 86 feet, two stories high, which is also constructed of brick. The company employs about 25 experienced men, and the product is sold mainly through Michigan.

History of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan - 1892

Page 557.

The Bay City Brewing Company aims especially to supply the domestic trade, and their large establishment gives employment to about twenty-five men. They have recently fitted up a new department, the bottling works, and will bottle a prime quality of export beer designed chiefly for family use. The ice houses in connection with the brewery have a capacity of four thousand and eight hundred and seventy-five tons. The engine-room is fitted with a twenty-five horse-power engine which furnishes power for the whole concern. Its chief use is to pump brine through the endless system of pipes that are used to tone down the temperature of the storing, fermenting and other departments. A view of the Bay City Brewery is present on another page.

The History of Michigan, Charles Moore, 1915


1108 S. Water Street, Bay City, MI

Page 728. (bio. Walter D. Young.)

In 1884 he engaged in the brewing business, under the firm style of C. E. Young & Company, which succeeded the firm of Van Meter & Company. In 1884, the style was changed to the Bay City Brewing Company, and Mr. Young has continued as president of this concern, although his other large interests have made this somewhat of a side issue.

Stone; An Illustrated Magazine -1897

Page 630.

Bay City, Mich. -- The Bay City Brewing Company will soon commence the erection of a mammoth brewery to take the place of their present brewery plant, which has grown too small. The new building will cost in the neighborhood of $50,000.

Official Year Book by Michigan Federation of Labor – 1906/07

Bay City Brewing Co.

The firms and concerns which refuse to handle anything but the best in their lines are the ones who are deserving of success, and in this respect there is no firm or individual who merits the encouragement and approbation of the entire public the Bay City Brewing Co., Twenty-second and Water streets. This is a reliable concern which treats fairly and with courtesy all its customers. Working people especially are advised to give this company their patronage.

When you place an order with the above mentioned company you will always receive well-brewed, clean, pure beer.

This concern has a widespread trade all over the state, and its supply of beer is unlimited. It is a pleasure to list in our Year Book.

Ice and Refrigeration, by Southern Ice Exchange - 1911

Page. 198.

The Bay City Brewing Co., Bay City, Mich. Is having plans prepared for a new wash house and racking room, etc., to be erected shortly. A building 28 x 150 feet in are will be erected. A bonded storage cellar and government pipe line is now being installed by the Hutteman & Cramer Co., Detroit, Mich.

Additional Notes.

    1875 – Michigan State Gazetteer & Business Directory.
    Van Meter & Co., brewers, cor Water and 22d, Bay City

    1877 – History of Sagianaw & Bay Counties, Michigan (1892)
    W. D. Young, who has accumulated a sizable wealth in banking, decided to get into brewery business. The brewery was call C. E. Young & Co., which bought out the Van Meter & Co., which in 1881 was incorporated under the name of the Bay City Brewing Company. At the time the brewery was enlarge to encompass an entire block, making it the largest brewery in the Saginaw Valley.

    1878 – Brown's Annual Directory of the Saginaw Valley.
    Van Meter, Archibald (A. Van Meter & Co.), res s e cor 24th. 4.

  • Van Meter A & Co. (Archiblad Van Meter, James Wademan, George W. Kellum), brewers, e s Water, cor 22d.

    1882 - History of Bay County, Mich. - Gansser 1905.
    Julius Kaiser went to work for the Bay City Brewing company as foreman, and later left the company to join it's competitor, the Phoenix Brewing Company.

    1883 – Bay City Directory (employees of Bay City Brewery).
    Baubien, Edmond – beer peddler, res w s Wilson 2 s of 23d.
    Kaiser, Joseph P – foreman, res 514 Marsac.
    Kaiser, Julius – laborer, bds Joseph Kaiser.
    Kronke, Anton – peddler, bds e s McCormick nr 23d.
    Martin, John – laborer, bds Mrs. M. E. Till.
    Ottwein, Henry - laborer.
    Reinkey, George – beer peddler, bds John Sirmeyer.
    Riihle, Gottleib – laborer.
    Sermeyer, John – brewer.
    Thoborg, Charles – laborer, res cor 24th and Water.
    Weber, Lawrence – bookkeeper, res 608 Saginaw.
    Young, Charles – propr, bds cor 23d and Water.
    Young, Walter D – propr, res 711 Van Buren.

    1890 – Bay City Directory:
    Bay City Brewing Co., C E Young, Pres., W. D. Young, Vice Pres; J B Moritz, Sec and Treas; Louis Moritz, Supt; Brewers and Bottlers cor 22d and Water.
    Bloeden, Edward, bkkpr Bay City Brewing Co., res Saginaw, Mich.

    1901 - American Anthropologist, article by Harlan I. Smith:
    “In excavating the cellar of the Bay City brewery, we found at the depth of four feet the remains of Indians in a good state of perservation, with high cheek bones and receding forehead, while, below these again, at the dept of four or five feet, the remains of a more ancient race, of an entirely different formation of skull, and with those burned stone implements and pottery were found.

    1906 – The Refrigerating World:
    “Bay City. -- The Bay City Brewery Company will make extensive improvements, which will include a complete ice making and refrigerating plant.”

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