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Bay City Financial Report for 1884.
Details finances and people by department.
  • Added April 2014.
  • Provided are only the highlights from this report. A link at the bottom is provided to the full report which contained detailed revenues sources and expenditures.

    Annual State of the Finances of Bay City, Michigan, 1884


      Thomas A. E. Weadock, Mayor
      Thomas A. Dezell, Recorder
      Charles F. Braman, Comptroller
      Charles Babo, Treasurer


      1st Ward William Kennedy, William J. Daunt.
      2n Ward Richard P. Gustin, John McEwan.
      3d Ward Geroge E. Aiken, John Rose.
      4th Ward Samuel Kaichen, Duncan McKinnon
      5th Ward Hamilton M. Wright, Andrew Cunnings.
      6th Ward William H. Trombley, Henry Selleck.
      7th Ward William A. Beebe, Arthur B. Gould.


      1st Ward Andrew Walton
      2d Ward G. Henry Shearer
      3d Ware Benjamin F. Ray
      4th Ward Wm. Smalley
      5th Ward Chas. E. Young
      6th Ward Duncan McGregor
      7th Ward Geo. C. Meyers

      Andrew Walton, President of Board
      Erastus L. Dunbar, Chief Engineer, Supt. And Sec.


      Dr. William E. Vaughn
      Dr. John W. Caughlin
      Dr. Robert W. Erwin

      Thomas E. Weadock, Mayor, member ex-officio
      Thomas A. Delzell, Recorder, member ex-officio

      W. E. Vaughn, Chairman
      J.W. Caughlin, Secretary


      Chas. M. Averill
      Michael Daily
      Daniel A. Marshall

      Chas. F. Braman, ex-officio
      George Turner, ex-officio

      Chas. M. Averill, Chairman
      Chas. F. Braman, Secretary


      Thomas A. E. Weadock, Mayor, President of Board.
      Thomas A. Delzell, Secretary of Board
      John D. McKinnon
      Archibald McDonell
      Freeman D. Adams
      Richard Scheurmann


      1st Ward Andrew Walton, E. M. Sharp
      2d Ward George H. Shearer, Alfred Jeffery
      3d Ward John N. McDonald, Daniel Shannon
      4th Ward Dr. C. T. Newkirk, Thomas Munn
      5th Ward Frank L. Harrison, Guy E. Thompson
      6th Ward George Lewis, Daniel Campbell
      7th Ward O. A. Watrous, D. J. Kennedy

      George H. Shearer, President of Board
      T. A. Delzell, Secretary of Board.


      Solomon C. Wilson
      Thomas K. Harding
      N. N. Murphy


      Thomas A. E. Weadock, President
      James Shearer
      A. J. Cooke
      Chester L. Collins
      W. Morley
      Archibald McDonell
      Winsor Scofield

      Miss Julia A. Robinson, Librarian


      First ward R. J. Campbell
      Second ward A. C. Maxwell
      Third ward H. A. Gustin
      Fourth ward Richard Kealy
      Fifth ward Augustus Elias
      Sixth ward Israel Ruelle
      Seventh ward Louis Bouchard

      Thos. A. Delzell, ex-officio
      Chas. F. Braman, ex-officio
      John E. Simonson, ex-officio


      First ward Alexander Welch
      Second ward Henry Woods
      Third ward Benson Conklin
      Fourth ward James Robinson
      Fifth ward Albert O. Perrot
      Sixth ward Thomas Reilly
      Seventh ward Sanford B. Pringle


      John E. Simonson, City Attorney
      George Turner, City Surveyor and Engineer
      Thomas K. Harding, Chief Engineer Fire Department
      Samuel D. Hess, Street Commissioner
      Edward Cahill, Assistance Street Commissioner
      Alexander B. Wells, Director of the Poor.
      Matthew Carey, Sealer of Weights and Measures
      Robert Pontine, Wood Inspector


      Fire Department Aldermen Aiken, Daunt, Cunning.
      Ways and Means Aldermen Gustin, Kaichen, Beebe.
      Streets and Sewers Aldermen Daunt, Rose, Gould.
      Water Works Aldermen Trombley, Aiken, McKinnon.
      Parks and Public Buildings Aldermen Kaichen, Wright, Cunning.
      Claims and Accounts Aldermen McKinnon, Selleck, Kennedy.
      Retrenchment Aldermen Beebe, McEwan, Rose.
      Ordinances Aldermen Wright, Selleck, Gustin.
      Street Lighting Alderman McEwan, Kennedy, Gould.


