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Rotary Club of Bay City of Michigan.
Organized in 1915.

The Rotary Club of Bay City is the city's oldest active service club, and continues to be one the most prominent organizations in improving the quality of life of its citizens. The Rotary has an outstanding history of service in supporting to a variety of community projects, large and small. Its efforts in worthy community causes has help to enriched the lives of its citizens. One of its oldest ongoing service is its focus on the well being of children.

The Rotary was founded in 1905 in Chicago by Attorney Paul Harris, with its first members being his friends: Sylvester Schiele, a coal merchant; Gustave E. Loehr, a mines engineer; and Hiram Shoery, a tailor. The service club idea quickly spread to other communities, and in 1910 it was named the National Association of Rotary Clubs. Two years later, a Rotary Club was established in Winnepeg, Montiob, Canada, and in 1912 the name was changed its present name of the International Association of Rotary Clubs.

The Rotary Club of Bay City was among the early charters being established in 1915, only a decade after the founding of the Rotary. Founding members of the Rotary Club of Bay City were:

AMES, George W.
ATKINS, Frank W.
CRUMP, Shelley C.
DEBATS, Martin

GREGORY, Chauncey
HAHN,, B. R.
JENNISON, William F.
KERR, William
KRESGE, Arthur B.
MAC EDWARD, William G.

MC CABE, James C.
MARSTON, Thomas F.
SHAW, Capt. Harry L.
SMITH, Carman N.

Historical documents related to the Rotary Club of Bay City:

1914: The Rotarian. Added Aug., 2010.

October, 1914.

-- Bay City Mich. The Rotary Club of Bay City has made application for affiliation as a member of the International Association.

Club secretary – C. H. Frantz, Center Ave.

1915: The Rotarian. Added Aug., 2010.

July 1915.

Bay City Rotary Club Completes First Year.

The Bay City Rotary Club completed its first year, June 1, with 35 active members and 4 honorary members. Associate Editor McCabe writes:

William F. Jennison, our new President, is a member of the Jennison Hardware Company, also president of the Bay City Park Commission and a Director of the Board of Commerce. He had been active in civic affairs for years and is one of the most popular men in the city.

“Our vice-president, G. W. Ames, is one of the pioneer real estate and insurance agents of Bay City and a live wire in every sense of the word.

“The Secretary, James C. McCabe, is Secretary of the Bay City Board of Commerce and the Bay City Tribune Co.

“Our treasure, A. E. Patterson, is the youngest member in the club. He is local manager of the Western Union Telegraph Company.

“Our new Director, H. J. DeFoe, is at the head of the Defoe Boat & Motor Company. His product is shipped to all parts of the world.

“Our meeting June 1st was held at the Bay City Boat Club at the mouth of the Saginaw River. Mr. DeFoe furnished the transportation on his beautiful new 65 foot launch. A picture of the boat and also the members of our club are show on this page.

“Our meetings of late have been very interesting. June 8th, we had the pleasure of listening to C. H. Marenti, who gave a very interesting talk on the social and civic life of Turkey. He is from Smyrna.

“Our club has elected Congressman George A. Loud as delegate to the San Francisco Convention and it is hoped that a few other members will also be able to attend. Congressman Loud will accompany President Mulholland who has been his personal friend for several years.

“Our club is growing slowly, in fact, it is our aim to select as members only active men. That we have succeeded in this is indicated by the fact that our average attendance for the past six months has been over 80 per cent.

1919: The Rotarian. Added Aug., 2010.

May, 1919.

His Best Investment.

I very much regret missing the Rotary luncheons, because I thing they are the best medicine I have been receiving during the year. I think Rotary is the best investment I have ever made. The dividend returns in fun, in instruction and in fellowship, beats anything I have any knowledge of.

-- Charles T. Clark, Bay City, Michigan.

1921: The Playground – National Recreation Service. Added Aug., 2010.

April, 1921.

Making History.

The Bay City, Michigan, Community Board has made an enviable record in its recreational progress.

During the past year one section of the city, composed wholly of workmen, bought a block and a half of land which has been set aside as a playground to be administered by the Community Board. Another nearby section is planning on buying a similar site for the same purpose. A member of the Rotary Club in a different part of the city plans to give a solid block of thirty ordinary city blocks as a playground. A community club which will equip a house with has a dozen pool tables for the high school students is being organized in one district.

The City Commission has given the Community Board the use of a cottage on the bay shore as a fresh air camp for children. An average of seventy children a day are taken to this at public expense if they cannot afford to pay the ten cents charged for transportation. These children spend the day under trained supervision. In many cased the mothers also go. During the summer the orphan children of Saginaw and Bay City were entertained by the City Board, about 235 children being present.

The desirability of supervision for dancing has been thoroughly demonstrated and today as a result of the emphasis laid on chaperonage and supervision by the Community Board, groups advertising public dances are featuring supervision. The dance program offered by the Board is helping to finance the work. With the twenty-five cent admission charge made approximately $5,000 will be need for the year.

1921: The Rotarian. Added Aug., 2010.

October, 1921.
-- On March 14 Coach Yost was in Bay City as the guest of the Rotary Club at its regular noon luncheon. He had with him some interesting plans of the proposed new field for Ferry Field, which he exhibited to a chosen few, and in his talk before the Rotary Club he gave some straight first-hand information about the team, which will go far toward increasing its backing and support – if it requires any more.

The Rotary Club has had also as its guest recently Professor Wenley, who spoke at the luncheon on March 28.

Thus the Alumni Association is not unaided in its efforts to bring Bay City into closer touch with the University.

Harold H. Perry, secretary.

1923: The Rotarian. Added Aug., 2010.

September. 1923

Organizes Inter-Club Council of Local Club.

Bay City, Mich. -- At a recent meeting the Bay City club presented “Three Finger” Jones with a beautiful stickpin to commemorate his sixth successive year of 100 per cent attendance. “Three Finer” joined Rotary in January 1916 and has missed but one meeting. Three or four other members are trying hard to beat his record but so far he is still in the lead.

Some years ago, Bay City Rotary started an inter-club council of the local luncheon clubs. The council personnel includes the club presidents, and one lay member of the Rotary, Kiwanis, Exchange, and Lions. The council has been very useful in arranging for unity of purpose in civil welfare projects. The local Rotary club recently entertained the other three clubs at luncheon and had as its guest of honor on this occasion United States Senator Couzens.

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Kerr, William
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Loehr, Gustave
Loud, George A.
MacEdward, William G.
Marenti, C.H.
Marston, Thomas F.
McCabe, James C.
Patterson, Andrew W.
Perry, Harold H.
Ramsey, W.S.
Schiele, Sylvester
Shaw, Capt. Harry L.
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Sovereign, Otto E.
Ward, F.B.
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