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Globe Hotel
Established 1838 initially as homestead of S.S. Campbell, in Bay City, MI.

1868 history. - Added Nov., 2010.

Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona and Bangor, for 1869-9.


The respectable old pile, situated at the corner of Fifth and Water streets, calls for more than a passing notice at the hands of the publisher of the first Bay City Directory, as it must continue to be an object of interest, as long as it stands, having been the first frame building erected in this place.

The lots on which the building stood in its original shape, were donated to S. S. Campbell, the present Probate Judge, as an inducement for him to stop here. (Now-a-days, a man has to pay something handsome for the privilege of stopping there.) It was built in 1838, and was then but a two-story house 40x24 feet. The first township meeting for the town of Hampton, County of Saginaw, was held in it in 1843, on which occasion Mr. Campbell was elected Supervisor. This “old inhabitant” lived in this “lodge in a vast wilderness” for two years, after which it had several masters in succession during the following eight years, ending Oct. 5, 1848, on which date, Mr. Campbell returned to the “old house,” where he remained for 14 years. (It would ruin him to stop there so long now.)

In May, 1862 the present proprietor, M. A. Rouech, leased it from Mr. Campbell, and by enlarging the premises, converted it into a larger, good-paying, comfortable hotel.

The old settlers, and those who were “to the manner born” remember “Campbell's” with old associations clustering thick around the old house, for every new face that put in an appearance in the new settlement was but a pre-face to a new addition of Campbells. Every white man, and a great many red, made the old house their headquarters, and if the old scale of prices for board, which were proper then, were common now, Bay City would have the “rush” badly, for 12 schillings a week was all the charge for fish, flesh and fowl, those primitive times which were, strange to say, considered “hard times.”

The present dimensions of the Globe Hotel building, are 40x60, three and a half stories high, containing 44 bedrooms, a dining room 60x24, billiard room, barber's shop, bar room and kitchen extension, and in the rear of the hotel, a good barn and stables. The enterprising, affable and attentive host is now “an old citizen,” the father of countless Roueches, yet full of life, activity and schemes which are developing themselves in the shape of bricks – children and all. May his substance increase and it's shadow never be less.

1883 history. - Added Nov., 2010.

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883

Page 65. (Ref. to Sidney S. Campbell)

In 1873 he built a brick business block just north of the Globe Hotel, on Water Street, which he rents. He and his wife now live on Woodside Avenue, and twice every day he visits the Globe Hotel, which he has owned for forty-five year, though it has been considerably enlarged and improved since it was first built. The incidents of Judge Campbell's early connection with the place appear at different places in this work. For Forty-five years he has been a witness of the changes which, in history, link the bustling metropolis of the present with desolate opening, in the wilderness nearly half a century ago.

Upon arriving here the 1st of March, Mr. Campbell's family occupied the block house for a short time until the "Globe" was finished, when they took possession and opened the first tavern to Lower Saginaw. In those days supplies were not ordered through telephone, nor yet by stepping out to some market place a block away, and often Mr. Campbell would paddle a canoe sixteen miles to Saginaw for a pound of tea. In 1862 the old hotel building was enlarged to its present size, and endowed with the name "Globe Hotel."

Additional Notes.

    1879 – Browns Annual Director of Saginaw Valley.

  • Jay, Charles A. - prop'r Campbell House block, Water.
  • Francis, William - propr Marble House Restaurant, basement Campbell House blk, cor 3d and Water.

    1881 – Directory: Bay City, Mich.

  • Globe Hotel empolyees:
  • Becktel, Chester – clerk, bds same.
  • Becktel, Frederick – bartender, bds same.
  • Becktel & Sons (Mrs Sarah Becktel, Horace Becktel), Proprs Globe Hotel, n w cor Water and 5th.
  • Blush, Edward – clerk, bds same
  • Casey, Hattie – domestic.
  • Haendell, Sophia – laundress, bds same.
  • Van Hoefer, Helena – domestic.
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Globe Hotel

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