      Paving and Drainage:

      During the past year live cedar block pavements have been laid on Fifth, Grant, Bowery, Monroe and Adams streets, in all 19,110 feet, at a cost of $42,899.84.

      Sewers constructed during the year, 23,494 feet, at a cost of $15,171.15.

      The Carney road ditch has proved a splendid improvement in drainage, and has relieved, to a great extent, the eastern portion of the city.

      Pavements are already ordered on Water and Harrison streets, and the residents on Washington avenue are petitioning for the pavement of that street, full width.

      Large improvements in grading and drainage have been made in the parks during the year. Carroll Park is now a beautiful place to drive. Madison and Washington parks should have suitable fountains and seats places in each this year.

      Police Department:

      The police force consists of a chief, captain and 16 patrolmen, whose annual salaries amount to $13,300. One or two of the patrolmen may be detailed as sanitary policemen, to serve under the direction of the health officer. According to the reports made to the police commissioners, nearly three-fourths of the arrests are for vagrancy and drunkenness. It is strange, in view of these statistics, that there are not more arrests made of parties who cause this amount of drunkenness, when that offense is so much greater under the law than drunkenness. It is partially owing to the fact that the police have not been properly sustained.

      Care should be taken in the approval of liquor bonds and collection taxes.


      The question of vagrancy urgently demands attention. Between the first of November, 1883, and the first of April, 1884, 1,190 person were cared for by the police as vagrants. Man of these were doubtless honest and unable to find employment; the majority were idle and vicious.

      There is only one way to treat and genuine vagrant who would rather beg than work, and that is to compel him to work.


      Receipts and Disbursements of the City Treasurer

      Receipts -
      Cash on hand March 22d, 1884, charged to City Treasurer per Schedule A - $71,517.82
      Cash receipts during the year per Schedule B - 267,588.04
      Total - $339,105.86

      Disbursements -
      Cash disbursed during the year per Schedule C - $315,144.25
      Balance in treasury March 22d, 1884, per Schedule D - $22,961.61

      The actual cash in the City Treasury is $5,000.00 less than the amount shown on had, the difference being the amount of shortage in Ex-City Treasurer Cusson's accounts.



      There are five houses in the city with stables attached, and are all in first-class condition with the exception of the Seventh ward house, which has settled considerably during the past few years, and which will need immediate attention, as the walls are badly cracked and continually leaking. The foundation should be immediately fixed before it is too late.

      Manual Force and Equipment.

      The department has in service four first-class, four-wheeled hose carriages, and one spare hose carriage in the Fifth ward, one first-class fire escape truck, one second-class Silsby engine, and one third-class Clapp & Jones engine, one Chief Engineer, two Assistant Engineers, five Foremen and thirty firemen, make a total of thirty-eight officers and men. The hose carriages and truck are all drawn by teams which are in the best of condition.

      The patent hydrant gates (by which four streams can be taken from one hydrant), the patent shut off nozzles and hose leak stops have proved themselves to be the best investment the city has made in that line during the year, being the direct means of savings a large amount of property.


      There is at present in the department 3,950 feet of good serviceable cotton and rubber hose, and 2,700 feet of hose which is not reliable, make in all a total of 6,650 feet.

      Fire Alarm Telegraph.

