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MyIntyre & McEwan Mill (Established 1850)
Location: Foot of Woodside ave.

1850s - William & Alexancer McEwan.
1860s. - John & William McEwan.
Unk. - John McEwan.
1882 - McEwan Bros.

History as 1869. - Added Nov., 2010.

Directory of Bay City, Portsmouth, Wenona and Bangor, for 1868-9.


This mill is situated on the left bank of the river, about a mile and half below the bridge. It was built by McIntyre and McEwan during the winter of 1850 and 51, and fitted with two upright saws and edger, which gave a capacity of 2,500,000, and employment to 12 men. It has been at different times since, and has now a cutting capacity of about 10,000,000 feet in the season; cut by a six foot circular saw, an upright and a gang, giving employment to 37 men. It is stocked with logs from the various tributaries of the Saginaw River and Bay, and the lumber is nearly all shipped to Chicago. This establishment turns out as much lumber as any other on this side of the River.

History as of 1883. - Added Nov., 2010.

History of Bay County, Michigan - 1883


was built by William and Alexander McEwan in 1850, with a capacity of about 2,500,000 feet of lumber a season. It was afterwards operated by John and William McEwan, and still later by John McEwan. Since his death, it has been operated by his sons, William, John and Alexander, under the firm name of McEwan Bros. The same building is still standing that was built over thirty years ago, though the mill has been improved and its capacity increased to 18,000,000 a season. The business employs about seventy-five men. The salt block was built in 1873-74.

Willliam A. McEwan, son of the late John McEwan, was born in New York City, January 1, 1819. He moved with his parents to Chicago, Ill., and in 1851 came to Bay City, where he has since resided. He was interested in the manufacture of lumber with his father, and after his death the latter, in 1882, he carried on the business in company with his brothers. He was married September 2, 1872, to Miss Maria Cornell, of Bay City.

John McEwan, of the firm of McEwan Bros., was born in Bay City, April 10, 1852. After completing his education he engaged with his father, John McEwan, in the saw mill. He spent most of his time in the office, having the care of the books. Since the death of his father, which occurred January 26, 1882, he has carried on the business of the company with his brothers William and Alexander, the name of the firm being McEwan Bros. The firm have been successful in their business operations. He was married January 28, 1880, to Flora Judson, of Cleveland, O., and has one son.

Alexander McEwan, of the late John McEwan, was born in Bay County, Mich., December 2, 1856. Was married June 5, 1880, to Grace Suhr, of East Saginaw. Is living at the old McEwan estate in the First Ward. Mr. McEwan is one of the firm of McEwan Bros., lumber manufacturers and dealers, and conducts an extensive business.

Additional Notes.

    1868/69 Directory.

  • McEwan, John Lumber Manufacturer, office 124 S. Water, mill and h Woodside.
  • McEwan, William Office Fraser House block, h 702 Center.
  • McIntyre, William salt manufacturer, bds 502 S. Adams.

    1883 Directory:

  • McEwan Bros. - (Wm. A, John and Alexander), Mnfrs Lumber, Salt, Lath and Staves, N. Water e of Water Works.
  • McEwan, Alexander - (McEwan Bros), bds N. Water e of Water Works.
  • McEwan, John - (McEwan Bros), res 908 Jefferson.
  • McEwan, Wm. A. - (McEwan Bros), res w s McEwan 2 s of Farragut.

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