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Dewitt Clinton Brawn (1851-1931)
Native of Canada, customs agent, father was lighthouse keeper in Bay City.
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  • History of Bay County, Michigan – 1915


    Dewitt C. Brawn, the present deputy clerk of customs of Bay City, Michigan, may be accounted one the successful men of Bay City, not that he had has made a few millions or succeeded in buying more votes than his opponent and thus seating himself in some one of our law making bodies, but because, beginning life with practically nothing but a strong body and clear mind, he has won his present post and kept at the same time the honor and esteem of all with whom he had come in contact.

    Dewitt C. Brawn was born of Peter Brawn, who was a native of the state of Maine. The latter moved west and during the last ten years of his life served as a lighthouse keeper for the United States. He died in 1873 at the age of sixty-three. Peter Brawn married Julia K. Tobin, who was also a native of Maine. She died in 1889 at the age of seventy-three. After her husband’s death she took up his work and for ten years served as keeper of the lighthouse at the mouth of the North Saginaw river. Six chldren were born to Mr. And Mrs. Brawn, Dewitt C. Brawn being the youngest. The only other living members are Mrs. George Durfee and Mrs. Cooper.

    Dewitt C. Brawn received his education in the public schools of Bay City, being graduated from the same at the age of eighteen. He remained at home until he reached the age of twenty-one, assisting his mother in the care of the lighthouse. He next engaged in the River Service and was for eight years thus engaged. He looked after the first range lights entering the mouth of Saginaw River, receiving his compensation from the boats entering the river. During this time he was also engaged in doing clerical work in the tug boat office of W. H. Sharp. He worked in this office for ten years and then entered the United States service as deputy clerk of customs. He began his service with the government on the 1st of October, 1897, and has fill the post every since.

    In the fraternal world Mr. Brawn is a member of the Knights of Phythias, but he does not care greatly for clubs and societies, preferring to find his recreation in his own home or on an occasional fishing trip.

    Mr. Brawn was married to Miss Ida E. Sharp, and to this marriage have been born two children. William D. Brawn lives in Bay City and is a mechanic by trade. Maude E. Brawn married R. H. Powers and lives in Bay City, her husband being a commission merchant.

    Note: The father, Peter Brawn, was lighthouse keeper from 1868 until 1873. The lighthouse was erected 1841 near the mouth of the river on the west side by Capt. Stephen Wolverton, who came from Detroit, and began construction in 1839.

    Additional Notes.

      1880 – Census: Bay City, Mich.

    • Braun, Dewitt C., b. 1851, Canada, clerk for Steam B. Co.
    • Ida, wife, b. 1854, New York
    • Willie, son, b. 1878, Canada

      1893 – Directory: Bay City, Mich.

    • Brawn, Dewitt C., bkkpr W H Sharp, res 1113 N. Sherman.

      1904 – Michigan Marriages: Bay City.

    • Date: Oct. 4, 1904.
    • Groom: William D. Brawn, age 26, b. Bay City, Mich., parents: Dewitt Brawn & Ida Sharp. Bride: Lillian M Brambard, age 25, b. Bay City, Mich., parents: Henry A. Brambard & Caroline Cornwell.

      1905 – Michigan Marriages: Bay City.

    • Date: Sep. 20, 1905.
    • Groom: Ralph H. Powers, parents: George G. Powers & Lula McDougal.
    • Bride: Maude E. Brawn, parents: Dewitt C. Brawn & Ida Sharp.

      1920 – Census: Bay City, Mich.

    • Brawn, Dewitt C., b. 1851, Canada
    • Ida, wife, b. 1854, New York
    • Maud Powers, dau, age 38, b. Mich., widow
    • Dewitt Powers, g-son, age 13, b. Mich.
    • Dorothy Powers, g-dau., age 8, b. Mich.

      1931 – Michigan Deaths: Bay City.

    • Dewitt Clinton Brawn die 1932, at Bay City, Mich., wife Ida Evelina Sharp.

      Family Group Record – Family Search.org

    • Brawn, Dewitt Clinton (b. 18 Dec 1850, Port Raown , Canada, d. 1931 Bay City), spouse Ida Evelina Sharp ( b. 11 Apr 1854, Brockport, Monroe, New York, died 26 Jan 1949, Spartanburg, S. Carolina). Children: Maud Elizabeth Brawn (b. 22 Sep 1881, Bay City,

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    Brambard, Henry A.
    Brambard, Lillian
    Brawn, Dewitt C. (subject)
    Brawn, Maud E. (dau)
    Brawn, Peter (father)
    Brawn, William D. (son)
    Cooper (Brawn), Mrs. (sis)
    Cornwell, Caroline
    Durfee (Brawn) Geo., Mrs.(sis)
    McDougal, Lula
    Powers, Dewitt (g-son)
    Powers, Dorothy (g-dau)
    Powers, George G.
    Powers, Ralph H.
    Sharp, Ida E. (wife)
    Sharp, W.H.
    Tobin, Julia K. (mother)
    Wolverton, Stephen
    Subjects Referenced
    Bay City, MI
    Brockport, Monroe, NY
    Port Raown, Canada
    Saginaw River, MI
    Spartanburg, SC
    Steam B. Co.
    W.H. Sharp Co.
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