      Our fire alarm telegraph system is in perfect condition, and has at all times given the alarms correctly, with but one exception, when it was crossed (on the crossing of Madison street and the D. & B.C. Railroad) by other wires, when all boxes north of No 1 hose house were cut out during the progress of a fire in the First ward, but fortunately the damage done did not exceed $50.00. The different boxes and batteries are in good working order, and there has been put up during the past year three new boxes, one on the corner of Fifteenth and Fitzhugh (No. 26), one on the South Center street crossing of the F. & P. M. Railway (No. 132), and one on the corner of Eighteenth and Farragut (No. 41). There seems to be a considerable demand for new boxes in several parts of the city, one near Eleventh and Sherman, and one on Fourth and Grant streets. The property of the alarm system is:

      Boxes 21 each
      Miles of wire 16
      Poles 314 each
      Strength of battery (jars) 42

      We have receive, through the kindness of Mr. Wm. Greene, manger of the Telephone Exchange, several new fire alarm boxes on trial, and thus far they have worked very nicely. They are far less complicated than whose already in service and less liable to get out of order. The old boxes cost from $125.00 to $150.00 each. Those which we have on trail will cost less than $20.00 each, and if they prove themselves a success eventually, the savings in price will recommend place in service several, which are badly need at the present time.

      Fire Department Telephone System.

      The Fire Department house are now connected by telephone communication on an independent circuit of its own. The advantages of this are: First, in case our fire alarm should get out of order, we can call any or all companies at a minutes notice, should a fire occur. This is one of the most important advantages to be derived from its use. Of course this same effort could be had in some cases if we were not on an independent circuit calling the Telephone Exchange, but, during the past year, we have had occasion to communicate with the Water Works and hose houses at night time and could not get them, it being after the hours during which the Telephone Exchange is kept open; next, while the boxes are being tested (monthly), it is desirous of ascertaining how correct the test alarms are received at the different houses; this could not be done before the new telephone boxes were put in, as No. 2 and No. 3 hose houses were without them and the lineman could not ascertain whether the alarms were received correctly or not. Under the old system, if certain boxes were not correctly received the lineman would be compelled to go, in some cases, from one end of the line to the other to find the seat of trouble in such boxes or the lines leading to them. For all business connected with the department, such as calling for supplies, feed, attending to repairs, etc., they are a valuable acquisition as a matter of economy and convenience.

      Telephone Fire Alarm.

      The telephone fire alarm call will be No. 123. In case there is a fire any place in the city, and the regular fire alarm is out of order, the call 123 will be sent over the telephone wire from the house nearest the fire, to which all drivers must answer at the telephone box and listen for the location. No. 123 will be given as follows: One turn of the crank and pause, followed by two turns and pause, followed by three turns and stop.

      Below are the different Department calls and signals:

      Call to:

      Telephone Exchange turn crank once and stop.

      Superintendent of Water Works turn crank twice, stopping between each turn and no repeat.

      Water Works turn crank three times, stopping between each turn and no repeat.

      Hose Co. No. 1 (headquarters - Neptune) Turn crank twice, stoppign between each turn and repeat.

      Hose Co. No. 2 (Vigilant) Turn the crank three times, stopping between each turn and repeat.

      Hose Co. No. 3 (Rescue) Turn the crank four times, stopping between each turn and repeat.

      Hook and Ladder Truck (Third City) Use the same signals as are used in calling Hose Co. No. 3.

      Hose Co. No. 4 (Nighthawk) Turn the crank five times, stopping between each turn and repeat.

      Instructions to Drivers:

      Each driver in the department pays careful attention to the above signals, and answers none but his own. The line is for the use of the Fire Department only, and no other person will be allowed to use it. All of our drivers pay particular attention to the above rules and see that they are strictly enforced.

      Expenditures for Department.

