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Typo Graphical Union No. 81 of Bay City, Mich..
  • Added April, 2014
  • Typographical Journal, by International Typographical Union - 1914

    Bay City, Mich.

    Bay City Typographical Union No. 81.

    Page 193.

    At a recent meeting a resolution was passes requesting our congressman to use his influence in passing the Bartlett-Bacon bill, and Congressman Roy O. Woodruff, formerly a cardholder in our organization, in a letter to the officers of No. 81, declared that he would comply with our request and give all the support he could muster to the passage of said bill. Roy is one of the bull moosers in congress.

    E. Guy Ferris and Representative Marshall A. Oakley, the former representing No. 81 and the latter representing the central trades council, attended the labor meeting in Lansing to protest against the deportation of Charles H. Moyer from the copper country, and on New Years's day a mass meeting was held in central trades council hall to listen to the report of the delegates. Representative Oakley gave an exceptionally good report of the doings in Lansing, and other able speakers told of the conditions existing in the copper region. Delegate Ferris gave No. 81 an exceptionally fine report of the Lansing meeting at our last meeting.

    Word has been received from the Home of Colarado Springs of the death of W. H. Sheward. Mr. Sheward went to the Home several years ago from Bay City. At the time of his departure he was not in the best of health and his trip to Colorado Springs prolonged his life for many years.Mr. Sheward was one of Bay City's oldest members and his passing is regretted by a large circle of friends. His son is city editor of the Satinaw Evening News.

    The committee appointed to make arrangements for the Michigan Federation of Typographical Unions convention, to be held in this city in June, will soon have the program completed and notice of the doings will be sent to every union in the state. We are looking forward to a full representation this year, as there will be several matters of great importance to the craft before the convention. Every union in the state should begin now to arrange to have its full quota at the Bay City convention.

    Trade conditions are normal, with plenty of help.

    George A. Hawkins.

    Page 647.

    Business printorially the past month the past month has been improving. We notice the return of several big jobs that for the past few years have been going out of town now being done in local offices.

    A resolution introduced by I. A. Grabmeyer, at the March meeting, touched a chord of interest among the local printers. The International Typographical Union maintains a commission in Chicago to educate the apprentices in the various branches of the printing industry. A committee was appointed to look after the matter and make recommendations looking to the entering of a local apprentice in the course. The employers will be invited to co-operate with the union in advancing the apprentices. Several members of the local union have completed the course on their own hook and report being better for it. John A. Light, a local apprentice, and W. C. McCormick, of Marquette, have been added to the No. 81's membership, Frank Cosgrove has left for new fields – Waukegan, Ill.

    Again it has been shown that the typographical union not only takes care of its aged and infirm members in a good and kind manner, but assists in the care of those who may have been dependent on a printer for a livelihood. A few days ago Secretary Ferris received a check for $335, the balance of a mortuary benefit, payable to Mary Ellen Shepard, widow of the late William Sheward, who died at Colorado Springs, after having lived at the Union Partners Home there for about eight years. Mrs Sheward is herself an invalid and is very grateful to the union for its prompt payment of the benefits.

    Word was received by Secretary Ferris from Superintendent John C. Daly, of the Union Printers Home, announcing the death of Frank Norton, another one of the residents at the Home. Mr. Norton has been at the Home for the past two years, and according to reports coming from there, was doing fine and expecting to come east again to go to work. In some way not yet known he contracted blood poisoning, which was the cause of his death. He leaves a sister, Miss Carrie B. Norton, at present studying in New York, and another sister in Chcago.

    Bay City Typographical Union will have a baseball team this year that ought to be a winner, if the present plans of some of the members are carried through. Saginaw and other teams that dare to issue a challenge can make all arrangements by writing to Frank Villaire, care of Bay City Tribune.

    James Hand returned recently from a three month's trip through the south and southwest. He says he was benefited very much from a trip through God's country.

    We hope that all unions affiliated with the Michigan Federation of Typographical Unions will elect and have a full representation at the convention, June 29 and 30. The program has not been completed as yet, but will try and have same ready for the June number of The Journal.

    George A. Hawkins

    Page 687.

    Frank T. Norton, from Bay City, Mich., admitted to the Union Printers Home June 8, 1912, died March 30, 1914, age 47 years. Funeral services at mortuary chapel, Evergreen cemetery. Buried in the Printers Home plot, March 22, with V. O. Penley, officiating clergyman. A sister, Carrie Norton, is living in New York City. Mr. Norton occupied a position of trust at the Home, and fulfilled his duties faithfully to the time of his illness.

    Additonal Notes:

      1890/91 - Directory: Bay city, Mich.
      Bay City Typographical Union, No.81-Organized 1883. meet at St. George’s hall in the Bank block, on the first Sunday of each month. President, Eugene CUMMINGS; Vice-president, J.E.W. SAUNDERS; recording secretary, Jason WATERMAN; financial and corresponding secretary, J.A. HAPKINS; treasurer, Fred WHARTON.

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