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Asahel C. Braddock (1819-?)
Member Braddocks from Connecticut, settled at Bay City in 1850s.

Biography. - Added June, 2011.

History of Saginaw and Bay Counties, Michigan - 1892


Asahel C. Braddock, who is one of two only surviving representatives of the Braddock family, which was among the early pioneers of Bay City, in the '50s, has done much for the welfare of this city and is now Deputy Salt inspector for Bay County. He was born in Essex, Conn., July, 1818, and his father Henry Braddock, was a native of Norwich the same State, and died in his native State.

The Braddocks are of English descent, and the father of our subject was a sail manufacturer and located in the old town of Saybrook, which is now Essex, in Connecticut. In the days when the British burned the vessels at that port the sails were saved and secreted in his house. He reached the advanced age of eighty-eight years, as did also his wife, whose maiden was Eunice Tucker. Her father was a ship carpenter and the son of a Revolutionary soldier, and the Tucker family were early settlers of Connecticut and of English origin. Henry Braddock was an Episcopalian in his early days, but later both he and his wife were members of the Baptist Church.

The parents of our subject had six sons and one daughter: Mary A. and William F. died in Connecticut; H. D., who followed his father's business, came to Bay City about 1857; his son H. A., came with him and engaged in business with his father and established a sawmill and built the brig “Bay City” and the schooner “Essex”, both of which he operated on the lakes. He was the first Postmaster of Portsmouth, and was an active citizen, but before his death returned to Essex. His son, H. A. Braddock was County Clerk of Bay County for some eight years.

Through the influence of H. D. and J. M. Braddock the First Baptist Church was organized here, and of its original fourteen members, seven were Braddocks. Jessie N. Braddock was a sail manufacturer and sea captain for many years, and in 1859 came to Bay City, and joined with his brother, H. D., in the lumber business and died here in 1863; John M. who was a sail maker, removed in 1842 to De Kalb County, Ill., where he farmed until he became a Baptist missionary, and spent the reminder of his days in the Prairie State; Edward E. was a sail manufacturer, but has now retired from business and lives at the age of Eighty in Denver, Colo., and is the only brother now living except our subject.

Asahel C. Braddock received in Essex a common and High School education, and at the age of fourteen learned the sail-making trade, in which he continued until he was forty-two years old, with the exception of two years. During 1838 and 1839 he went to sea to complete his apprenticeship as a sail manufacturer, being a sailor before the mast. In 1842 he began the business of manufacturing sails, and rigging in Essex and continued there until 1861, when he sold out to his brother, W. F., and came to Bay City, where he entered upon the manufacture of salt. He had been here in 1860, and after picking out a location returned East, and in New York City organized a company under the name of the New York Salt Works, of which he became Superintendent. In 1861 he bored a well and put up two salt kettle blocks and built up an excellent business, manufacturing from eighty to two hundred barrels per day. He spent much money in bringing the salt business to its present prosperous condition, and continued for fifteen years in the management of these works. In 1876 he suspended operations and the company was dissolved.

The manufacture of oars and sculls next engaged Mr. Braddock's attention and for four years he carried on this business here until lumber became too scarce to allow of large profits, after which he went to Breckenridge, Gratiot County, where he undertook the same business for a short time, when his mill was destroyed by fire. After this he engaged in buying pine and hardwood lumber and now spends his winters in Fernanino, Fla., where he is engaged in fishing operations, while during the summer he acts as Salt Inspector of this county, to which office he was appointed in 1885.

Our subject was married in Essex, in 1840, to Miss Eliza J. Tucker, who was born there December 24, 1818, and their three children are: Niles A., a lumberman of Manistee; Newton A., a machinist at Indianapolis; and Oscar L., who is a pharmacist in Pasadena, Cal. One little son, S. L. died at the age two and one-half years. Mrs. Braddock is a daughter of Capt. Noah Tucker, who was engaged in the coasting trade, and whose father, Philip Tucker, was a Revolutionary hero.

Mr. Braddock has been a member both of the Board of Alderman and the Board of Education, and was at one time Supervisor of Portsmouth. Since 1856, he has been a member of the Masonic order, and a charter member of the Portsmouth Lodge. In the Baptist Church he has been both Trustee and Deacon for many years, and for eighteen years has superintended their Sunday-school. His Democratic tendencies are strong, and he has been a delegate to county and State conventions of that party. Every movement looking toward the welfare and progress of Bay City has been ever dear to his heart, and of each of such efforts he had been an active promoter.

New York Salt Works. - Added June, 2011.

Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona and Bangor, 1868-9

First Street, Foot of Salt.

The well here was sunk in the spring of 1862; depth, 1,016 feet; strength of brine, 96. This is an extensive concern, making both by kettles and solar covers, occupying 7 ½ acres land and having 200 feet river frontage. It was built by A. C. Braddock, the present Superintendent of the works. They have 60 kettle blocks, and the season capacity of the whole works is about 7,000 barrels o No. 1 salt, employing 16 men. Capital invested, $32,000.

Braddock, A. C. coroner, Bay County.
Braddock, Oscar, clerk, bds. Portsmouth.

Additional Notes.

    1863-4 – Michigan State Gazetteer & Business Directory.

  • A. C. Braddock & Co. - salt works
  • Braddock, Asahel C. - manager of the New York Salt Works.

    1870 – Census: Villiage of Portsmouth, Bay, Mich.

  • Bradddock, Asel – b. 1819, Conn.
  • Eliza, wife – b. 1830, Conn.
  • Oscar, son – b. 1852, Conn.
    Note: Oscar graduated from Univ. of Mich. this year, and is listed with "Munyan & Braddock, druggist, corner Harrison and 33d streets.

    1872 – Michigan Marriages: Portsmouth, Bay, Mich.

  • Date: June 26, 1872.
  • Groom: A. Newton Braddcock, age 23, born Essex, Conn. - machinist.
  • Bride: Mary A. Sayles, age 18, born Bay Co., Mich.
  • Official: E.W. Andrews, pastor Baptist church.
  • Witnesses: A. C. Braddock & H. A. Braddock.

    1880 – Census: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Braddock, Oscar L. - b. 1853, Conn. - druggist.
  • Mary E., wife – b. 1856, Mich.

    1881 – Michigan Births: Bay City, Bay, Mich.

  • Frederick B. Braddock, born March 7, 1881, son of Oscar L. & Mary E. Braddock.

    1900 – Census: Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana

  • Braddock, Asahel N. - b. Jun., 1849, Conn.
  • Mary, wife – b. Oct., 1852, Mich. - (married in 1873)
  • Gertrude, dau. - b. Sep., 1874 Mich.
  • Ida, dau. - b. Dec., 1878, Mich.
  • Eliza, dau. - b. Mar., 1889, Indiana
  • Asahel C., father – b. Jul., 1818, Conn.
  • Eliza J., mother – b. Dec., 1818, Conn.

    1920 – Census: Pasadena, Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Braddock, Oscar L. - b. 1853, Conn.
  • Mary E., wife – b. 1856, Mich.
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