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M. Garland Company
Established 1871, manufactured machinery used in saw mills.

Histories. (Added Nov., 2009)

Annual Report - Michigan Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics (1903)


The M. Garland Co. of Bay City, Mich., manufacturers of saw mill woodworking, conveying and power transmission machinery have been in business in Bay City since 1871, and during that period have employed from 60 to 100 high grade mechanics at all times, the pay roll running from $35,000 to $60,000 per year. Aside from the mechanics employed at the local shops, the company have contracted for and erected a large number of conveyors and mills in all parts of the country, employing mechanics in many other states. New lines of manufacture are constantly being brought out, and in one line especially they expect soon to give employment to 150 additional men.

History of Bay County, Michigan, A.H. Gansser (1905)


Page 250:

The M. Garland Company, employs 83 men.

Page 565:

Michael Garland, one of the representative business men of Bay City, Michigan, president of the M. Garland Company, and major owner of the stock in the Valley Iron Works, of Bay City, of which he is president, was born at Cape Vincent, Jefferson County, New York, January 17, 1838, and is a son of William H. and Aurelia (Cross) Garland.

Page 567:

The M. Garland Company as organized with Michael Garland as president, H. W. Garland as secretary and treasuer, and Maude G. Garland as vice-president. With the exception of two shares, the stock is all owned in the family. The plant covers 13 city lots, on both side of 23rd street and includes a fully equipped foundry and machine shop, with every facility for manufacturing machinery. Employment is given 71 men and the product includes all kinds of machinery. Mr. Garland's conveyors are in use in all sorts of manufactories all over the United States, in sugar houses, wood pulp mills, coal mines, etc. In July, 1903, Mr. Garland and wife purchased the Valley Wind Engine & Iron Works, the product of which is windmills, grain grinders and pumps, and here also is a splendid foundry and machine shop. This plant covers a space of 375 by 100 feet. The business was incorporated October 28, 1903, with Mr. Garland as president; Mrs. Garland as secretary and treasurer; and W. H. Shapley of Toronto, vice-president.

Articles related to M. Garland Co. (Added Nov., 2009)

Wood Craft: Journal of Woodworking (1906)


Page. 129.

Chas. A. Bigelow, treasurer of the Kneeland-Bigelow Co., manufacturers of lumber, Bay City, Mich., writings us that his company is erecting a small addition to its sawmill. A complete Garland lath mill outfit is being installed. Lath will be made from all kinds of hardwood, as well as hemlock, as the company has found that hardwood makes a good lath. Mape and beech lath nail easily and do not split when nailed, nor do they warp when drying, and as they are practically free from defects the Kneeland-Bigelow Co. considers them to be superior to hemlock lath.

The Trust Problem: Replies of 16,000 Representative Americans. (1912)

The M. Garland Company, Manufacturers of Saw Mill and Conveying Machinery, Bay City, Mich.

Competition in our line of saw-mill machinery has been so strong that 40 per cent of all companies have failed or are second credit, and the best designers have been driven to other lines. There are too many companies now for the amount of business. The Sherman Law should be amended or a new law enacted, allowing combinations for the purpose of reducing costs and expenses, also same control over individuals and partnerships. Railroads should be allowed to enter into agreements affecting rates, subject to the Interstate Commerce Commission. Trade unions should not be excepted from the operation of the Sherman Act. Combinations of farmers, either to restrict production or hold a crop for hight prices, should not be lawful. The farmers of this district of Michigan have combined on prices for sugar beets and practically control the operation of these factories.

We favor a national incorporation law, if individuals and partnerships are included; also Federal license and an Interstate Trade Commission.

Additional Notes.

    1893 Directory - Bay City, Mich.
    (Includes employes listed at plant.)

  • Baldwin, Floyd E - clk M Garland, bds 904 6th.
  • Casson, Asher C - mach M Garland, res 508 Wilson.
  • Cline, Martin C - foreman M Garland, res 315 N Adams.
  • Crich, Frederick - molder M Garland, res 409 McCormick
  • Currey, Judson S - mach M Garland, res 113 Webster.
  • Daniels, Wm J - mach M Garland, res 212 25th
  • Fetter, Joseph C - mach M Garland, res 1104 Bowery.
  • Garland, Charles H - patternmkr B C Iron Co, res 815 19th.
  • Garland, Harry - draughtsman, bds 623 N Grant.
  • Garland, John - printer, 809 19th, res same.
  • Garland, Michael - Propr Standard Machine Works, 26th and S Water, res 623 N Grant.
  • Geltston, Arthur M - bkkpr M Garland, res 501 Trumbull.
  • Kittle, Charles W - mach M Garland, res 319 McCormick.
  • Lenger, Julius - molder M Garland, bds 411 Michigan ave.
  • McDonald, Duncan D - mach M Garland, bds 914 Washington.
  • McDonell, Martin F - molder M Garland, bds 918 Fitzhugh.
  • McFarlan, George W - mach M Garland, res 723 Wilson.
  • McKay, Miss Nettie E - stenogr M Garland, bds 621 N Madison.
  • Millar, John W - mach M Garland, res 613 Fremont ave.
  • Millier, Peter jr - melter M Garland, res 1322 Fitzhugh.
  • Olin, Henry - helper M Garland, bds 901 Bowery.
  • Parke, Wm H - blksmith M Garland, res 218 Webster.
  • Precott, Charles M - foreman M Garland, bds 513 Bowery.
  • Roberts, Richard T - molder M Garland, bds 1514 14th.
  • Rogers, Albert C - engr M Garland, res 610 Wilson.
  • Standard Machine Works - M Garland Propr, 26th and S Water.
  • Stannard, Gordon E - draughtsman M Garland, rms 1110 4th avenue.
  • Stevens, Benjamin S - millwright M Garland, res 521 Wilson.
  • Stevenson, Solomon - patternmkr M Garland, res 511 S Monroe.
  • Walsh, John - patternmkr M Garland, res 1007 16th.
  • Webster, Wm C - mach M Garland, res 1310 Bowery
  • Wetzel, Charles - molder M Garland, bds 1216 S Water.
  • Wild, Frederick L - mach M Garland, res 615 Wilson.
  • Willis, Rowland O - molder M Garland, Res 113 N Monroe.
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M. Garland Patents
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1904: Resawing Attachment for Band Saws.

1909: Motor Driven Set Works for Saw MIll Carriages.

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