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James Birney, Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor.
1860 Newspaper Article on his speech in East Saginaw, MI.

The Detroit Daily Advertiser - Sept. 13, 1860

Growth of Republicanism in Saginaw.

EAST SAGINAW - To the friends of freedom a word of encouragement. Behold, how the “light shineth in dark place!” Truth is stranger than fiction, and our faith has nearly become sight. In this once dark and benighted land of Democracy – this stronghold of the slavery apologist, Saginaw county – a new and holier impulse is leading the people. There is no mistake in this matter – the indications are unmistakable.

The Hon. James Birney, our gallant candidate for the office of Lieutenant-Governor of the State, was advertised to speak at East Saginaw on the evening of the 13th inst. One hundred Wide-Awakes, with “lamps trimmed and burning,” and freedom’s flags floating in the air, led on by martial music, went out to meet and to welcome to their city this noble defender of human rights. It was a splendid night and being the first appearance of the “Wide-Awakes” here, attracted no little attention.

Mr. Birney’s speech was a clear, candid and truthful statement of the positions of the several candidates now asking a nation’s suffrage. He charged home upon the Democracy, that they were the negro agitators and disunionists, instead of Republicans – that they were the repealers of compromises “akin to the Constitution” in sacredness – that in their ranks, and there only, were hands found “ruthless enough” to touch them. So clear and so candid were the arguments of the speaker, that his words even challenged the respect of his most bitter opponents on the opposite side of the question.

Republicanism here is looking up. You may put down Saginaw county two hundred majority for Blair, Birney and Trowbridge – also for the entire State ticket.

Yours Ae.

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