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Bay City Woman's Club, of Michigan.
Organized in 1892, as a chapter of the Women's Club of Michigan.

1898 Organized. (Added Mar., 2009)

The History of the Woman's Club Movement in America, 1898


The Woman's Club, of Bay City, was organized in 1892. Its membership was at first limited to fifty women, but its line of work was so attractive and offered so much diversity of interest that in the second year its membership was increased to one hundred and fifty. It is housed in a fine suite of rooms offered for its use by the Bay City Gentlemen's Club. Here, weekly, a course of historical study is pursued, brightened by occasional lectures upon art, architecture, and kindred subjects. In the language of Mrs. Martha E. Root, one of the two projectors of the club in its incipiency.

“Its prospects are most encouraging. Its educational effect is felt in its diffusion of literary tasted extending to the homes of the city; in the ennobling reputation it gives to busy women who have little time for social life; in the solace it gives to those who have borne bereavement and sorrow; and above all, in the moral strength it affords to the city's forces for good.”

1900 Annual report. (Added Mar., 2009)

Annual Report of the State Board of Library Commission, 1900

Mrs. M. E. Daglish, Bay City.


This district is divided into fifteen counties. It embraces a large extent of territory, a portion of which is sparsely settled. I have written to the commissioner of schools in every county in regard to the object and the work of the members of this library committee; have received many letters promising hearty cooperation. They express a wish that free circulating libraries be organized in their localities.

The State Federation of Women's Clubs had during the past year in this district six federated clubs.

The Woman's Club of Bay City, a library committee appointed by the President, are interested in this work. Bay City has a large free circulating library; it loans books to the schools in the wards, placing a small library in each building, frequently changing books, thus sustaining an interest in the minds of the readers. West Bay City has a large circulating library. Mr. Henry Sage presented the building and largely assists in its maintenance. The Woman's Improvement Club has a library committee, and is interested in the work. The commissioner of schools, for Bay county has prepared a full report in regard to the libraries in the schools of every district in the county.

1905: Mrs. Coman, first president. (Added Mar., 2009)

History of Bay County, Michigan, Augustus H. Gansser, 1905.

Founder of Bay City Woman's Club.

Helen F. Barclay was born in Detroit, Michigan, and is a daughter of Hon. Jonathan Smith and Sarah Ann (Sweeney) Barclay, her father having been a prominent man of Bay City in its early days and for many years thereafter. She received a good education, and is a woman of culture and refinement. Her first marriage was with Harry J. Clark, who was the first cashier of the First National Bank of Bay City, and they had one daughter, Grace Barclay Clark, who now resides with her mother. After the death of Mr. Clark, Mrs. Clark was married to Mr. (Lucien S.) Coman. To this union two children were born, namely: Harrison L., who is at home; and Marian Louise, wife of Harry B. Phelps, of Detroit. Mr Coman was a Royal Arch Mason and Knight Templar. Mrs. Coman has been regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and was the first president and founder of the Bay City Woman's Club, which had its inception in her parlors. She moves in the best circles of the city and is identified with its literary clubs and societies, being a very able writer. Her memory of the happening of early days of Bay County is remarkably fresh and she has at times written articles for newspapers and the D. A. R. Mrs. Coman has been an extensive traveler at home and abroad, having visited all foreign lands. She is a fluent speaker of the German language, which has proved of great convenience in her travels. She had the pleasure of seeing the palace of Frederick the Great, of Germany, an as there were royal functions at the time of her visit she saw the Empress with here body-guard and many of the royalty of Europe.

1906 Forestry. (Added Mar., 2009)

Report of the Directors of the State Forestry Commission of Michigan, 1906


The forestry committee of the Bay City Woman's Club is planting elms and ginko trees in all the school yards of the city, in memory of one of the founders of the Bay City Woman's club and an instigator of the forestry committee of the State, Mrs. Martha Snyder Root. At each of the schools special exercises have been held on these occasions.

At the Dolsen school these trees were planted in the presence of 500 flags. Two large flags were hung between trees and any number of small ones marked out a semi-circle about which the children formed. Each room was led by a child carrying a large flag, this honor going to the one who had the highest standing of his class. -- The Bay City Tribune.

1919 Safety first. (Added Mar., 2009)

Michigan State Federation of Woman's Club, 1919
Page 100.


On Friday, January 23, the Bay City Woman's Club observed Thrift Week by an Open Day, to which guests and other clubs were invited.

A program entitle, “Safety First,” was presented and the chairman, Mrs. Irene Pomeroy Shields, emphasized the importance of the subject by statistics from several sources showing the great loss of life, limb and property in the United States and our own state through fires, accidents, etc., the greater part of which were preventable, or caused by carelessness.

Addresses were made by Hon. W. C. Collins, of Bay City, on the State and City Laws for the Protection of Individuals,” by Miss Stella McLeod, of Detroit, Special Agent of the State Labor Department, on the Laws “Relating to Factory and Industrial Conditions,” and by Mr. Hurdis Ready, Jr., Safety Agent for the Michigan Central Railroad on “How the Railways Endeavor to Protect the Public and Their Employees.”

Discussion followed concerning applying the teaching of safety principles in schools and homes.

Folk dancing by pupils from three of the public schools, and music added to the pleasure of an interesting and highly instructive afternoon.


Additional Notes:

  • Francis Irene Pomeroy was born in Neenah, WI, 29 Aug. 1855; married George A. Shields, in Monroe Center, Mich., on 25 Sept. 1882.
  • She was president of the Michigan Women's State Press Association. She was historian of the Bay City chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, vice-present of the Bay City Women's Club, and secretary of the Mozart Club.
    (Source: Gregory Stone Genealogy - 1918)
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