      Salaries -- $9,145.64
      Feed 860.97
      Harness and repairs 95.50
      Shoeing 120.61
      Fuel 141.61
      Repairs on apparatus 186.96
      Repairs on houses 108.32
      Fire alarm telegraph 130.75
      New sleights, No. 1 Co., Second ward 35.00
      New sleights, No. 3 Co., Fourth ward 34.75
      New hub runner No. 1 Hook and Ladder 39.00
      Miscellaneous expenses 534.36
      Total -- $11,464.48

      There has been during the year, seventy-two box alarms and two still alarms, involving a total loss of $47,408.00. The following schedule will give you a complete detailed list of all fire, location of same, the owner of property, the occupant of same, the business carried on, the time of fire, day of month and the loss:

      Number of Runs Each Company Has Made:

      No. 1 (Neptune), headquarters (Second ward), Washington, bet. Fourth and Fifth 61

      No. 2 (Vigilant; First ward), corner Belinda and Fitzgerald 25

      No. 3. (Rescue; Fourth ward), Water between Tenth and Eleventh 59

      No. 4 (Nighthawk; Seventh ward), corner Thirty-fourth and Taylor 34

      No. 1 Hook and ladder Co. (Fourth ward), Water, between Tenth and Eleventh 72

      List of City Fire Hydrants:

      (skipped 150 listed by location)

      Code of Fire Alarm Signals:

      First alarm given by pulling the box nearest the fire. Second alarm given by pulling same box second time.

      General alarms or calls for all companies will be Six Blows, to be given by an Engineer of the Department or Superintendent of Water Works only.

      Calls for Steamers:

      Four Blows calls for steamers, followed by number of Steamer wanted.

      Signals Regulation Pressure at Water Works:

      Three Blows for more pressure.
      Two Blows (repeated) for moderate pressure.
      Two Blows for domestic pressure.
      All calls for Steamers or Blows for the regulation of Pressure at the Water Works are given only by an Engineer or the Department or Superintendent of Water Works.

      No person is allowed to give an alarm for the same fire (after the first alarm has been given) without an order from an Engineer; and the person so ordered will be sure to go to the box from which the first alarm was given, then report the same to the Chief Engineer.

      Location of Fire Alarm Boxes: (skipped)

      Fire Districts of the City:

      Fire District No. 1
      All that part of the city north of Center street and from river front to east city limits. Boxes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 14, 15. No. 1 Hose Company (Neptune_ and No. 2 Hose Co. (Vigilant) responds on first alarm.

      Fire District No. 2
      All that part of the city lying between District No. 1 and 17th street and from river font to east city limits. Boxes 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 23, 24, 26, 41. No. 1 House Company (Neptune) and No. 3 Hose Company (Rescue) responds on first alarm.

      Fire District No. 3
      All that part of the city from 17th street to south limits of the city and from river front to east city limits. Boxes 23, 24, 25, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 132. No. 3 Hose Company (Rescue) and No. 4 Hose Company (Nighthawk) responds on first alarm.

      Names of Members and Annual Return of Property.

      Name, age, residence, rank.

      Hose Company No. 1 -- Neptune (Headquarters)

      Luther W. Tobias, 28, cor. Center and Saginaw, Foreman
      Cyrus McGregor, 34, Fire Department headquarters, Driver.
      Geo. Thompson, 36, Washington St., bet. 1st and Woodside, Pipeman
      Henry Stork, 38, Jefferson St., bet. 7th and 8th, Pipeman
      Peter Wackerly, 33, Center St., bet. Water and Saginaw, Pipeman
      Thomas Ora, 27, Water St., corner of 5th, Pipeman
      Ernest Burland, 21, Center St., bet. Saginaw and Water, Pipeman

      Hose Company No. 2 Vigilant. (First Ward)

      George Wanless, 44, Webster St., bet. Johnson and Sherman, Foreman.
      Patrick McAuliffe, 28, Belinda St., bet. Ketchum and Barney, Driver.
      John Curran, 38, Mercer St., bet. Barney and Dolsen, Pipeman.
      John Livingston, 33, Ketchum St., bet. Johnson and Belinda, Pipeman.
      Richard Baker, 29, Campbell St., bet. Johnson and Shearer, Pipeman.
      William Wanles, 22, Water St., bet. Johnson and Shearer, Pipeman.
      Robert Watson, 42, Corner of Johnson and Campbell, Pipeman.

