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Robert E. Bousfield (1860-?)
Vice-president of Bousfield & Co., Bay City, MI.

Biography 1892: (Added Aug., 2009)

Portrait and Biographical Record of Saginaw and Bay Counties, MI
Chicago Biographical Publishing Co. - 1892 (Pages 969-970)


ROBERT E. BOUSFIELD is the Vice President of the firm of Bousfield & Co., who are the largest wooden-warn manufacturers in the United States. He is a thorough gentleman of culture and breadth of thought, and his residence in the community is a benefit to it in every way. Such citizens are the ones who give to Bay City its proud pre-eminence as the seat of both enterprise and culture.

The gentleman was born in Cleveland, March 18, 1860, and his education was obtained in the city schools and High School, after which he attended there the Speneerian Business College. At the age of nineteen he came to Bay City, March 18, 1879, and here he became connected with his brother Alfred in the business of wooden-ware manufacturer. He began as shipping clerk and superintendent of outside work, and soon became a partner.

In 1881 this young man became Vice President of the firm of Bousfield & Co., but in 1884 sold his interest in the business and started a new firm under the title of the Bousfield-Perrin Company, which was located on Harrison Street, and engaged in the manufacturer of wooden-ware. This he built up and operated successfully until 1889, being its Secretary, Treasurer and manager, but at that date he consolidated it with the business of his brothers and became Vice President again of the business of Bousfield & Co.

Robert E. Bousfield was married at Cleveland, in 1881, to Miss Jennie Perrin, who was born in Norwalk, Ohio, and had her training and education in Cleveland. She is a daughter of Oliver Perrin, a former resident of Cleveland, now deceased. The pleasant home of this family is on Thirty-fourth Street, and it is the center of a pleasant social life. Mr. Bousfield is a member of the Knights of the Maccabees, and in his political views is an adherent of the principles set forth by the Republican party.

1902 Patent. (Added Aug., 2009)

Digest of United States Patents of Air, Caloric, Gas, and Oil engines,

706,636. ROBERT E. BOUSFIELD. Bay City, Mich. Exhaust Muffler. Filed Oct. 8, 1900. Patented Aug. 12, 1902 Serial No. 32,354 (No model.)

The improvements consist in a peculiar structure and combination of parts in an exhaust-muffler, whereby the objects of my invention are accomplished. These objects are, first to produce an exhaust-muffler for gas-engines, and the like that is simple in construction, light, compact, and capable of entirely eliminating the noise of the engine-exhaust; second to reduce the velocity of the exhaust-gases passing through the muffler by cooling and progressively expanding them through a series of chambers surrounded by cooling-water and connected by passages of less area than the chambers; third, to arrange a muffler that will utilize the water from the engine-cylinder jacket to cool the exhaust-gases as they pass through the muffler without mixing with them.

In an exhaust-muffler for gas-engines the combination of closed water-tight containing vessel having a water-inlet near its bottom and a water-outlet at its top; of a plurality of flat-sided water-tight cells spaced a short distance apart and arranged side by side within said containing vessel, the first cell of the series being connected at one end with the exhaust-pipe of the gas-engine, and connected near the lower part of its opposite end with the second cell of the series by means of a short tube; the remaining cells being connected alternately at their opposite ends, and the last cell having a discharge-outlet outside the containing vessel, substantially as described.

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