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The Braddock Family of Bay Ciyt, Michigan.
H. D. Braddock from Essex, CT came in 1855, and many of his clan soon arrived afterward.

The Braddock members. - Added June, 2011.

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


The name Braddock is prominently associated with the early business history of Portsmouth, and in a sketch of their operations are contained many items of interest.

H. D. Braddock, and his son, H. A. Braddock, came to what is now Bay City in the Spring of 1855, from Essex, Conn., and organized the firm of H. D. Braddock & Co. Mr. H. D. Braddock, as the principal member of this firm, at once began the manufacture, and engaged in a general lumber and timber business. In 1857 he built the three-masted schooner “Essex.” the first vessel of any size built in Bay County, and the following year he built the brig “Bay City.” The firm also carried on a general store in connection with their lumbering business. They were located at Portsmouth, and Mr. Braddock was instrumental in securing a re-establishment of the Portsmouth post office, which had been discontinued some years before, and was appointed postmaster. He was one of the organizers of the Portsmouth Salt Company, the first one organized in Bay County.

In 1860 he, with his sons H. A. and L. W. Braddock, organized the firm of H. A. Braddock & Co., for the purpose of carrying on a general lumering business. In 1863-64 they built the mill known afterwards at the Watrous Bros. Mill, on the Middle Ground, it being the first mill built there. About 1868 they went out of the lumber business, and Mr. H. D. Braddock returned to Connecticut, where his is still living.

After the dissolution of the firm his sons, H. A. and L.W. Braddock, remained here, and have been engaged in various pursuits. H. A. Braddock was twice elected supervisor of Portsmouth before its annexation to Bay City, and was trustee and afterwards president of Portsmouth Village. In 1868 he was elected county clerk, and was continued in that office eight years, when he declined to again accept the office. He is still a resident of Bay City, and for the last three years has been with the lumber firm of Gates & Fay.

First Baptist Church. - Added June, 2011.

History of Bay County, Michigan - Gansser, 1905.


The first Baptist Church in the Saginaw Valley, known today as the Broadway Baptist Church, was organized in the residence of Jessie N. Braddock in the township of Portsmouth, Bay County, Michigan, June 13, 1859. The name given the new church was: "The First Baptist Church of Portsmouth." The following is a list of the constiuent members: Jessie and Mrs. Braddock, Appleton and Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Susan Fraser, Mrs. A. McEwan, Miss Elizabeth Fraser, Henry A. Braddock, J. S. Judson, D. C. Miller, H. D. Braddock, John S. Wilson, Mrs. Sarah E. Johnson, Mrs. Susan Eddy, and Mrs. Shelly.

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