      Hose Company No. 3 Rescue. (Fourth Ward)

      Edward Atkins, 30, Washington St., bet. 11th and 12th, Foreman.
      John Masterson, 25, Adams St., bet. 11th and 12th, Driver.
      William Daly, 23, Saginaw St., bet. 10th and 11th, Pipeman.
      William Madden, 37, 12th St., bet. Washington and Saginaw, Pipeman.
      Michael Ryan, 35, Corner of 13th and Fitzhugh, Pipeman.
      John Whitlock, 20, Washington St., bet. 11th and 12th, Pipeman.

      Hose Company No. 4 Nighthawk. (Seventh Ward)

      Gola Kempter, 30, Webster St., bet. Fremont and 30th, Foreman.
      John McGuiness, 40, Corner 34th and Taylor streets, Driver.
      Chas. Abrams, 30, Corner 34th and Polk streets, Pipeman.
      Henry Stark, 27, Corner 31st and Polk streets, Pipeman.
      H. J. Winterhalter, 37, Corner 31st and Marsac streets, Pipeman.
      A. Benewine, 32, Taylor St., bet. 34th and 35th, Pipeman.
      Charles Benewine, 28, Taylor St., bet. 34th and 35th, Pipeman.

      Hook and Ladder Company No. 1. (Forth Ward)

      Israel H. Catlin, 30, Corner of 10th and Saginaw streets, Foreman.
      John Atkinson, 25, Saginaw St., bet. 10th and 11th, Driver.
      William Thompson, 27, Water St., bet. 10th and 11th, Ladderman.
      Griffith H. Clover, 22, Madison St., bet. 13th and 14th, Ladderman.
      Ladue Black, 35, Water St., bet. 7th and 8th, Ladderman.
      William Stevens, 36, Saginaw St., bet. 10th and 11th, Ladderman.
      Fred Stowell, 30, Saginaw St., bet. 10th and 11th, Ladderman.

      Valuations of Properties. (skipped)

      Allow me to terminate my report by acknowledging the aid and favor extended the department by your honorable body. To Erastus L. Dunbar, Superintendent of the Water Works Board, with whom the fire department is so intimately connected, for his always prompt and effective service and co-operation, the department is largely indebted. To the gentlemen of the Fire Department Committee, Messrs. Hine, Kaichen, Aiken, and C. F. Braman, and to the Chief of Police, N. N. Murphy, for their valuable assistance, my earest thanks for the department are especially due.

      Respectfully yours,
      Chief Engineer of Fire Department.

      To the Honorable The Common Council:

      We herewith submit to you our second annual report of the Chief of Police and Secretary of the Board of Police Commissioners, for the year ending March 22, 1884, showing the departmental work in detail and the receipts and expenditures of all moneys under our control since April 28, 1882.

      T. A. E. WEADOCK,
      President of Board of Police Commissioners.

      Report of the Chief of Police.

      Gentlemen As per requirement of the city charter, I herewith present to you my annual report for the fiscal year ending, March 22d, 1884. The force is in admirable condtion at the present time, both as regards discipline and health. There should be some immediate action taken in regard to the department officers and prisoners' quarters, as the rapid growth of the city during the last few years have made them inadequate to the wants of the city, there being hardly room enough to accommodate prisoners and lodgers as they are arranged at present. I wish to ask the use of the rear room of the old hose house for police purposes. By its use we can place all cells on the north side of the building (used at present for prisoners and lodgers) for prisoners only, and with the addition of the room on the south side of building, we can accommodate all lodgers for years to come. There should be action taken by your honorable body for he care of insane and sick persons brought to our quarters for safe keeping. The police department has not now and new had accommodations for such persons. We have no place to keep them, and have no means of treating them. Very often it is impossible to get communication with the city physician, he living at such a distance from headquarters. The largely increased number of vagrants we have had to accommodate during the past year would lead me to urge upon your board the great need of a place to put such persons to work, which will materially decrease their number, also be a considerable source of revenue to the city.

