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C.F. William Beutel (1823-?)
Born in Prussia, emigrated to West Bay City where he own a fishing business.

1892 Bioography. (Added Dec., 2009)

Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan, 1892


There is perhaps no more comfortable home to be found within West Bay City than the beautiful residence at No. 903 Washington Street, which is the abode of this gentleman and his family. Not only is the exterior pleasant to look upon, but the interior reflects the refined tastes of the inmates, and indicates the careful oversight of the housewife. A prominent position in the social circles of the city is occupied by Mr. Beutel and his estimable wife, who have resided in the Saginaw Valley since the spring of 1858 and during the period of their residence here have become well known as people of character.

Mr. Beutel was born March 2, 1823, in Prenszlow, Prussia, and is the son of Jacob and Louisa (Staufild) Beutel, both natives of the same country as their son. The father was a farmer there and a consistent member of the Lutheran Church. He died at the age of fifty-six years, while his wife passed from earth when about sixty-nine years old. Our subject was one of a family of six children, (two daughters and four sons) and after receiving an excellent common-school education he was apprenticed to learn the traded of weaver. At the expiration of his apprenticeship, which last four years, he traveled as a journeyman weaver in various portions of Germany, and the superior quality of his work brought it constantly into demand.

The marriage of Mr. Beutel and Miss Augusta Wolf took place in 1847, in Schapow. Mrs. Beutel is the daughter of Frederick Wolf, a shoemaker by trade, who was crippled by injuries received while serving in the German army during the Napoleon Bonaparte wars. Her mother bore the maiden name of Rebecca Angel, and was like her husband, a native of Schapow. Eight years after their marriage Mr. And Mrs. Beutel, having resolved upon coming to the United States in the hope that here they might better their fortune, left Hamburg in the “Zuba,” a sailing vessel, in April, 1856, and after a stormy voyage they came to West to Michigan and settled in New Baltimore.

In that city Mr. Beutel found employment in the lumber mills until the spring of 1858, when he removed to Bay City, coming on the “Forest Quenn” on its first trip on the St. Clair flats. During the night the boat ran up against the right bank and the vessel was so injured that it was compelled to go back to Detroit. Another boat, the “Forester,” was there secured and the trip successfully made. After remaining two years in Bay City, Mr. Beutel removed to Banks, which was then covered with a dense forest growth and contained a few saw-mills. He secured employment in Ripley's mill in piling lumber and packing salt, continuing in that way until 1869 when he ceased from that work to engage as a fisher.

At that time Mr. Beutel purchased one hundred and eighty-eight acres of land near Quanicassee, extending one and one-half miles on the bay, and there he has since engaged in fishing. Success has crowned his efforts and he finds a convenient market for the sale of all the fish he can obtain. He is a devoted patriot and no native-born citizen of the United States holds the Government in higher esteem than he. He announced his intention of becoming an American citizen as soon as he landed and took out his naturalization papers in 1856 at Mt. Clemens, Macomb County, at the earliest possible moment. He voted for Abraham Lincoln for President in 1860 and has continued to vote the Republican ticket to the present time.

Mr. and Mrs. Beutel are the parents of eight children, of whom the following is noted: August F., a fisherman, is represented by a sketch in in another portion of this volume; Albert is engaged in fishing and farming near Quanicassee; Robert is a wholesale dealer in fish; Amelia is at home; Minnie, now Mrs. Jordan, resides in Bay City; Tinnie C., Mrs. William C. Loose, died in November, 1886; Bertha, who is the wife of Arthur T. Colvin, makes her home in Bay City; Lena remains under the parental roof. Mr. Beutel together with the members of his family adheres to the doctrines of the Lutheran Church and contributes liberally to the support thereof. In his social relations he is identified with the Arbeiter Society, and is prominent among his fellow citizens as a genial, whole-souled companion and an enterprising business man.

Additional Notes.

  • Washington Avenue referenced became Marquette Street when West Bay City and Bay City merged in 1905.

    1880 – Census West Bay City, Mich.

  • Beutel, William, b. 1823 Germany
  • Augustine, wife, b. 1825 Germany
  • Children:

    1891 - Michigan Marriages. (West Bay City, Mich.)

  • Date: Jul. 15, 1891.
  • Groom: Robert Beutel, age 25, West Bay City. Merchant; Parents: William Beutel and Augusta Wolf.
  • Bride: Gertie Whitehouse, age 17, West Bay City; Parents: Joseph Whitehouse and unkown.
  • Offical: C.H. Morgan, minister of the Posel
  • Witnesses: Arthur Whitehouse (Flint) and Lena Buetel (West Bay City).

    1900 – Census West Bay City, Mich.

  • Beutel, August, b. Nov. 1853 Germany, fisherman
  • Maggie, wife, b. Dec 1851, England
  • Fred F., son, Apr. 1882 Mich.
  • Harry R., son, Apr. 1882 Mich.

    1900 – Census West Bay City, Mich.

  • Beutel, Robert, b. May 1867 Mich., retail coal dealer.
  • Gertrude E., wife, Sep. 1872 Mich.
  • Alice G., daughter, Aug. 1892 Mich.
  • Arthur W., son, Nov. 1894 Mich.
  • Floyd R., son, Jan 1900 Mich.

    1916 – Michigan Marriages (Bay City)

  • Date: Mar. 9, 1916.
  • Groom: Will W. Scott, age 24, b. Sequin Tex., salesman; parents: J.D. And Mary (Owen) Scott.
  • Bride: Alice G. Beutel, age 23, Bay City, Mich., at home; parents: Robert & Gertrude (Whitemore) Beutel.
  • Official: John R. Gregory, pastor.
  • Witnesses: Eva Brown, Floyd Beutel.

    1966 – Texas Deaths. (Galveston, Tex.)

  • Dec. 31, 1966 – Robert C Beutel, Single, residence: Odessa, Ector, Texas; b. Bay City, MI; father A. E. Beutel; mother Anna Thorn; burial Jan. 1, 1967, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Tuscola, Mich.
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Wolf, Augusta (wife)
Wolf, Frederick
Subjects Referenced
Bay City, MI
Banks, MI
Ector Co., TX
Hamburg, Germany
Galveston, TX
Flint, MI
Macomb Co., MI
Mt Clemens, MI
Odessa, TX
New Baltimore, MI
Prenszlow, Prussia
Saginaw Valley, MI
Schapow, Prussia
St Clair, MI
Tuscola Co., MI
West Bay City, MI
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