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B. J.Partridge Mill (Established 1854)
& Biography of Henry M. Campbell.
Location: 26th & Water streets, Bay City, Mich.

1856 James Fraser. Leased to H. A. Braddock & Co.
1863 Peter & Lewis Co.
1874 Seth McLean & Son Co. (new mill)
1882 S. McLean, Son & Co.

History as of 1869. - Added May, 2011.

Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona and Bangor, for 1868-9.


Saw mill. This mill was built by B. F. Partridge, in 1854, and run by him for two years. In 1856 it became the property of the late James Frazer, who leased it for a term of years to H. A. Braddock & Co. The present owners bought it in December, 1863.

Its capacity is 5,000,00 with mulay saw and an upright, employing 22 men. This is the only mill that speaks of misfortunes; it ruined its builder, burst it first boiler killing a man by the accident, -- cut up a man one day instead of a log, and none of its proprietors have made a fortune out of it. This must be the mill the people have been put through.

History up to 1883. Added May, 2011.

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


This mill property dates back to 1854, when the first mill upon the site was built by B. F. Partridge, and operated by him about two years. Then James Fraser came into possession of it, and leased it to H. A. Braddock & Co. for several years. In 1863 it was purchased by Peter & Lewis, and operated by them until it burned, which was about 1868. In 1874 the present firm purchased the site, and rebuilt the mill. Last season the mill was in operation 140 days, and cut 14,000,000 feet of lumber with a force of thirty-nine men.

HENRY M. CAMPBELL, of the firm of Seth McLean, Son & Co., was born in New York State. At the age of five years he moved with his parents to Genesee County, and remained about six years. They then went to Birch River, and while there his father helped to build a mill for Jesse Hoyt, afterwards working in the mill and keeping the boarding house. They were in the wilderness, their house being the only one in that portion of the country. Here they remained some four years and then moved to Pine River. There Henry M. engaged with Seth McLean, in 1857, and has continued with him ever since as foreman of the mill. In 1874 he came to Bay City and has remained in the same mill until the present time. In 1882 he became a partner, the firm being now Seth McLean, Son & Co. Mr. Campbell is a thorough mill man, his whole life having been spent in the business; is a genial, pleasant gentleman and highly respected. He deserves the success he has attained. He was married March 26, 1865, to Miss Mary Galigan, of Michigan and has one child.

Additional Notes.

    1880 - Census: Bay City, Mich.

  • Campbell, Henry M. - b. 1842 New York.
  • Mary, wife - b. 1848 Mich.
  • Arther R., son - b. 1874 Mich.
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