      Strength of the Department.

      There is at present in the department on Chief, one Captain and sixteen patrolmen.

      Police Force.

      N. N. Murphy, Chief
      Wm. Simmons, Captain
      Geo. A. Hemstreet, Patrolman
      Joseph Thomson
      S. M. Catlin
      Richard Cuthbert
      Wm Toles
      Louis Bergevin
      Nathaniel Laird
      John Mulhollan
      Geo. Traub
      Andrew Wyman
      John Kandt
      Dennis Dolsen
      John McLinden
      John Glaza
      Abram Watts
      Henry Houck

      Health of Department. (Skipped)

      Fines Collected. (Skipped monthly detail, total was $240.01)

      Statement of property stolen, wash was recovered, doors found open, children found, and burglaries frustrated during year:
      Amount of property stolen -- $4,456.55
      Amount of property recovered 2,686.85
      Number of doors found open 237
      Number of children found 69
      Number burglaries frustrated 18

  • Note: The details of the Police Department report are very interesting, in that it lists types and number of criminal activities by subject, i.e, Prisoners arrest: Butchers 10, Blacksmiths 8, Barbers 4, etc.
  • Link to full document: [Google Books]

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    Atkinson, John
    Babo, Charles
    Baker, Richard
    Beebe, Wm. A.
    Bergevin, Louis
    Benewine, Charles
    Black, Ladue
    Boochard, Louis
    Braman, Charles F.
    Burland, Ernest
    Cahill, Edward
    Campbell, Daniel
    Campbell, R.J.
    Carey, Matthew
    Caughlin, John W. Dr.
    Catlin, Irael H.
    Catlin, S.M.
    Clover, Griffith H.
    Collins, Chester L.
    Conklin, Benson
    Cooke, A.J.
    Cunnings, Andrew
    Curran, John
    Cuthbert, Richard
    Daily, Michael
    Daly, Wm.
    Daunt, Wm. J.
    Dezell, Thoms. A.
    Dolsen, Dennis
    Dunbar, Erastus L.
    Elias, Augustus
    Erwin, Robt. W. Dr.
    Gould, Arthur B.
    Grenn, Wm.
    Green, Wm. Mrs.
    Glaza, John
    Gustin, H.A.
    Gustin, Richard P.
    Harding, Thomas K.
    Harrison, Frank L.
    Hemstreet, Geo. A.
    Hess, Samuel D.
    Houck, Henry
    Jeffery, Alfred
    Kaichen, Samuel
    Kandt, John
    Kealy, Richard
    Kempter, Gola
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    McAuliffe, Patrick
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    McDonall, Archibald
    McEwan, John
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    McGregor, Cyrus
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    Rose, John
    Ruelle, Israel
    Ryan, Michael
    Scheurmann, Richard
    Scofield, Winsor
    Selleck, Henry
    Shannon, Daniel
    Sharp, E.M.
    Shearer, Geo. Henry
    Simmons, Wm.
    Simonson, John E.
    Smalley, Wm.
    Stevens, Wm.
    Stowell, Fred
    Stork, Henry
    Thomas, Joseph
    Thomas, Ora
    Thompson, Geo.
    Thompson, Guy E.
    Thompson, Wm.
    Tobias, Luther W.
    Toles, Wm.
    Traub, Geo.
    Trombley, Wm. H.
    Turner, Geo.
    Vaughn, Wm. Dr.
    Wackerly, Peter
    Walton, Andrew
    Wanless, Geo.
    Wanless, Wm.
    Watrous. O.A.
    Watson, Robert
    Watts, Abram
    Weadock, Thoms.A.E.
    Welch, Alexander
    Wells, Alexander B.
    Whitlock, John
    Wilson, Solomon C.
    Winterhalter, H.J.
    Woods, Henry
    Wright, Hamilton M.
    Wyman, Andrew
    Young, Chas. E.
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