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Theodore M. Bligh (1830-1866) and Cleora M. Fay (1832-1882).
Pioneers who came from New York, settling in Bay City in 1855.

1883 Bio., Theodore Bligh. - Added Oct., 2009.

History of Bay County, Michigan, H. R. Page, 1883


Theodore M. Bligh, M. D. who died in Bay City, March 10, 1866, settled here in 1855, and engaged in the drug business. In the fire of 1873 his store was burned, and his health beginning to fail, he became an insurance agent, and was so engaged until the time of his death. He was a native of Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y., and a graduate of the Buffalo and Geneva Colleges, and practiced medicine about two years before coming to Bay City. He was a prominent citizen, and commanded the respect and esteem of all who knew him. He was 36 years of age at the time of his death.

1884 Memorial Report, Cleora (Fay) Bligh. - Added Oct., 2009.

Pioneer Collections, Michigan State Historical Society, 1884

Bay County Memorial Report.
By W. R. McCormick.


Mrs. C. M. Bligh, a pioneer of Bay City, died at the residence of her brother, Hon. W. L. Fay, in Bay City, March 30, 1882.

Mrs. Bligh was born in Hampton, N. Y., in 1832. She was married to the late Dr. Theodore M. Bligh, and in 1854 came with her husband to what was then called Lower Saginaw, now Bay City, where she has lived ever since to the time of her death.

Mrs. Bligh left no children. We have been unable to gather any particulars of her life. One thing we do know: she was a very estimable lady and dearly loved by all who ever knew her.

Additional Notes.

    History of Bay County, MI, 1883

    " Some time in 1855 or 1856 B. F. Partridge purchased the land of James Fraser on Center street, where he completed a fine and expensive house, nearly half a mile from Water street, and nearly that distance in the woods, with no street or road to it till he cut a crooked, winding path through the woods to the lots, over which to transport his material for the house. As soon as completed he occupied it, and continued to do so till 1867. But in September 1861, he went into the army and remained there till July, 1865. After returning home, he purchased the land for his future home of Theodore M. Bligh, when he sold his house on Center street to H. M. Bradley, and removed to his land, where he has lived ever since."

    Partridge states after his returned from the Civil War he purchased land for his future home from Theodore M. Bligh and sold his Center street home to H. M. Bradley. (Land mentioned was most likely in village of Portsmouth.) Also states, Bligh was elected Register of Deeds about June 1857.

    Genealogy of all Torreys in America, 1890.

  • - Cleora Marila Fay, born July 4, 1832 in Hamilton, N. Y., married October 20, 1857, Theodore Bligh, a physician of Clayville, N.Y. (Both are buried at Pine Ridge Cemetery, Bay City, MI.
  • - Cleora's brother, William L. Fay, died Feb. 14, 1884, came to Bay City in 1884, successful in lumber business.

    1850 - Census: Paris, Oneida, New York.

  • Bligh, A. B. - b. 1800 New York - physician.
  • Amelia, wife - b. 1814 New York.
  • Theodore, son - b. 1830 New York - student.
  • David, son - b. 1842 New York.
  • Lavine, Rebecca - b. 1783 Conn.
  • Calagher, Bridget, female - b. 1827 Ireland.
  • Paring, David, male - b.1785 Conn. - joiner.

    1860 - Census: Bay, Michigan.

  • Bligh, Theodore - b. 1830 New York.
  • Cleora, wife - b. 1833 New York.

    1863-64 Michigan State Gazzette & Business Directory.

  • Theodore M. Bligh listed as partner with A. C. Vanderburgh in druggist business.

    1866-67 Bay City Directory.

  • Bligh, Theodore M, Physician, h 907 Centre.

    1898 - Fay Genealogy by Orline Prentice Fay: (Added July, 2009)
    Family of James Robins Fay & Marilyn Izzi:

  • CALPHURNIA, b..., m. George Lord of Bay City, Mich. 3 chil.: Fred H., res Chicago; William, res B.C., Mich.; Jessie, m. Henry W. Jennison, res. B.C. Mich.
  • JAMES LA ROY, b..., m. Maria O. Pearl. 3 chil.: Adela F., res 20 West ave., Buffalo, NY; William, b...; Carrie Maria, b....
  • WILLIAM LA FOUNTAIN, b..., m. Arvilla Cushman, res. Earlville, NY. 1 dau.: Ella, m. F.E. Tyler of Bay City, Mich.
  • ZENAS LA FLUER, b.... m. Sarah Cushman, res. Earlville, NY. 3 chil.: Jay R., Abram, Mary M., res. Earlville, NY.
  • MARGARET CLEOPATRA, m. Joseph P. Wittemore of Detroit, Mich. Chil.: Joseph P., Jr.; Ada Frances; James, res. 37 Congress St., Detroit, Mich.
  • CLORA MARILLA, m. Theodore Bligh, M.D. of Bay City, Mich.
  • HENRY LA MOTTE, unm.
  • CORDERA D., m. William H. Gilbert. 1 son: Jabez
  • GAIN LA FITTE, m. Maria Peck, res 14 Lansing St., Utica, NY. 2 chil.: Irving; James N.
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Fay, Zena L.F. (bro-inlaw)
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Gilbert, Jabez
Gilbert, Wm. H
Izzi, Marilyn (m-inlaw)
Jennison, Henry W.
Lord, Fred H
Lord, Jessie
Lord, George (inlaw)
Lord, William
Paring, David
Partridge, Benjamin F.
Pearl, Maria O.
Peck, Maria
Tyler, F.E.
Vanderburgh, A.C. (partner)
Wittemore, Ada F.
Wittemore, James
Wittemore, Joseph P.
* possible based 1850 census.
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Buffalo, NY
Chenango Co., NY
Clayville, NY
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Pine Ridge Cemetery
Portsmouth, MI
Sherburne, NY
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