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Mrs E. C. Campbell's Patented Tricycle. (1895)
of Bay City, Mich.

1895 news article. (Added Jul., 2009)

The Bay City Times Press - November 21, 1895.


Mrs. E. C. Campbell Patentee of a New Wheel.
Can Be Ridden by Man or Woman and Weighs But Thirty Pounds.

Mrs. E. C. Campbell, of this city, mother of Mrs. Wm. J. Lunn, of Fremont street, is the inventor of a new tricycle, which is, in some respects, superior to the ordinary wheel. It is built for any to ride, but is intended more especially for people of advanced age, or for those who “never could learn to ride a two wheeled one.”

The Campbell, as the new wheel is called, is a light three-wheeled affair, weighing only 30 pounds, and is propelled like the ordinary safety bicycle, the chain passing from the pedals to the center of the back axle, giving a gear of 68.

It is ball bearing, has wooden rims, and there is very little more friction than in an ordinary wheel. The wheels are so arranged as to occupy no more space on the walk than a person does when walking. No effort is required to maintain equilibrium, the ride may back up as well as go ahead, and it is not necessary to dismount when the wheel is at a standstill. They wheel combines speed, durability, lightness and adequate safety in riding. Mrs. Campbell has been granted a patent on her wheel and expects that it will become very popular, as the price at which it can be built is in the reach of anyone who desires to ride.

Additional Notes.

    1890 - Michigan Marriages: Harbor Springs, Emmet, Mich.

  • Date: Jun 24, 1890.
  • Groom: William J. Lunn, of Bay City - b. 1863 Mich., son of Robert and L.L. (Haniegton) Lunn.
  • Bride: Clara H. Campbell, of Harbor Springs - b. 1867 Mich., daughter of Campbell & Ingles.
  • Official: Charles T. Stout, rector Episcopal church.
  • Witnesses: Mrs. E.C. Campbell and Mr. & Mrs. Ingles.
Subject Notes

Campbell Bike

None a this time.
People Referenced
Campbell, Clara H. (dau)
Campbell, E.C. Mrs. (subject)
-- Nee Ingles.
Haniegton, L.L.
Lunn, Robert
Lunn, Wm. J. (s-inlaw)
Stout, Charles T.
Subjects Referenced
Bay City, MI
Campbell Bike
Emmet Co., MI
Episcopal church
Harbor Springs, MI
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