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Bay City Council Meeting - June 12, 1907
Subjects: Washington Park, Wenona hotel, bill boards & sidewalks
  • Transcribed April 2007.
  • The Bay City Tribune - Tuesday, June 13, 1907.

    Lafayette Avenue People Protest.
    Against Billboard -- Inspectors Must Explain

    Alderman Tierney and Goddeyne are after Washington park. They want the city to either give some attention to it or sell it back to the heirs of the people who donated it to the city for park purposes. In its present condition they say, it doesn’t amount to a row of pins, and is used largely by horse owners for grazing purposes. In order to put it up squarely to the council they last night introduced a resolution providing for the sale to the Fitzhugh heirs for the cost of the payments and sidewalks and the taxes for ten years.

    Mayor Hine’s position was made know in a moment. “We want the park if it’s of no particular benefit just now it will be later on,” he said.

    Alderman Goddeyne said the park was no good to anyone now and wouldn’t be if it was not cared for.

    The council has finally decided to change the location of water piper on the Wenona hotel property if Wenonah company will stand one-half the expense and the Ninth ward one half. The costs will be about $700.

    The council also fixed the charge for fire hydrants at $25 per annum, the charge to be made by the water department against the city in order to give the water works credit for its work. The Old Ladies home, Children’s home and Mercy hospital continue to receive free water.

    E. C. Osborn and 15 other residents near Lafayette avenue and Stanton street, protested against a big bill board on the former street, claiming it to be a nuisance. Some question as to the city’s authority arose and Superintendent Murphy explained that the board was a short distance over the property line and on the sidewalk ground. W. J. Daunt who is interested in the bill board, yesterday afternoon assured the police he would move it back if it encroached on the street, but the petitioners want it removed altogether. The city attorney will look up the city’s power in the matter. Alderman Scott declared the city should have an ordinance providing that no bill boards be erected near the sidewalk lines. He claimed that rain brought down the slimy past from the older boards onto the sidewalks.

    The city’s sidewalk inspectors were instructed to attend the next Monday night’s council meeting to explain regarding the non-construction of a number of the city’s walks. Aldermen Scott and Herrendon made the motion, explaining that scarcely a walk had been built in their ward.

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    People Referenced
    Daunt, W. J.
    Fitzhugh (heirs)
    Goddeyne, (alterman)
    Herredon (alterman)
    Hine (mayor)
    Murphy (sup.)
    Osborn, E.C.
    Scott (alterman)
    Tierney, (alterman)
    Subjects Referenced
    Bill boards
    Children's home
    Old Ladie's home
    Mercy hospital
    Washington park
    Water works
    Wenonah Co.
    Wenona Hotel
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