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Bridge at Twenty-Third and Salzburg.
Early bridge that spanned the river before the present Lafayette Bridge, in Bay City.

Transcribed Feb. 2007.

Bay City Journal - Wednesday, July 17, 1872.

The New Bridge.

Work on the new bridge of the Salzburg & Bay City Bridge Co., has been commenced. From Civil Engineer Mercer, we derive the following in regard to the size and general plan of the bridge. The bridge is divided into three sections. The east branch, middle ground, and west branch, which are to be of the following dimensions. The east branch will be 459 feet, the middle ground 645 feet, and the west branch 499 feet in length, giving a bridge the total length of which will be 1,603 feet, 283 feet over a quarter of a mile. The frame work of the bridge is to rest upon thirteen butments, there is to two swings, the swing in the east channel to be 200 feet, and the one in the west channel 150 feet long.

The swing and most of the bridge over the east branch, and the swing in the west branch will probably be built of iron, and perhaps the entire structure may be of iron, that question is not settled as yet. The approaches to the bridge will be forty feet wide, while the bridge proper will have a width of twenty feet, the floor of the bridge will be ten feet above high water mark. If the structure be built of wood it will probably be of the pattern styled “The Howe Truss,” but it built of iron it will be an arched bridge, of some one of the many excellent patented styles. Communications from several bridge manufacturers have been received, but the one most favored seems to be that of the Canton Bridge Manufacturing Company, of Canton, Ohio, manufacturers of bridges well-known for their strength, beauty and cheapness. It is to be hoped that whatever style of bridge be adopted, that it will be an iron bridge, the business that will probably be done over it, and the best interest of the community demand it. We have enough of the ever to be repaired wooden concerns.

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